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Flower Box


Flower Box

Giving flowers in a box as a gift would be such a wonderful surprise. Roses, lilies, orchids, carnations – all these gorgeous flowers are available in breath-taking box/vase/basket arrangements and bouquets. Check out our best seller one!

  • This extraordinary arrangement consists of 2 salmon colored germini, 3 cream colored roses, lilac colored lisianthus, 2 burgundy colored carnations "St. Nob. Burgundy", pink wax flowers and 3 eucalyptus. The flowers are delivered in a moist mosy block, which is placed in a glass cube (14x14cm).
    USD 89
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  • Don't just give away flowers. Packaging also counts. An elegant flower window (approx. 24x13.5x10cm) encloses a pretty flower arrangement consisting of 2 red, long-lasting roses, 2 lagurus, 1 pink ruscus and 3 eucalyptus. The arrangement is fixed with a Moosy underground in the flower window with the inscription "With best wishes ... Happy birthday".
    USD 80
    USD 94
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  • This modern arrangement consists of beautiful dried flowers: 5 pink everlasting flowers, 1 1/2 pink ruscus, 22 lavender stalks, 1/4 pampas grass and 3 eucalyptus. The flowers are delivered in a mosy block that is placed in a glass cube (14x14cm). With Free : Ferrero Raffaello 4-bar (40g)
    USD 98
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