Before the red rose was known as the sign of true love, it was the...

Before the red rose was known as the sign of true love, it was the...

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white rose
white rose

Before the red rose was known as the sign of true love, it was the white rose that first retained the symbol. As it is represented as a symbol of marriage bonds’ innocence and harmony, white roses are also used for weddings. White roses and other white flowers are often used as bridal hand bouquets.

The white rose is present at weddings as a representation of new beginnings and used at funerals as a sign of respect and sympathy for those returning to God. The white rose’s usage at a funeral is often used to represent never-ending spiritual devotion.

The white roses can mean different things to different people. They can symbolize a new beginning or a sign of parting. The flower can express feelings of affection, loyalty, admiration, and hope. Besides, the arrangement of white roses is elegant and can withstand the complexity of its simplistic presentation. Whatever the purpose, the white rose bouquets collected can be given away as the recipient will cherish them.

If you want to buy flowers for your loved ones, you can deliver red and white roses delivery—no need to leave the house because the white flowers delivery will easily do that for you. But before giving this white rose, it’s a good idea to know more about this flower by reading this article below.

white rose delivery
white rose delivery


What is the meaning of white roses?

1. The symbol of love

Besides being famous for representing true love, it also symbolizes sincerity and is believed to express someone’s true love to a lover. The white color of the flower is elegant. At the same time, it reflects the sincerity of belonging to one another, which is why it is suitable to be given to a partner because it is a symbol of sincerity and affection.

It’s no secret why white roses are the perfect roses for weddings. Therefore, a floral bouquet of white roses still accompanies a wedding party. Its presence undoubtedly reflects real love, characterized by a dedication to a new beginning.

2. The symbol of parting

White rose at World Trade Center Memorial Foundation
White rose at World Trade Center Memorial Foundation


For every meeting, there is always going to be a good-bye. If you have to part from a loved one, be it a partner, a lover, or a family member, you can send a white rose as a form of love and respect for them. It means that they are important and respected by relatives, friends, or lovers.

4. The symbol of sympathy

White roses are also a symbol of sympathy; for example, when there is a natural disaster in a place, such as an earthquake or tsunami, people in other areas gather and hold hands to pray together while holding white roses.

Apart from being a symbol of sympathy, this sort of flower may be a symbol of profound grief, frequently used while mourning and during funeral processions as a display of final respect for someone who has died, making it an appropriate flower for mourning.   That’s also why white roses are known to reflect spirituality.

5. The symbol of apology

The white color of this flower represents purity and apologies. Many people express their apologies for this flower. It is also used to convey pure love, friendship, and genuine affection.

However, if you want to give a more profound impression, you can give it a live white rose that you planted yourself. Here’s how to grow white roses.


How to grow white roses?

white flowers online
white flowers online

Beautiful white roses are widely used as ornamental plants. Moreover, this plant is not hard to care for. Apart from white ones, other rose plants that are easy to find in the garden are red, pink, and yellow roses.

Besides, you can also put rose plants in the room, as long as it gets enough sunlight. Rose care is not too difficult; the important thing is you need to water it regularly every day. However, if the white rose that you are planting is more than two months old, it is enough to water it once every two days. Learn more about growing your rose here:

  1. Make sure to choose an adequate pot, especially one made of pottery or clay. If you choose a pot with plastic material, you should choose one that has a hole for air circulation
  2. For planting media in pots, you should fill it with several ingredients, such as a mixture of fermented soil, sand, and manure with a composition of 1: ¼: 1 ratio.
  3. Add bricks or small rocks as a base in the pot, so the excess water during watering can easily come out through the hole at the bottom of the pot. The plant roots will avoid rotting due to the flower pot being too moist by doing this technique.
  4. Choose white rose flower seeds that are ready for planting, but you can also use white rose cuttings.
  5. Then plant the seeds in the media provided and buried with a mixture of growing media. Continue by pressing firmly on the ground at the edge of the stem.
  6. Then watering the white roses and placing the potted plants in full sun
  7. Once every 1 or 2 years, change the planting medium and cut the roots so that that white roses can maintain their growth and fertility.
  8. To prevent root rot caused by various bacterial diseases that attack rose plants, add a benzoic acid to the water before watering the white rose flower.

So easy, right? You can adjust the type and characteristics of the white rose that you want to plant.

The meaning of white roses is, of course, different for everyone. Whether as a symbol of a new beginning or a sign of respect. It can also convey respect, sincerity, a symbol of friendship, or a sign of love.

Despite the simple look of white roses, the flowers have a complex meaning. Whatever the purpose of white roses, or buying the white roses flower delivery online or directly from your florist, we can be sure that these flowers will be very appreciated and meaningful to the recipient.


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