Things After Getting Engaged
Things After Getting Engaged

If you like it, then you should put a ring on it! From a simple line of lyrics from Beyonce’s song to a reality, Congratulations, you have just engaged! Nothing can beat the happiness of being proposed to by your loved ones.

Now, since you have an engagement ring and you’re getting closer to marrying your fiancé, it’s time to start the preparation. For a first-timer, it could be challenging to prepare stuff needed after getting engaged. The question, like “Now what?” might circle in your mind as the celebration had just happened and you’re still have no idea what to do first.

Well, relax! Despite so many things to think about after the engagement, from contacting people you love to select a wedding dress, you can do it all slowly. Here are things after getting engaged as soon as you’ve become your partner’s lovely fiancé.

Things to Do After Getting Engaged

We understand you’re overwhelmed by the fact that your lover just proposed to you moments ago, and Whoa! You’ve engaged already. The excitement is still here. So, you have got a shiny ring that marked the engagement and many thoughts about what to do after this, like who do you tell first.

While there’s a lot of stuff you should do, here is the checklist after an engagement that might help you!

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Declare the Happy News

The first step after you’re just engaged to your loved ones is to share the happy news with your close friends and, of course, your family. There’s no obligation to declare the engagement as soon as people. It’s all depending on each couple. Therefore, if you want to play a little secret by keeping the happy news before going public, it’s always allowed to do it.

Get a Manicure

Getting engaged with their lover is perhaps most couples’ big dream. Now, you’ve engaged your favorite person. As the happy news has been spreaded by your close friends and family, are you ready to flaunt it to them? If so, there’s one necessary thing to do, like getting nail care.

You’re about to show off that hand a lot, so you can consider getting a manicure to make the ring looks extra appealing.

Have an Engagement Party

Have an Engangement Party
Have an Engangement Party

There’s no rule to having a big engagement party. Even the simplest one is also great to share your happiness after got engaged. It’s necessary to celebrate this milestone. Get your friends and family meet together at the same venue and enjoy the party! You may receive some real-good engagement gifts, such as a flower bouquet during the special night.

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Get Organized

After letting your close people join the happiness of your engagement, it’s time to be more self-concerned with your plans. Commonly, engagement is like a teaser for something big afterward, marriage. When you’re ready to start planning, the first step you have to do is to get organized with any wedding information. Nowadays, being informed about anything related to wedding preparation is quite convenient.

Find Information from Wedding Magazines

As mentioned above, any information related to wedding preparation is everywhere. Thanks to the internet! However, you can also read up on wedding magazines offline to gain more ideas for your wedding ceremony. This step may take time. All you have to do is enjoy every moment and effort you’re pouring out with your partner to make the big day happen.

Create a Wedding Checklist

Create a Wedding Checklist
Create a Wedding Checklist

Once you select a wedding date, the preparation is getting more serious. To help you keep on what you should do and what you should not do after getting engaged, it’s necessary to create a wedding checklist.

Furthermore, a wedding checklist will help you to figure out things to fulfill before the wedding day, such as hunting for cake delivery United States. It’s usually on a month-by-month basis, or you can custom it depending on your deadlines. This step may take a lot of energy. Just don’t overwork yourself to avoid stress.

Set Aside Time to Plan

Wedding preparations are exhausting. Although the preparation needs to organized carefully, your happiness as a soon-to-be-married couple takes the main priority at the moment. Therefore, it’s always acceptable to spare your time from preparing wedding day if you find it stressed you out. To eliminate the exhaustion, having a romantic dinner may sound good!

Things not to Do After Getting Engaged

Getting engaged sometimes could feel unreal. Despite overwhelmingly exciting, takes note in mind that there are things not to do after getting engaged you have to avoid.

Don’t be in a Hurry to Post Online

We understand that you’re excited about what had just happened, but several people in your life deserve to hear this happy news in person, directly from you, like your parents, your grandparents, and your close friends.

Don’t Plan the Wedding Too Quickly

A wedding is a big day that needs to be well-organized yet well-prepared. People around you might suggest and insist on anything they find right for you. Well, the decision is yours! Don’t plan the wedding too quickly, especially if the decision is not to your concern.

Don’t Wear Ring that Doesn’t Fit

ensure that your ring fits well with your finger
ensure that your ring fits well with your finger

Size matters when it comes to wedding preparations. With that in mind, ensure that your ring fits well with your finger, and so with your fiancé. Likely wedding dress and bridal bouquet, a wedding ring needs to be fully concerned to avoid any problem that may occur during the ceremony.

Don’t Overwork Yourself

As mentioned above, wedding preparations could be the most exhausting experience in life. However, it’s necessary to keep in mind to always enjoy every step after getting engaged, including preparing for your and your fiancé’s wedding day.

rom trying different dresses to cake tastings from online florist United States, always remember to treat yourself to a little thing that could bring your energy and mood back during this hectic period. The recommendations are quite many and you can use them as an inspiration to keep on track while preparing the day you’ve been anticipating for.


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