What does the Hydrangea Flower Symbolize?

hydrangeaThe international flower delivery is the right place when you want to purchase some flowers. The example is the beautiful hydrangea. This flower has more than one color. You can purchase some other colors such as blue, purple, white, pink, and more.

The hydrangea flower also has a unique shape. The shapes formed by several hydrangeas are round like a ball. Besides its beauty, the hydrangea is always chosen because of its meaning. Each color that a hydrangea has can symbolize certain meanings.

You need to know about the meaning and what it symbolizes for when you order from the flower delivery. It will make you are able to choose the right flower for any kind of occasion. Below, we will share what does the hydrangea flower symbolizes.

The Common Meaning of Hydrangea Flowers in Japan

In Japan, this flower has several meanings. Based on the legend there, hydrangea symbolizes the apology. It was given by the Japanese Caesar who had been ignoring his loved woman because of the state interest. He wanted to show that he cared by giving that flower.

Based on that story, the hydrangea flower bouquet from a international flower delivery can mean the expression of gratitude and sincerity. However, some people said that this flower symbolizes a different meaning. It represents the vanity because hydrangea has the luxurious petals with less seed.

The interesting thing is that this flower can also be a symbol when you refuse an invitation from others. We can say that it is like a ‘no, thanks’ symbol that you can give to someone. Whatever the symbol is, this flower is still beautiful to look at.
The Meaning of Hydrangea based on the Colors

Besides the common meaning of hydrangea flower in Japan, each color of hydrangea also has its own meaning. You can purchase the flowers and let them sent by the trusted flower delivery. The pink hydrangea is closely related to the true feeling that you have.

The shape and color of it are like the heart. It also symbolizes love and marriage. Meanwhile, the blue hydrangea symbolizes the cold heart, apologize, refusing a proposal, and regret. That is why; you must be careful in choosing this kind of flower.
Meanwhile, the white hydrangea symbolizes purity. The last is a purple hydrangea that symbolizes the desire for understanding someone deeper. The international flower delivery will let you choose any kind of hydrangea color. They will deliver it in a fresh condition.

The Facts about Hydrangea Flowers

Besides the meaning of each color, the hydrangea flower also has several facts that you need to know. First of all, the color of this flower can change (except the white hydrangea). The blue color can turn into pink by adding the acidity level in the soil.
It can be done by adding the coffee powder, orange zest, and more. You will have a beautiful pink hydrangea like the one that is delivered by the flower delivery. In addition, the hydrangea flower can bloom in certain different formations.
The most popular one is the mop head. It can make huge and round flowers. Meanwhile, the lace cap hydrangea can grow really well in a shade. The panicle hydrangea can grow in a cold area and it has the clustered flower cones.

The Right Treatment for Hydrangea

When you order a bouquet of hydrangea from flower delivery, maybe you want to treat that flower as well. This flower has a certain recommended treatments that you need to know. It is especially about how to water the flower.
Hydrangea needs water, just like the other flowers. However, you may not give too much water because it can rot the roots. The signs of rotten hydrangea are the yellow leaves, wilted plants, and foliage which froze. Because of its beauty, the hydrangea has inspired so many artists.

Usually, the flower delivery service always sends this flower for a bridal flower bouquet on a wedding day. In addition, it can be sent as a gift for a wedding anniversary. It can symbolize the gratitude, thankful, and sincerity owned by someone.
The hydrangea flower and its beauty will attract everyone. Besides that, it also has various meanings. The meanings can be represented by their different color. That is why; the international flower delivery always provides various types of hydrangeas.

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