Unique Graduation Gift Ideas
Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

The most awaited day for students of all grades is none other than Graduation Day. Everyone gathers in the same place, sharing joy, excitement, and happiness, feeling honored for the time, energy, and effort they spent for a while. What makes Graduation Day special is that it’s very unlikely for you to celebrate your achievement alone. Loving and warm congratulatory wishes from friends, family, relatives, or even loved ones add extra sparks to the special day. Other than words, you could also celebrate their happiness with their unique gifts. If you’re not used to the giving-gift activity or can’t come to a decision about the gift for her, spare your time for a few minutes because the information you need is right here!

1. Flower Bouquet

Graduation Flowers
Graduation Flowers

Nothing could convey feelings better than Graduation flowers. Yes, you might think that it’s common to give flowers as a gift. Then, how could you make it unique and special? If you can’t guess it, the answer is through arrangement and combination. A bouquet of same-colored roses or same-colored daisies might be quitely overused and dull. So, here are some suitable combinations of flowers as a graduation gift for her!

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2. Tulips and Roses

Vase of Tulip FlowerAdvisor
Vase of Tulip FlowerAdvisor

Tulips and roses are both known to the public as the flower of love. They also exist in a variety of colors, the combination of the two would be splendid and beautiful. Each of them also has a lovely fragrance, which adds another point to this combination.

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3. Sunflower and Gerbera Daisies

There’s nothing more on theme than celebrating a joyful day with the flowers of joy. The combination of the bright and cheerful yellow sunflower with the deep red gerbera daisies would look exquisite in a bouquet.

Sunflower Bouquet
Sunflower Bouquet

4. Peony and Calla Lily

The classic beauty peony and the dainty calla lily would make a lovely combination as a graduation gift for her. Both peony and calla lily have their reputation as the most popular cut flowers to their unique shape of bloom.

5.  Roses and Dahlia

Roses made it twice to this list, but this time let’s pair them with the blooming dahlia. Dahlia would add a touch of elegance to the romantic bouquet of roses. As cut flowers, both of them would look beautiful in tall vases.

6. Snack Bouquet

If you don’t fancy the idea of a flower bouquet, here we have another bouquet you could consider as a Graduation Day gift idea for her. For students, snack bouquet are the comfort food that is close to everyone’s heart. So, giving her favorite snacks in a form of a bouquet would be a memorable gift. Even though she can’t keep it in shape for a long time, it is something she can enjoy after the graduation event and adds extra happiness to her joyful day.

7. Jewelry

People tend to dress up nicely when they attend their graduation day. Most would spend hours to get everything spot on, right from the head down to the toe. Jewelry would be the perfect addition to her Graduation Day outfit. Either necklace, bracelet, or earrings. You can choose either one of those accessories based on her preference. Because the gift-giving activity is not only about the material, the thought behind the gift is what matters the most.

Another reason why you should highly consider jewelry as a gift for her graduation is that jewelry has good durability. It most likely will stay in a good shape for a long time, depending on its quality. She can keep it for a long time, and your thoughtful gift will remind her of the special day in her life.

8. Resin Framed Photo

The framed photo might not be the most unique gift out there. If the frame we’re discussing is the usual box of wood or plastic frame, you’re not wrong. However, resin art has risen in popularity these days. Resin art allows you to add unique decorations to your art piece, such as gold leaves, glitters, and even flowers. A resin-framed photo would be a beautiful graduation gift for her. Especially, when you can customize the decorations to her liking.

9. Theme Park Ticket

A theme park ticket would also be a splendid idea. Going to a theme park would feel so refreshing after spending long hours for the graduation event. From rides to snacks, and not to leave out the souvenirs, there are a lot of attractions in a theme park that would keep the feeling of boredom away. You don’t have to buy only one, you could also buy another one for yourself to go with her. A gift and a date, sounds like a good deal right?

10. Food Voucher

If you still want to give her your gift, but you can’t be present on her Graduation Day, don’t panic. Because there’s a way of making it cool. In some countries, it is rather common to celebrate one’s special moment of their life by giving them a food voucher. For example, in South Korea, if you can’t attend one’s birthday party, you could simply send them a digital food voucher to treat them well during their special day. So, using this method, you could send her a food voucher, along with your warm and lovely wishes for her success.

11. A Self Portrait Painting

Self Portraid Painting
Self Portraid Painting

A self-portrait painting might sound extra, but nothing is stopping you from being extra on Graduation Day. You can ask for her favorite picture beforehand and request a painting of it. Or you can choose her best-looking picture from her social media. What’s great about this gift is that she can display it for a long time, probably next to her graduation medal and certificate.

Now that you know there are a bunch of options to choose from, it’s already time for you to pick the best graduation gift for her. If you still can’t come to a decision, thinking about her preference and her personality could help you. Because you need to remember when it comes to gifts, thoughts matter the most.

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