Almost every single person nowadays is familiar with zodiacs, or also known as astrology signs....

Zodiac Signs Flowers
Zodiac Signs Flowers

Almost every single person nowadays is familiar with zodiacs, or also known as astrology signs. People usually treat the astrological signs as a tool to have a better insight into their personality, opportunity, and luck. Some even treasure their astrological signs more than others. The reason is that it could help them improve as a person and also overcome their worries. Knowing other people’s zodiac sign also could help you adjust to them because you have little knowledge about their personality traits. Through the years, zodiac sign are associated with a lot of aspects. Such as fashion, foods, aesthetics, and even flowers. Yes, flowers! There are flowers out there that represent your zodiac signs flowers and personalities perfectly. 

12 Zodiac Signs Flowers

1. Aquarius 

Orchid Zodiac Signs Flowers
Orchid Zodiac Signs Flowers

Orchid is the flower for the brave and intelligent Aquarius. The main characteristics of Aquarius are optimism and independence. Fun fact, orchids also symbolize similar meanings. Orchid comes in a variety of colors, such as red, pink, purple, and even blue. Petals of orchids are bilaterally symmetrical. Both left and right sides of the blooms are the exact reflection of the other. Just like the dreamy persona people with the Aquarius sign have, they also have a one-of-a-kind sweet scent that would attract their surroundings easily.

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2. Pisces

Water lily is the most suitable flower for Pisces signs. The Pisces sign is symbolized by two fish swimming in the opposite direction. That symbol often translates as the ability to self-adjusting and learning every life lesson. On the other hand, water lily also symbolizes growth and peace. Besides, Pisces is described as a water sign. That’s why most people consider water lily is the best representative for any Pisces out there.

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3. Aries

Thistle, Zodiac Signs Flowers
Thistle, Zodiac Signs Flowers

The representative flower of the Aries sign is Thistle. Thistle symbolized pride and protectiveness. Sounds very suitable for the courageous and ambitionist Aries. Thistle has spiky stems and purple blooms. Even there is a shade of purple name after the flower. At one glance, their appearance is very eye-catching. Not only attractive to human eyes, but also to insects. There are around 58 species of thistle flowers native to North America.

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4. Taurus

Poppy is the representative flower for the Taurus sign. Taurus sign’s most famous characteristics are strong determination and hardworking. Through centuries, poppy flowers have been the symbol of luxury and mentioned in various folklore. They exist in numerous colors, such as red, orange, white, and blue-ish green. Fun fact, poppy flowers are also used as a symbol of remembrance.

5. Gemini

Gemini, Zodiac Signs Flowers
Gemini, Zodiac Signs Flowers

The representative flower of the Gemini signs is Lavender. People with Gemini as their zodiac signs flowers are known to be expressive, affectionate, and adaptable. These traits are reflected in the symbolism of lavender flowers. Lavender flowers are native to the Mediterranean and grow in the mountainous area. Lavender flowers are widely known for the color of their petals that symbolize elegance and nobility.

6. Cancer

The representative flower of the water sign Cancer is White Rose. White roses express youthfulness, fitting to Cancer’s personality traits which are intuitive, entertaining, and sensitive. People with Cancer as their zodiac signs flowers are also known to be graceful and calm. Exciting yet sophisticated sounds a lot like white roses. White roses’ scent also goes along with youthfulness. This elegant flower has a fresh and citrusy fragrance. 

7. Leo 

Sunflowers, Zodiac Signs Flowers
Sunflowers, Zodiac Signs Flowers


Sunflowers are the birth flower of people with Leo as their zodiac signs flowers. Widely known as the symbol of cheerful thoughts and positivity, the sunflower is without any doubt the suitable flower to represent Leo. Besides sunflowers, Leo also takes a figure of a lion as their symbol. That is because Leo is born as a natural leader with wisdom and a big heart. Leo is categorized as a fire sign, which means Leos are warmhearted. Sunflowers happened to carry the same symbolic meaning, which is warmth.

8. Virgo

The birth flower of Virgo is Chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums exist in a variety of colors, such as white, red, pink, and even purple. Generally, chrysanthemums symbolize honesty and generous love. People usually sent out chrysanthemums as a sign of respect and sympathy. Virgo’s widely known traits are humility and sympathy. That explains why chrysanthemums are the perfect flowers for Virgo. The elegance of Virgo is also well represented in chrysanthemums with their scents and delicate petals.

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9. Libra

Rose is the representative flower for Libra. Libra is famous for being friendly and extroverted. Just like Libra, roses are also easily loved by anyone. Roses are the symbol of admiration for many reasons, and one of the obvious is because of their charm. On the other hand, people with Libra as their zodiac signs flowers are well-known to be charming and popular. Roses are also favored for their sweet yet appealing scent. Therefore, roses have perfectly reflected the traits of Libra. 

10. Scorpio

The birth flower of the Scorpio sign is Geranium. Geranium flowers are often associated with positive emotions. That goes along with Scorpio’s most famous characteristics, which are truthful and emotional. For centuries, geranium flowers have been the symbol of happiness, good wishes, and even a sign of respect. Scorpios also tend to be truthful in expressing their thoughts and feelings. That explains why geranium flowers are the perfect representative for people with Scorpio as their zodiac signs flowers.

11. Sagittarius

The representative flower for the sharp and witty Sagittarius is no other than Carnation. Sagittarius tends to be recognized as an adventurer and risks taker. Those traits are well reflected by carnations flower. Because carnations are the beauty that grows and blooms in forked clusters. Sagittarius other traits to mention would be optimism and emotional sensitivity. They know how to treat and strengthen others. Carnations also happen to carry a similar message.

12. Capricorn

Pansy is the representative flower of Capricorn. Pansy is the famous symbolization of unconditional love, which makes pansies the perfect flower to represent Capricorn. When it comes to love, Capricorns are deeply committed and loyal. Besides their way to appreciate their surroundings, Capricorn is also known to be ambitious and enthusiastic, especially in developing ideas. 

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