9 Best Dreamy Hairstyle Ideas for Your Wedding Day


As a bride that wants to make her wedding day the most unforgettable moment ever, you’re going to need the perfect wedding dress. After that, the preparation goes to the stunning shoes, shining jewelry, and the beauty look that makes a complete package. Your beauty that focuses on makeup and hairdo is without hesitation included in your top priority.

Hairstyle plays a vital part in your wedding look. No doubt that all attentiveness will be pointed at you when you walk down the aisle with a flower bouquet in your hands. Moreover, you are the princess of the day. So, the attention will revolve around you for the whole day. When we talk about the hairstyle that sets up the mood in your bridal look, it is not fictitious.

The only thing that should radiate the dreamlike vibe is your hairstyle. Not only your bridal gowns, but your hairstyle can also elevate your look into a magical affection that will make the groom, families, and guests instantly adore you.

As dreamy as fairytale bridal hair ideas

1. Low chignon with a pearl hairpin

Low Chignon
Low Chignon

The classic chic low chignon is always a brilliant choice for a wedding hairstyle. Whether you want to make it neat or a little loose, this simple yet elegant look can go with almost any kind of wedding dress. To make it more lovely, add a stylish pearl hairpin on your low bun.

2. Side-swept curls with roses

Side-swept Curls
Side-swept Curls

Get that princess vibe from your hairstyle by choosing the charming side-swept curls. Add pink or red roses as your hair accessories to make it more dreamy-looking.

3. High bun with a tiara

If you want to go for a simple look but still show a chic and elegant side, a high bun with a tiara as accessories is a perfect choice.

4. Long bob with a flower headband

Long Bob
Long Bob

When it comes to long bob hair, choose more artsy and captivating hair accessories to make your haircut looks effortlessly pure and dreamy. A flower headband is a sweet selection for this type of haircut.

5. Wavy half-tie

Wavy Half-tie
Wavy Half-tie

The classic wavy half-tie is a pretty choice for your dreamy bridal hair look. Let the half-tie a little loose and add side tendrils to frame your face shape.

6. Sleek waves with gold headbands

Get the gorgeous sleek waves style for your hair to showcase that effortlessly romantic vibe. Gold-plated thin headbands with a touch of pearls will make this look more exquisite.

7. Mixed long braids

Be more playful with long braids with a combination of different braid shapes and sizes to create that instant fairytale look. Why choose a simple hairstyle when you can be daring in this unique and artsy way.

8. Curly low bun with roses

Roses is a beautiful selection for your bridal hair accessories to get that romantic and dreamy vibes. Add this delightful flower to your low bun. Get ready to be so visually attractive that everyone in the room cannot take their eyes off you.

9. Voluminous big curls

Big Curls
Big Curls

When creating a chic minimal look, simplicity is the key. Those of you who have naturally thick and voluminous hair can choose bouncy big curls for your wedding hairstyle. They give that smooth and bold appearance to your hair. They go well with various kinds of dress. The secret to the success of this hairstyle is that you need to prepare the right hairspray, which helps your hairdo be firm and long-lasting.


How to get the perfect wedding hair 

1. Deep-nourish your hair 

No matter how magnificent a visual of your desired hairstyle is, it won’t come out fine if you have unhealthy hair. You need to give rich nutrition to your hair and do extensive treatment such as nurturing your scalp and strand hair. To get the best result possible, you need to do this daily at least three months before the big day comes. Daily vitamin with biotin is a must-try. Biotin or vitamin B7 helps stimulate keratin production in hair and boost follicle growth. It can help your hair to get stronger and prevent hair loss. For repairing damaged strands, argan oil is an all-time favorite for your hair treatment.

2. No sudden experimental haircut

Try to get a new haircut at least a month before the nuptial. It will give a chance for your new haircut to settle and let it grow a bit, just in case it is too short. This time is not the right moment for you to be experimental in doing your hair-cutting because you do not want to be disappointed if the result does not meet your standard. Choose a haircut that can highlight your facial features the best and give a fresher look.

3. Choose a classic neutral color

The classic neutral hair color for your bridal look will never go wrong. Stick with your natural shade as you also want to look innocently beautiful. Your hair color should match how your dress looks.

4. Get the right hairstylist

Research for the best option available for the hairstylist. Start with the one with proven best service. Since you will be communicating your hair ideas often, choose a hairstylist that is good at harmonizing your request and his or her best practice. Before your wedding day, it is also good to do a hair trial twice or three times to see how the hairstylist handles your hair until you are confident with the process and result.

5. Take time to choose the desired hairstyle

Besides getting the right hairstyle based on the face shape, your dress should also guide you when choosing the hairstyle. Think about the silhouette of your dress and how the dress will complement it. You also want to make sure that your hair looks impressively beautiful, both in real life and in the photo. Your wedding album will be a visual record that you and your close ones want to look at frequently in the future. If you are also a hair accessory enthusiast, prepare the right ones that match your hairstyle and dress materials.

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