Sunflower Bouquet, a Perfect Gift with Various Meanings

Sunflower Bouquet

When talking about the summer spirit, no flower can beat sunflower bouquet that looks so great, warm, bright, and cherry. Like its name, sunflower has wonderful yellow petals that truly represent sun-like appearance. Thus, it is commonly correlated with the summer vibe.

However, people may have no idea that sunflower comes in numerous varieties, from small size to super large, from yellow to red petals. Yes, the sunflower is so eye-catching and attractive to be arranged and sent toward someone. It is stunningly beautiful with its long history and various meaning.

Generally, sunflower bouquet represents loyalty, adoration, and longevity. Although some countries attribute other meanings to this bright blossom, European see sunflower as a symbol of devotion. Meanwhile, it has been cooked as part of food in China and is popular with food of immortality, a sign of lasting happiness, and good luck.

The History

Originated in 1000 B.C, the sunflower was cultivated as one of the valuable food for centuries in the Americas. Along with the Europa exploration, the popularity of this blooms spread immediately around the world. Fortunately, the world appreciates sunflower with its sustenance and beauty.

In the Impressionist era, the sunflower was especially fixated as one of the most loved that symbolize unique splendor throughout history. The sunflower images and portrait occasionally use as documentation for native societies, even being a religious symbol.

There is an interesting behavior named phototropism where wild sunflowers being an object to be photographed intensively. Nowadays, this blossom keeps its popularity with sunflower bouquet that remains one of the highly recognized blooms. It brings undeniable sunny charm with its beauty and the positive characteristic of the sun.

The Meaning

Sunflower has existed since a long time ago, even in ancient Greece among Greek mythology. Once upon a time, there was Clytie, a nymph, that fall in love with Apollo, a god of the sun. Unfortunately, Apollo rejected it and left Clytie for 9 days of hopeless devotion.

Then, Clytie decided to transform into a sunflower so she could beside Apollo somehow. It represented that she still grew a hope toward Apollo. Besides this Greek mythology, a sunflower bouquet also can represent various meanings.

1. Worship and adoration

Sunflower has a unique habit to keep following whenever the sun moves since it rises from the east to sets down in the west. It is known as heliotropic where the leaves of sunflower also do the same. However, it remains fixated to the East after blooming. That’s why people associate it with worship and adoration.

2. Joy and happiness

Without any doubt, sunflower truly radiates joy and happiness toward its tall stalk, adorned yet yellow petals, and its giant head. It seems to lighten your day by bringing good vibes and positive energy. Thus, sunflower bouquet being one of the most perfect gifts to celebrate any joyous occasions like birthday, baby shower, graduation, and others.

The Types

Sunflower originally has three different types with its own characteristic. So, there are various types of sunflowers that the petals are not always in yellow. This blooms really like the sunlight and relatively an easy thing to cultivate. The most common sunflowers are divided into these 3 groups;

1. Tall sunflowers

Like its name, it has a rough and tall stem that can grow into 16 feet tall. It seems so beautiful and strong that will be perfect to make a big sunflower bouquet. Tall sunflowers have so many varieties, the most popular are;
– Skyscraper
– Sunforest Mix
– American Giant
– Russian Mammoth
– Schweinitz’s Sunflower

2. Dwarf sunflowers

The dwarf may look so cute, but it is not really suited to the garden. Because of hybridizing, some of the dwarfs can grow until 3 feet only. Because of its smaller size, it needs lower care requirements and only has 3-6 inches seed. This type consists of several varieties below;
– Sundance Kid
– Little Becka
– Pacino
– Suntastic Yellow
– Sunny Smile

3. Colored sunflowers

If yellow petals sunflower is too mainstream and boring, you can choose these colored sunflowers instead. Thanks to numerous of hybridizing that bring various color into sunflowers. From soft color like creamy custard to stronger color like deep red wine, there is the most popular variety;
– Terracotta
– Eartwalker
– Ms. Mars
– Chianti
– Moulin Rouge

Giving a sunflower to someone who has a lot of meaning, you are the one who knows the true intention behind it. However, it is can be categorized as a warm gift representing a joyful and happiness. You can also ask the florist to arrange various types to bundle it in a colorful sunflower bouquet.

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