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Fruit Basket Indonesia

Fruits basket contains a punch of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are quintessential to leading a healthy and balanced life. Give them the supply that they need to let know your loved ones that you care for them!

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Fruits Baskets


  • Getting Stronger - Fruits Baskets

    Variety of fruits in a basket. Note: fruits may vary due to its availability.
    USD 40
  • Share The Care - Fruits Baskets

    Consists of 3 YouC 1000 Vitamin C Drink, Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Tomato, 2 Cucumbers, Pak Choi, Carrot and Eggplant arranged in a rattan tray basket.
    USD 39
    USD 44
  • Evie's Healthy Hampers - Fruits Baskets

    A Healthy Fruit Basket that also includes: • 3 Susu Bear Brand • Marie Biskuit •Monde Crackers Note: Pilihan buah tergantung dengan ketersediaan
    USD 40
    USD 45
  • Better Us - Fruits Baskets

    Variety of fruits in a basket. Please note fruits may vary due to its availability.
    USD 34
    USD 46
  • Electric Dreams FA - Fruits Baskets

    Pink Gerbera with Assorted Fruits in a Basket..
    USD 46
  • Health First - Fruits Baskets

    Fruit Basket consists of Grapes, Kiwi and Oranges.
    USD 43
    USD 49
  • Artsy Fruits - Fruits Baskets

    Parcel Buah (Buah Naga, Pear, Jeruk Apel, Anggur) ditemani dengan karangan 2 Mawar Putih, dan 3 Gerbera
    USD 40
    USD 49
  • Most Care - Fruits Baskets

    New Normal Hamper consists of Dragon Fruit, Grapes, Apples, Oranges and Kiwi, Masks of 5, Holisti Care and Vit C. Note that fruits may vary due to availability.
    USD 35
    USD 50
  • Choco Fruits - Fruits Baskets

    Parcel Buah Segar (Anggur, Pisang) ditemani snack cokelat Pocky, Kitkat, Delfi, Timtam
    USD 51
  • Healthy & Happy - Fruits Baskets

    In This Parcel: - 3x Larutan Penyegar Cap Kaki Tiga 320ml - 4x Buavita 250ml - 4x Susu Bear Brand 189ml - Tropical Fruits (Pear, Jeruk, Apel, Anggur) *Fruits may be replaced depending on availability. Pilihan buah tergantung ketersediaan.
    USD 55
  • Be Well Hamper - Fruits Baskets

    A Fruit Hamper Consisting of Tropical Fruits (According to Season Availability) and Dozen of Red and Pink Roses
    USD 55
  • Healthiness Rising - Fruits Baskets

    Fruit basket with White lily in a basket
    USD 55
  • Won't Let Go - Fruits Baskets

    A Basket of Fruits with Flowers. Please note that fruits may vary due to its availability.
    USD 49
    USD 55
  • Pack of Punch - Fruits Baskets

    A Healthy Basket Consisting of : • 3 Enervon C • Honey Jar • Tropical Fruits (Depends on availability)
    USD 56
  • Health Is Wealth - Fruits Baskets

    Parcel Buah Dengan Isi Buah-Buahan Tropis Seperti Pisang, Apel, Jeruk, dan Pear. Sangat Baik Untuk Menjaga Daya Tahan Tubuh.
    USD 39
    USD 56

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