Wedding Cake Inspiration for Your Best Wedding Moments

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

Now comes a variety of unique and interesting ideas and concepts for the theme of a wedding party. The wedding theme makes the whole part of the party, ranging from decorations, dresses, food, invitations to souvenirs will be more conceptual, including other things such as wedding cakes. The existence of the theme makes the preparation much more mature. For the sake of all that, no wonder many people are willing to spend deeper and have to slam the bone looking for savings for a wedding.

At a wedding, there are many things that guests will notice. Wedding cake is no exception. This cake is a typical cake made especially for this moment. Wedding cakes can attract their attention. The wedding party has a theme, making everything related to it must be aligned. So is the wedding cake.

There are many types and designs of wedding cakes, from simple 1-level wedding cake inspiration to multi-story luxury wedding cakes. Some brides want an amazingly large and luxurious wedding cake. Some want a simple wedding cake only. What exactly does a wedding cake do?


The main function of a wedding cake

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

The main function of a wedding cake, either simple or luxurious wedding cake, certainly exists in the bribe-bribe session between the bride and groom before ascending to the wedding venue, together with holding a long knife, staring at each other, cutting the cake with a happy smile accompanied by photographers who start pressing the camera button and Handycam to capture every moment. Not stopping there, there is a bribe section between the two brides that will seem so romantic during the excitement of the wedding party.

In addition to cutting and bribery sessions, wedding cakes also have an important role in wedding decorations. A fancy wedding cake will certainly make the wedding decoration look luxurious anyway, let alone a wedding cake that forms a large castle or mountains that fill almost 1/6 of the wedding reception room. Usually, for brides who choose a luxurious wedding cake, the main goal is to enliven the decoration.

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

Well, if a fancy wedding cake has an important role in wedding decorations, a simple wedding cake leads more to the warmth between the two brides. Not that a simple wedding cake does not affect the decoration, the wedding cake still always take part in decorations, be it simple or luxurious cakes.

Wedding cakes don’t need to be extravagant. After all, it’s usually only made of cork. Cakes that can be eaten are mostly only 1 or 2 levels only. It is better to choose a simple wedding cake. A simple wedding cake will display its beauty and elegance at your wedding party. The cake is also really a cake that can be cut and eaten all! It’s not just a fake cake for decoration. Another story if you want a wedding cake for decoration.


Wedding cake inspiration

Being one of the important parts of a wedding party, choosing a wedding cake can not be careless. Even sometimes, brides-to-be take a lot of time to think about concepts with the latest designs or even adapted to the theme of the wedding. The ever-changing development of the design gives rise to a variety of beautiful wedding cakes. Below are some wedding cake inspirations that you can reference.


1. Shabby Chic style cake

This theme carries a romantic, feminine and elegant impression. Most women will be working on this theme. The soft floral feel of the Shabby Chic theme, irregular and pastel colors, makes this theme reminiscent of the villages of Paris.

For this theme, you can use a wedding cake that also looks elegant. A wedding cake with three levels of white cream will look suitable. With a mix of accessories on the cake in the form of soft pink or baby blue flowers, you make the cake more suitable with the theme of shabby chic. You can also add a statue at the top of the cake. The size of a cake that’s not too big is more impressive to attend your wedding.


2. Classic style cake

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

This classic theme is the most common in weddings. This theme can be suitable for all ages and genders. Formal and sacral impressions are so inherent in this one theme.

A wedding cake suitable for the classic theme is a tart with three stacks coated with white cream on all parts. The size of the cake is also not too big. At the top of the cake is given a statue of the symbol of both brides. However, you can also create parts of the cake with other types of cakes in addition to sponge cake.

You can make a cake as an alternative is a cheesecake, sponge cake, and rainbow cake. The use of rainbow cake itself will be a unique buzz at your party. This is suitable for those who hold weddings with a classic theme and want more colors but not exaggerations.


3. Rustic style cakes

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

The rustic theme boomed in the last year. Many wedding concepts use this theme with a style that leans towards the concept of the country and has elements of wood. This theme is still suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings. The natural feel adds to the appeal of this theme.

A wedding cake that can complete the concept of a wedding is a spiku tart or pancake cake. Spiku cake, a three-layer cake with each consisting of original, brown, and closed again with the original. This cake can be used as a tart with white cream tart or Mocca. Then coupled with cinnamon and chocolate decoration will make the appearance of spiku tart more beautiful.

On the other hand, you can also try cookies from pancakes. This cake that is commonly used for breakfast can also be used as a cake at your wedding. You can arrange cakes in 3 levels just like any other wedding cake. You just need to make pancakes that have three different sizes. Add honey, jam, refined sugar, or fruits.


4. Princess style cake

Even if you’re not the real princess, you can be a princess one night at your wedding. Many celebrities have used the princess theme in their weddings. You can look like one of the princesses in the cartoons you like. There are Cinderella, aurora, belle, Rapunzel, or Elza that you can follow her style.

For wedding cakes, of course, you have to customize the theme you choose. You can make a big, tall wedding cake. A 3-tiered cake decorated in pastel or all white colors will fit in your princess theme. It would be great if you make a cake with a height of up to 40 cm in each stack. But, keep in mind that making this kind of cake is quite tricky.

The cake that is on the bottom layer must be solid. However, this can be prepared by replacing using styrofoam for the bottom two stacks. You can give additional decorations related to your wedding theme.

For example, if you use princess Cinderella’s wedding theme, you can add decorations to your cake in the form of glass shoes, rings, or horse-drawn carriages. This will add its beauty contained in your wedding cake.

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