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Before contacting your favorite flower delivery service, it is common to wonder if the bloom signifies the right meaning you want. While different flowers tend to symbolize diverse meanings, it is important to make sure if you buy the appropriate one.

It would be less suitable to present bright yellow roses to convey your sympathy since these flowers generally symbolize joyous feelings. Instead, you can opt for white roses considering that these blooms are commonly associated with expressing sympathy or humility.

Then, what does it mean to present someone with two pink roses and one white rose? While pink roses are used to signify admiration, white roses generally convey innocence. Thus, an arrangement you get from a flower delivery service can combine these two meanings.

What Does It Mean to Receive White and Pink Roses?

An arrangement consisting of one white rose and two pink ones may mean that you admire and appreciate a gentle love of someone. It would make a great arrangement to celebrate mother’s day or to give to your loved one in his/her special days.
However, when you receive a particular floral arrangement for someone, it may mean differently. Sometimes, a person will simply take a bouquet because it looks cool compared to others. Some of them just don’t think so much about the meaning signified by the arrangements.

For instance, someone may contact a flower delivery service and choose such an arrangement since it suits the overall theme. In this case, they may try to make the arrangement look modern, romantic, or rustic rather than taking the symbolic meaning into account.

Mixing several rose blooms indeed makes a beautiful arrangement. Some may choose such an arrangement because they are not sure what kind of colors you like. Thus, it is probably better to make it clear about the meaning of the roses you received.

The Meaning of Roses Based on Their Colors

But, we cannot deny that the color of flowers may say more than what you think. Thus, knowing the meanings of each rose and its colors would be great before selecting a flower delivery service. The following is a quick guide of rose flower meaning based on its color.

1. Pink roses

Free photo beautiful single isolated pink rose on white
pink rose

The lovely pink roses are often used to express gentle emotions like joy, gratitude, and admiration. The light one indicates innocence and sweetness while the deeper pink rose shows appreciation. This rose is frequently linked to grace and elegance as well.

2. White roses

Free photo wedding white roses
White rose

Meanwhile, the white roses can signify new beginnings. For this reason, this flower is often utilized in a wedding ceremony, especially as an accompaniment for the bride when walking down the aisle. You can present this follower to convey innocence and chastity too.

3. Red roses

Free photo bouquet of red roses for valentine's day
Red rose

Most flower delivery services will provide red roses since these blooms are highly popular in the market. Red roses are often associated with love and used to communicate deep emotions. You can also send red roses to show devotion or respect.
In addition to the common roses above, there are also yellow, orange, green, and even blue roses. The unique blue roses are often offered by some florists since an arrangement consisting of this flower is highly exclusive. You can present a blue rose to convey unachievable desire.

The Meaning of Mixed Roses of Different Colors

Above is a bit explanation about the meaning of each rose individually. Then, will the meaning change if we combine two or more roses in one arrangement? It’s no secret that some flower delivery services offer an arrangement with different blooms and colors.

By mixing rose blooms of various colors, you are offering a bouquet that is full of emotions. For example, an arrangement of white and red roses can mean you love someone intensely. Besides, a random mix of rose blooms may show such a mixed feeling.

An arrangement consisting of randomly mixed roses can express if you don’t know what your feelings but it is surely a good choice to send the receiver a special bouquet. Plus, the variety of colors involved may make the bouquet look even livelier than a single shade.

All in all, some people may find it significant to present the right flowers based on the meaning they signify. To help you choose the appropriate rose for the right time, consider using the quick guide above before contacting a local flower delivery service.

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