The Best Flower Bouquet Ideas for Your Wedding

The Best Flower Bouquet Ideas For Your Wedding

Flower bouquet ideas are very important in a wedding. Each country has the characteristics of certain flowers that are used in marriage. But the flower that is most often used as a decoration for weddings is a rose because of the various color variations.

There are many types and colors of flowers used in wedding ceremonies. This flower is used as a wedding dress decoration, aisle decoration, until the decoration so that the atmosphere looks more beautiful. It seems impossible to have a wedding without beautiful flowers and charming.

Aside from being a decoration, the flower bouquet is no less important. In fact, many people consider flower bouquet is the most important thing because this is the flower that will be held by the bride during the way of marriage.

Various Inspirations for Flower Bouquet Ideas So That Your Wedding is Memorable

Jasmine flowers have a lot of meaning for some cultures, especially when used in marriage. Jasmine flower as a sign of purity and purity of the bride and groom. The distinctive aroma also marks the wearer who has just married. The bride doesn’t need perfume anymore.

Red roses are indeed commonly known as love flowers. When used in marriage, red roses not only make the wedding look special and expensive but also symbolize the love and passion of the bride and groom. This flower symbolizes blazing love for a bride in love.

In addition to red roses, white roses are far more often used in weddings. That is because white roses are a symbol of purity and purity. Therefore, this rose is suitable as a decoration for the young bride and groom who will make a vow for the first time.

Beautiful and strong-scented Chrysanthemum comes in various colors. This flower is quite often found at weddings, maybe also because the cost is quite cheap. Chrysanthemum flower itself has a symbol in Chinese culture as a unifier. So, it is often used in Chinese traditional weddings.

Various Variations of Beautiful Flower Bouquet Ideas, But Quite Expensive

Orchid symbolizes the privilege of you and him. Even though it has deep meanings for weddings, the price is quite expensive. The price can be tens of times more expensive than roses. Therefore, orchids are a sign of a marriage for the rich.

Lily is one of the most beautiful flowers to use at a wedding. Lily has a very soft aroma and not too fragrant. Plus, its elegant shape comes with a variety of attractive color choices. Unfortunately, because of its elegant shape, this flower is indeed quite expensive.

Baby’s Breath is a small and cute flower that is synonymous with modern weddings. The small lumpy shape can be a beautiful and chic decoration. The flowers are quite simple with a soft aroma, but the baby’s breath can make your wedding looks elegant and modern.

Flower Bouquet Ideas are No Less Beautiful but The Price is Quite Affordable

Daisy flower or Gerbera is one of the beautiful flowers at a fairly cheap price. The aura brings a cheerful feel to the bride and groom. This flower is also suitable for all kinds of events, not only weddings.

The price is more or less the same as the price of a rose. This flower is often considered to have the meaning of “sharing a taste” that is very suitable for brides. Daisy will make your wedding memorable.

Carnation, a beautiful flower that looks like a sign of love that is always blooming. This flower is one of the most economical flowers for flower bouquet ideas. The carnation also has a beautiful and blooming shape to be used as decoration or flower bouquet.

Tulips are originating from the country of the Windmills that have a special impression as a symbol of love. Not only be planted in cold climates, but tropical countries can also breed these flowers. Simple and beautiful with a variation of colors make this flower look elegant.

For many people, the selection of flowers for a wedding is quite important because flowers have a romantic impression and deep meaning. The selection of flowers as wedding decoration, especially as flower bouquet ideas, should be prepared as well as possible for a memorable wedding.

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