Gazing Into 5 Facts of Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily
Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily or Lilium ‘Stargazer’ is a member of the oriental lily group. Being one of a lily flower, it automatically became a star of the floral world like its name. They have a great fragrance, blooming in a dramatic and bold appearance, making these lilies unique because those flowers in the oriental lily group usually tend to hang down, yet the Stargazer Lily faces upward and seem to be looking at the heavens, hence the name. They are herbaceous perennials like most true lilies.

The Stargazer Lily, like any other flowers, have its meaning and history, how they were first discovered and developed, and how to care for these beautiful lilies. We will present you with this information, packed up into five lists of facts below.


1. The history of Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily was first developed around 1978 by Leslie Woodruff. To breed the Stargazer, he cross-pollinated the Asiatic and Oriental Lily, resulting in these lilies. Stargazer Lily has the fragrance and shape of Asiatic Lily but inherited the hardy habits of Oriental Lily. Because it opens towards the sky, Woodruff named it ‘Stargazer’.

They are often incorrectly called the “Rubrum” lilies. Rubrum lilies were Stargazers’ predecessor. The Rubrums bloom pointing down, thus people thought that it looked like a wilted flower. Therefore, Woodriff created the new cross, called the Stargazer that pointed towards the sky.


2. The appearance of Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily
Stargazer Lily

These lilies have some different colours. They vary from pink, white, and yellow hues. The most common ones are the bright pink colour with yellow speckles and white hues. They are renowned for their delightful fragrance and their unique appearance, blooming from mid-to-late summer. They can grow up to 6 feet tall but commonly seen to grow shorter about 3 to 4 feet. Each stem may be able to produce 4 to 12 flowers. They have a powerful fragrant with a spicy aroma. It has a diameter of 6 inches (or more).

Stargazer Lily have three categories in common:

  • Pink Stargazers: The pink Stargazer Lily is the most common compared to other shades. They have a dark pink to red with white edges, brown-coloured spots, or rose-coloured spots. It’s compact and can grow up to 30 inches, and able to tolerate some shades.
  • White Stargazers: The white Stargazer Lily has large and showy petals that curl back at the tips. They can thrive in warmer climates and requires full sun. They can grow as tall as 48 inches and blooms in mid-to-late summer.
  • Golden Stargazers: The golden Stargazers are rare compared to the other two categories. They are considered to be a new cross between the trumpet lilies and oriental lilies. They have yellow blooms with red spots and can grow well in an area with part shade to full sun. They can grow to 4 feet tall.


3. The meaning of Stargazer Lily

The Stargazer Lily is a member of Lily flowers, so it is not surprising that they are also the symbol of purity and innocence. Some use them for many wondrous occasions because of their beautiful appearance, particularly in wedding bouquets. However, some also refer that this flower represents unlimited and meaningful possibilities to pursue. Because they bloom toward the sky, they are said to give a message to always pursue our dreams, towards a higher goal and never leaving hope. They also stand for persistence and success.

Stargazer Lily
Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily can be used as a gift on many occasions, such as wedding anniversaries, or to express “I Love You” or “I’m Sorry”. They can also be used as a beautiful decoration in-home or workplace, or be used as a thoughtful and supportive gift to convey the message of hope to others, or simply for celebrating one’s success or achievements in life.


4. How to care for Stargazer Lily

This lily doesn’t require high maintenance. Although they are tall, they do not require staking when you are growing them. They are attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. To start growing them, start planting them during Autumn or early Spring. Plant them 6 to 8 inches deep in the ground and gave them about 8 to 12 inches of space apart.

Make sure to prepare slightly acidic soil with average moisture. If you don’t have any, neutral soils can do just fine too, but you might want to add an acid fertilizer to help them thrive. They need full sun for about 8 hours per day to grow, but they can also tolerate partly shaded sun. However, careful not to put them in a location that is too shady, as their stems might get overly long and require staking.

The Stargazer Lily need average moisture. Overwatering might cause their bulbs to rot, so remind yourself to only water them whenever the soil becomes dry when touched. Water directly by soaking the soil, not by overhead because it might damage their blossoms. Use some mulch to help them remain moist.

This lily also strives in hot conditions, and maximum bloom of the flowers is achieved in midsummer (when the temperatures reached 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit). They need a lot of fertilizer during early Spring to thrive well. When they are done blooming, you need to deadhead each flower so they wouldn’t prevent the formation of the seed pods in your lily. You need to cut the stalks down when the foliage starts turning completely brown.

Another good news is that Stargazer Lily is a hybrid lily, and they are usually pest-free. However, you need to ensure that your lily is safe from potential diseases like the lily mosaic virus, botrytis (fungal disease), and bulb rot.

Stargazer Lily
Stargazer Lily


5. Take Stargazer Lily away from your cats

Although the Stargazers are very beautiful and alluring, Stargazer Lily is a true lily, so it is very poisonous to cats. If you have a cat, make sure not to put them where they can reach them. Just a simple contact with their pollen or their leaves might harm your cats, even killing them.

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