What are the Best Gifts for New Born?

What are the Best Gifts for New Born

Newborn is a special moment and that is why; sending a baby hampers will make that moment is more precious. Actually, you don’t need to be confused about what gift should be sent. There are tons of options for it.

You can send various items based on some considerations. The first is about the baby’s gender. It is for sure that a present for a boy or a girl can be different. The second consideration can be based on your budget to buy a gift.

The next consideration is about the look or the appearance of a baby hampers. Since there are so many kinds of hampers to choose, you can pick one with the best design. Here is some baby hamper ideas for a newborn celebration.

Flower Bouquet

You know that flowers are always perfect for any kind of occasion. That is why; sending a flower bouquet is also a great idea. The beautiful flower can represent how happy you are about a new human which was born in this world.

One of the best baby hampers to choose is a bouquet which is arranged from pink carnations. For about 12 pink carnations will be arranged neatly and artistically in this bouquet. It is a sign of joyful feeling and sweet hope that you have.

To make this bay hamper is more wonderful, a florist may place several fresh green leaves around the flower. After that, this flower bouquet will be wrapped in a soft brown paper with a cute ribbon to tie the bottom part.

Table Flower

If the flower bouquet is maybe not your option, a table flower will be perfect. This flower can cheer up the nuance. It will complete the happy and joyful feeling which is felt by the recipient. There are various kinds of table flowers that you can choose.

One of them is a table flower arranged from the pink stargazers. This table flower is really unique. It looks so sweet and sensual. This flower will absolutely delight any feminine soul. You can send it together with another baby hampers.

Table flower can be also used as a decoration. It can be placed perfectly in a hospital or house. The flower will be looked more beautiful if you use a glass vase for it. To make the fresh flower stays longer; place some water in the vase.

Baby Accessories

Another option of the baby hamper is the baby accessories. These accessories will be arranged neatly in a basket. The colors are varied based on the accessories. This hamper looks really nice. Besides, it is also beneficial because it can be used by a baby.

You can place several items in this baby hampers. The examples are baby pillow, rattle, giraffe musical toys, and more. If you want to, it is also a great idea to place some cute baby clothes and baby powder there.

Usually, this kind of hamper has already had a lot of items. That is why; the decorations used are not too much. You just can attach a ribbon in the handle of a basket. That ribbon can also be attached to the front part of a basket.

Baby High Chair

A baby high chair is now always needed by a parent. It can help a baby to stay closer with her/his parents in the same table. That is why; giving this kind of present will make your friend really happy. It is a special hamper that you can send.

Besides a high chair, you can choose some other items for your baby hampers. It is a baby’s first bath. This hamper is arranged from various items that are needed by a baby. It is especially for her/his daily bathing activity.

That is why; this hamper consists of several items like towels, baby soap, shampoo, oil, and more. The colors of these hampers can be suited based on the gender of a baby. If it is a boy, usually the blue color is chosen.

However, if you want to send it in a baby shower celebration or before a baby is born, choosing a neutral color is more recommended. You need to know that this baby hampers must be ordered at least 1-2 days in advance.

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