What are Your Tips to Make a Hand-tied Wedding Bouquet?

What are your tips to make a hand tied wedding bouquet

The delivery service can be a perfect partner when you want to order the hand-tied wedding bouquet. It is a kind of bridal flower that you can choose; especially if you like the simplicity of your wedding. Various designs are available for this bridal flower.

A hand tie is a bouquet model that is so popular. It can be varied into some shapes and sizes. It is called the hand tie because this bouquet will fit into your grip. A hand-tied wedding bouquet can be made from various flowers and plants.
Those materials will be tied in a neat structure. It is ready to be sent by the delivery service. It can be made loose or tight. Besides that, there are also some other tips that you can have to make a beautiful hand-tied wedding bouquet.

The Natural Hand-Tied Bouquet

We can say that it is the most popular wedding bouquet which is usually chosen by the bride. This bouquet is perfect for almost all the wedding gowns. The best gown for this bouquet is the slim cut one or the tight wedding gown.
The natural hand tie bouquet which is always delivered by the delivery service usually has the asymmetric shape. It has the adjustable stalk height and texture based on your characteristic. This kind of hand tie bouquet can be made from various flowers.

To make it is sweeter to look, you can add a ribbon. The satin ribbon is a great choice where you can tie the flower with it. This bouquet is amazing for an outdoor wedding concept. Since it doesn’t have the water proposal, be sure to use it immediately.

Simple Hand Tie with a Satin Ribbon

It is a minimalist flower bouquet which is also available in the delivery service. To make it, you just need to prepare several items. The examples are two needles, sticky tape, flowers, and for sure the satin ribbon in a certain color.
The florist will start by binding the flower stalks with sticky tape. The length of the bond is about a grip of your hand. Tie it several times to ensure its tightness. It can also hide the uneven part of the stem.
After that, the ribbon will be used. The florist will also attach it by applying the needles under the flower bond. Then wrap the ribbon until the entire sticky tape is covered perfectly. End this with a needle. This bouquet is ready to send by the delivery service.

Use the Remain of Your Wedding Dress and Goose Fur

It is a smart idea to use the rest of your wedding gown as the wrapper of the hand-tied bouquet. This idea is recommended by various wedding organizer experts to create a coordinated look for your wedding. The bouquet will blend with the gown.
In addition, you can also ask the flower delivery service to ask some other unique items for a flower bouquet. The example is goose fur. It is a unique idea and perfect for a bohemian wedding concept. You can consider it.
The use of this goose fur will add the effect of a fantastic dimension. Your flower bouquet will surprise everyone. Actually, you can use the natural white goose fur or paint the fur into several colors to blend it with the flower bouquet.

Creating a Vintage Look Hand Bouquet

Some of you may be a plan to have a classic or vintage wedding concept. If it is so, you can ask the flower delivery service to send the vintage bouquet of flowers too. In fact, they can use various items to make this kind of bouquet.
The examples are by using the vintage bros of your grandma. It means that you need to cooperate with the florist by lending them the bros. If the bros are too difficult to find, using the vintage handkerchief is also a perfect idea to do.
There are so many inspirations and tips that can be used to make a brand new flower bouquet. It can be created from the simple stuff around you. All you need is to be creative. Show your idea to the flower delivery service where they will make it happens.

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