7 Types of Daisies Perfect for Decoration

Type of Daisies
Type of Daisies

In all corners of the world, flowers are one of the plants that are considered to have beauty. There are thousands of types of flowers available all over the world with different beauties. Almost every type of flower also has its own characteristics and is often used at several moments according to its function or characteristics. Not only the benefits and beauty that are highlighted from the types of flowers but also the deep meaning behind each type. One type of flower that has a beautiful meaning is the daisy.

Daisy comes from China and has another name, namely daisies. Daisy flowers have a height ranging from 30 to 70 cm and have petals arranged like paper flowers. Daisy flowers have a similar appearance to sunflowers. Some of the most popular daisies are the Shasta Daisy, African Daisy, and Marguerite Daisy.

The name daisy itself is taken from the word “day’s eye” because the flower blooms open during the day and closes at night. Uniquely, this flower does not have negative properties attached to it. Daisies are a sign of innocence at a young age. In Christianity, the daisy flower is a symbol of the innocence of the child, Jesus. In addition, this beautiful flower also represents the purity of heart, mind, and soul. The daisy flower is a symbol of classical beauty and is often used in literature, literature, and poetry because of its simple beauty.

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Here are the types of daisies that you can make as gifts or as ornamental plants.

1. Argyranthemum Frutescens Neptune

White Daisies
White Daisies

This type of daisy is a collection of small daisies that are lush and dense. When it grows, it looks like a dense bush that is neat and produces many white daisies between gray-green leaves. This white flower with a yellow core in the center attracts many insects, especially butterflies. This daisy is one of the strongest flowers that can grow all winter, even on steep or rough terrain. One of the most beautiful daisies, it produces a strong aroma when crushed. Regular pruning of this flower will increase its growth and blooming capacity. This flower will feel very beautiful in the garden or in your flower vase.

2. Argyranthemum Frutescens Comet White

This comet white daisy is native to the island of Kanari and grows as a tender perennial. Its shape resembles a bush with yellow as its core and hairy silver leaves. This most beautiful daisy would look great in a vase or flower pot. This plant requires regular and diligent care. Especially in the case of pruning trim the flower heads after wilting or dying to strengthen when the flowers bloom again in the next season. This most beautiful daisy flower is very attractive to butterflies.

3. Argyranthemum Frutescens Sugar Cheer

Sugar Cheer | Most Colourful Daisies
Sugar Cheer | Most Colourful Daisies

The sugar cheer daisy flower is one of the most colorful daisies in the world. This flower is the result of cross-breeding carried out by Thomas Cunneen in Australia and introduced by Nulfora International. This flower also won an award as the best crossbreeding flower, lo. The two bright colors of this flower will bloom every year from late spring until winter. The care is also quite easy and very easy to bloom. If you want to try to grow this flower, you should place it in a place full of sunlight and loose, moist soil.

4. Argyranthemum Angelic Dark Pink

Argyranthemum Angelic Dark Pink
Argyranthemum Angelic Dark Pink

This type of daisy flower is famous for its beauty and toughness. This plant can grow up to 0.5 m and is usually used as a combination in farming. This most beautiful daisy blooms in early spring with fully double petals and striking pink color. The bright green color of the leaves looks a stark contrast to the pink color.

5. Argyranthemum frutescens Comet Pink

Comet Pink is another beautiful type of daisy arrangement. This flower grows in a beautiful pink color with a yellow core. This most beautiful daisy will wither if it grows in the summer. Therefore, it is best to plant this flower in autumn, because it is immune from wind and salt splashes.

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6. Arctotis X Hybrid Flame

This hybrid flame daisy flower is native to South Africa. The silver-grey color of the bush changes to bright orange color with a brown halo when in full bloom. This flower received the Award of Garden Merit from The Royal Horticultural Society. This one of the most beautiful daisies will bloom from all summer to fall. This flower will look very good if placed on a bedside table, fence, and even garden. Bow down the flower heads to give other flowers a chance to grow.

7. Gardenia Jasminoides Daisy | Local Daisies

Gardenia is a local plant from East Asia. This plant has ivory-colored flowers and has petals that resemble the blades of a windmill. The dense foliage will surround the entire flower. This plant will grow in a place full of sunlight and dry soil. One of the most beautiful daisies it does attract attention, but it is susceptible to deer, disease, fungus, and heat.

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