Who doesn’t love roses? A popular flower around the world. The petals are soft and...

Who doesn’t love roses? A popular flower around the world. The petals are soft and...

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Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses

Who doesn’t love roses? A popular flower around the world. The petals are soft and beautiful. Rose has many colors. The color of roses is found easily in red, pink, white, yellow, orange, and purple. Each flower color has its meaning and significance. Red roses are known as symbols of love and romance. This time, we write down about yellow roses. Although not as well-known as red roses, yellow roses have surprising meanings and use.

The meaning behind yellow roses

Meaning of Yellow Rose
Meaning of Yellow Rose

The bright yellow color gives a feeling of joy, warmth, and excitement, likewise with yellow roses. They symbolize joy, hope, good luck, wisdom, and happiness.  If you want to express your feeling, yellow roses are the right choice to give to loved ones, both spouses, friends, and family. Yellow roses can be the best choice to give to people who are sick or facing exams because they represent sincere feelings to comfort and appreciate someone.

Every rose have symbol meaning. In addition, Yellow roses are also a symbol of friendship. If you want to show someone that he or she is someone you care about and that you value the relationship, you can give them a mix of yellow rose and red rose. The beauty and joy shown by yellow roses can bring peace and happiness to those who receive them. 

Yellow Roses Bouquet

FlowerAdvisor Yellow Roses
FlowerAdvisor Yellow Roses

As a symbol of friendship, joy, excitement, and happiness. Yellow roses can be the right choice as a gift to give to a loved one or as a wedding bouquet. To make it look more attractive, yellow roses can also be paired with various kinds of flowers and plants in a bouquet. You can also have inspiration bouquet of roses for wedding bride

Without realizing it, yellow can be juxtaposed with various colors ranging from white, red, blue, soft pink, orange, peach and purple. For this reason, here are some choices of plants that are suitable to be part of your yellow rose bouquet according to their color. 

White flowers

The yellow color must match the white color in a flower arrangement. Some white flowers and plants that can be used together are Craspedia, calla lilies, stock, baby’s breath, white peony, and white dahlia.

Red flowers

Not only paired with red roses, some red flowers and other plants are also suitable in a yellow rose bouquet. They are azaleas, red mums, crocuses, daisies, geraniums, and morning glories.

Blue flowers

The blue color which has the meaning of calming is also harmonious when juxtaposed with yellow. Flowers and plants that go well with yellow rose are blue hydrangeas, light blue delphinium, lily of the Nile, globe thistle, gentian, blue daisy, and flex.

Pink flowers

The soft pink color will add beauty and softness to the yellow rose. Flowers and plants that can accompany are pink hydrangeas, pink snapdragon, begonia, carnation, and butterfly dush pink delight.

Purple flowers

The yellow color is very well combined with the purple color. These purple flowers and plants are perfect for a yellow rose bouquet, namely lavender, balloon, allium, lilac, lisianthus, purple pansy, and clematis. 

You can choose and make yellow roses flower arrangements according to your taste. A bouquet is not only based on the same color. Be creative by combining it with several colors to make it look more interesting and different.

Types of yellow roses

Types of Yellow Roses
Types of Yellow Roses

To have more choices of yellow roses that you want to use according to shape, color, and aroma. So here are the types of yellow roses that you need to know.

Graham Thomas

Other names are Ausmus and English Rose. Hybridized by British rose grower David. CH Austin 1983. Now a very famous rose in England. It is dark yellow and has double petals. 

Sunshine Daydream

First planted by Michele M. Richardier in 2006 and became the best rose of 2012 awarded by the All-American Dazzling Roses Selection Awards. The flowers are medium to large and yellow to cream in color. Even though it doesn’t have any scent, this flower is gorgeous in a bouquet.

Julia Child Rose

Familiar as Absolute Fabulous for its double petals and fragrance. Julia Child’s beauty also radiates because of its golden butter color. So beautiful that it can attract the attention of butterflies and bees. Developed in 2004 and first introduced through Weeks Market. 

Sun flare

It has a scent similar to a sunshine daydream, but the flower color is more yellow-pale. Breed by William Warrine and introduced into the United States market in 1981. This plant reaches a height of one meter and grows healthy all year round. They bloom in summer with glossy green leaves and reddish spines.


The most famous hybrid tea rose. Peace entitles in commemoration of World War II. Madame A. Meilland was bred by the French, Francis Meilland in 1935. The flowers are large with creamy yellow and have rosy pink accents on the outside of the petals.


It has a short stem, so it is not suitable as a cut flower. Sunsprite grows from June to September. Reimer Kordes has developed this flower in 1973 and called it Fresia. 

Lady of Shalott

The best roses that David Austin has bred. The Lady of Shalott has beautiful colors that look like red salmon, yellow-golden and light orange. The scent is like a warm spiced tea.  

The pilgrim

Another David Austin creation. The yellow color is soft and slightly faded at the edges of the petals. This large flower opens its buds like a cup to reveal every detail of the petals. 

The Landora 

The most famous of the yellow tea hybrid roses. Double petals with smooth-toothed glossy green leaves. Grow climbing naturally. Bred by Mathias Tantau in 1912 and introduced in France in 1970. The types of yellow roses are the result of the hybridization of many rose breeders and lovers. Everything grows and blooms beautifully. The colors are striking and the aroma of tea is strong. 

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