Types of Orchids
Types of Orchids

Not only as decoration, but orchids are also often used as fragrances, herbal plants, and other benefits. Many people like to grow this plant because it is easy to care for and can be grown in their own garden. Orchid itself is one type of ornamental plant with flower colors, quite a lot of species, and a wide distribution area. So there are few types of orchids and it’s benefit

Maybe not many know, it turns out that orchids can be used as medicine for natural healing. This orchid is believed to have certain antibacterial and phytochemical substances that can help in the treatment of certain diseases.

Apart from being a herbal medicine, in some countries types of orchids are used as food ingredients.

Some orchid flower extracts are known to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. Not only useful for food but orchids can also be used for beauty.

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Types of orchids

A popular way to create a pleasant home environment is to add fragrant ornamental plants to your home. Orchid flowers have a fragrant aroma, so many large producers use orchids as air fresheners and air fresheners.

For those of you who want to start growing orchids, it’s good to know the types of orchids and the characteristics of the following favorite orchid plants first!

Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobium orchid is one types of orchids that is very liked by many people because it has bright flower colors and looks very beautiful.

This easy-to-find plant will certainly be very well suited to be used as a sweetener at home. Usually, dendrobium is pure white, a mixture of white and purple, to yellow.

Sugarcane Orchid

The cane orchid type may be one of the heaviest types of orchids plants because it can weigh up to 1 ton! Not only high, one of these beautiful orchids can be 3 meters high!

This orchid with the Latin name Grammatophyllum speciosum has a characteristic brown flower color and spots with a tiger-like pattern. Therefore, sugar cane orchids are also commonly referred to as tiger orchids.

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Moon Orchid

Moon Orchid
Moon Orchid

The moon orchid is a types of orchids plant that is very popular with the public because of its very beautiful and unique shape. There are two reasons why many orchid lovers choose the moon orchid as a home decoration plant.

First, because moon orchids are easy to care for. Second, moon orchids are easy-to-grow plants attached to trunks or trees.

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Cattleya Orchid

Cattleya orchids have a characteristic, namely their large size compared to other types of orchids. To find this one orchid is very easy because it has been widely cultivated.

Monkey Orchid

As the name implies, the monkey orchid has a shape resembling the face of a Dracula monkey. Although it looks like a monkey, this plant with the Latin name Dracula simia is also dubbed the “little dragon”.

This types of orchids can grow at an altitude of 1,000 meters (m) to 2,000 m above sea level with temperatures ranging from 27 degrees Celsius and humidity of 80-90 percent.

Mustache Shoes

Mustache Shoes Orchid
Mustache Shoes Orchid

Kasut mustache orchid or its scientific name Paphiopedilum chamberlainianum is a type of orchid that has a very unique flower shape. The shape is cute as a baby with a sleeping bag. It’s green on top and fiery purple on the bottom.

This species grows above the ground with a height of up to 30 centimeters (cm) to 45 cm. However, getting this plant is quite difficult because the population is very rare.

Black Orchid

Another unique orchid, namely the black orchid from Kalimantan, Sumatra, and the Malay Peninsula. This orchid, which has the Latin name Coelogyne pandurata, is actually not dominated by black. The dark part is just a little in the middle.

Hairy Lips Orchid

The hairy orchid is a beautiful flower that is native to Indonesia. However, this type of orchid named Latin Coelogyne speciosa is not so popular. About the name, because the hairy lip orchid is overgrown with white hair like a beard.

Violet Orchid

The violet orchid flower has the scientific name Phalaenopsis violacea. This type of orchid has a beautiful appearance with a fragrant aroma. As the name implies, this flower is dominated by violet color which gives a graceful and beautiful impression.

Orange Orchid

Orange Orchid
Orange Orchid

As the name implies, this orange plant has an orange color with brown spots. The orange orchid has small flowers and is slimmer when compared to its sibling.

Spoon Orchid

This orchid flower is named because of the character of its leaf shape which is similar to a spoon. This beautiful yellow orchid has a center that looks like it sticks out like a spoon-shaped tongue

Butt Orchid

Butan orchid or scientific name Ascocentrum miniatum, is an orchid that is often used in wedding decorations. Butan orchids are usually bright orange in color with clustered small flowers.

Toothbrush Orchid

This orchid is called the toothbrush orchid because of its neatly arranged shape like toothbrush bristles. This type of plant grows in the lowlands and has an attractive purple and white color.

Star Moon Orchid

Why is it called the moon and stars? Because the number of crowns on this flower is five. So that it forms a star, while in the hand the flower forms the moon. The plant, which has the scientific name Paraphalaenopsis denevei, is known to have originated from Kalimantan. These orchids can be found near streams or attached to trees.

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Twinkle Orchid

This orchid with the Latin name Phalaenopsis violacea is an ornamental plant that has a high allure, because of its unusual shape and able to spread a fragrant aroma. Unfortunately, this orchid has been declared endangered.

Vanda Orchid

This type of orchid has a variety of leaf sizes and shapes. Some are narrow, wide, thin, thick, shaped like a spoon, a ribbon, to a pencil. Vanda orchids grow as ground orchids and attach to other plants.

Emerald Orchid

This orchid, which has the Latin name Dendrobium macrophyllum, has characteristics such as the presence of feathers on the flower, which resembles a rambutan fruit. It has a unique appearance, with a dominant yellow-green color, and brownish stripes in the middle.

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