The Best Table Flower for Your Properties

The Best Table Flower for Your PropertiesDecorating your properties can be done in several ways such as placing a table flower. It is maybe a simple decoration, but it can really enhance the nuance of a room. The beautiful flower will easily boost your mood every day.

In addition, flowers are usually having a good fragrance as well. It can make the air in a room is fresher than before. Besides, some flowers are even can be functioned as the aromatherapy. You can choose one based on your liking.

It is because a florist has various collections of table flower items. They are made from various attractive flowers. It is for sure that those flowers are fresh. If you really want to know about the collections, here are some options that can be chosen.


Orchid is an epiphytic ornamental plant that is much loved. It is because of the beauty of the flowers. Orchid as an ornamental plant has many types with varied aesthetic values. The main attraction of orchids is the shape and color of the flowers.

Orchids can grow attached to a planting medium such as coconut husk, ferns, or other media. It can even stick to other plants. It can be placed in a vase too. However, orchids are quite sensitive to pests and diseases that require a little extra care.

A unique table flower arranged from this flower is called the phalaenopsis orchid. This white orchid is so graceful and slender. It has white in color. You can use it as a gift. However, if you want to, it can be placed as a decoration in your properties.

Lily Flowers

Another option is the lily flowers. These flowers can be placed into a vas. You can use a glass vase to enhance its aesthetic value. After that, pour some water into that vase. It will help the lilies to stay fresh for a long time.

For this table flower, you can arrange several white lilies into a vase. This white flower will make your room is looked more elegant. If you want to, it is also perfect to combine these flowers with other items. The example is rose.

You can place some pink roses in the same vase. To make this arrangement looks fuller; you can also place several pink carnations there. The combinations of pink and white color are looked really amazing. Add some green leaves to perfect it.

Tulip Table flower

Tulip can be also used as a decoration in your table. This unique flower is so pretty with its various colors. The good thing is that this flower cans life for a long time in a vase which was poured by some water before.

To make an amazing arrangement, you can use only one color of tulips. Actually, it depends on the size of the vase that you use. If the vase is not that big, you can place for about 3-5 tulips there. Using two-tone colors are also appropriate.

The examples are pink and red tulips. These flowers are maybe having different colors, but red and pink are the good color gradation. You can place for about 18 tulips for this table flower arrangement.  Make sure that the vase is big enough.

Sunflower Arrangement

It seems that a lot of people will love white flowers arrangement in their table. However, some of you maybe prefer to have the bright flower. If it is so, you can use the sunflower as a decoration. It will cheer up the nuance.

Since it is used for a table flower, you can use the medium or small size of sunflowers. Use the stalk too. It will make the flower is easier to absorb the water. This action can make that flower is fresher for a long time.

A small or medium-sized glass vase can use for about 5 sunflowers in it. The color of this flower is so strong. It will be fine even if you don’t combine it with other flowers. Besides using the glass vase, you can also use the wood one.

The most important thing is to cut the flower with its stalk. It is done to make the stalk is easier to absorb the water. It will be distributed to the flower part. That is why; a table flower can look so fresh for a long time.

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