Special Wedding Cakes for Special Days

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

Marriage is undeniably one of the most common goals that almost everyone has. Marriage is a symbolic moment that represents the unifying love of two people in a relationship. Marriage also demonstrates a person’s commitment to having an affectionate relationship. Each couple anticipates that their marriage will be held only once and will last forever. Couples choose to marry in order to experience more true happiness.

Not only is it a day that couples have been anticipating, but the execution of the ceremony and wedding celebration is also something very special and sacred that the couple experiences. There is a time when a couple takes a vow to look after a partner for the rest of their lives. The promises made at the wedding altar were witnessed by God and invited guests, and it is the happy couple’s responsibility to fulfill their vows.

Each couple’s marriage is not always the same. Different couples have different marriage goals. Some couples prefer simple weddings attended only by family and close friends. However, some couples fantasize about a magnificent wedding, similar to a special party shown on television and film channels. The wedding ceremony location is also varied; lovers who enjoy the outdoors prefer to hold their weddings in parks, on the edge of the forest, by the beach, and other open spaces. Meanwhile, couples who do not want their special events to be ruined by natural disasters prefer to hold their wedding receptions in wedding halls and closed buildings.

A special wedding day cannot be realized without the couple’s meticulous planning. The lovers’ preparations for the wedding ceremony are usually completed well in advance of the party. Many preparations must be made in order to realize their ideal marriage. Before holding a special wedding, you should pay attention to and prepare for the following:

1. Mentally prepare

Wedding Ring
Wedding Ring

Marriage does not end on the day of the party; the couple’s actual marriage will occur after the party. Before deciding to marry, the couple must ensure that they are mentally prepared to live a married life. Before you decide to marry, you should talk about a lot of things with your partner. Such as financial management, marriage vision, each other’s expectations in this marriage, where to live after marriage, and even the number of children expected to be present in this married life. All of this must be discussed prior to the wedding reception. Marriage is difficult to carry out when there is no match in the partner.

Following the feeling that they are mentally prepared, there will be a meeting between the families of the prospective bride and groom to discuss the wedding ceremony that the couple will hold. This is done because marriage not only unites the couple’s families, but it also unites the families of the two brides. If both parties have given their blessing, the couple can proceed with the marriage administration to register and record the marriage they intend to perform. Both religion and the state must acknowledge a good marriage. If the state does not recognize the legality of the marriage, the couple will suffer long-term consequences.

2. Wedding Party Planning

Wedding Party
Wedding Party

The most important thing to decide in wedding preparation is the date for the wedding ceremony. Furthermore, another important discussion that couples planning to hold a wedding party must-have is the budget limit that must be spent to hold a party. It is not a good idea to plan a wedding party outside of your budget.

Budget discussions are extremely sensitive. Couples planning a wedding must communicate effectively about the wedding budget. To avoid conflict before marriage, each partner’s wishes must be communicated in detail. If a budget has been established, the couple only needs to divide the costs for each wedding vendor post. When selecting a wedding vendor, the couple should pay close attention to the price differences offered by these vendors. This is done to avoid overspending on the wedding.

Following the budget discussion, the next topic that couples planning to marry should discuss is the concept of marriage to be carried out. The event concept is required so that the wedding party is well organized according to the couple’s wishes and weddings. Couples frequently choose formal, semi-formal, or casual but intimate wedding concepts. You can find marriage-related inspiration on various social media platforms, wedding websites, or wedding receptions that you have attended.

The wedding event concept that you have decided on will be detailed before it is held. Finding a wedding venue is the most important preparation after deciding on the right wedding concept for your dream wedding. The ideal wedding venue fits within your budget and complements the theme of the event.

It is not easy to find a suitable wedding venue. Before making a decision, you must conduct a site survey. When planning a wedding party, it is essential always to have a plan A and a plan B or plan C in place not to be caught off guard if plan A is unable to be realized.

You can create a wedding planning timeline to help couples plan the wedding party they want. This timeline can be created from five to six months before the wedding to the final details of wedding preparations one day before the wedding ceremony.

Catering, also known as food and beverage, is typically the most expensive item in a wedding party’s budget. You must adjust your catering order based on the number of invitations present at the wedding. So, before deciding on a caterer, the bride and groom must compile a list of invited guests. In addition, you must conduct a food test to ensure that the food served on the wedding day tastes good.

The following post in the wedding planning series is Make-up and wedding attire. Make-up is essential for the bride and groom to look charming on their wedding day. The wedding attire is also useful for supporting the bride and groom’s appearance on the wedding day, as the bride and groom must do fitting clothes to suit their wishes. The wedding attire applies not only to the couple but also to the couple’s family.

Before carrying out the wedding party, the couple must also consider wedding venue decoration. Decorations must be tailored to the theme of the event. Furthermore, wedding photography is required to capture every moment of the wedding. A souvenir is another post in a wedding party distributed to guests as a thank you for attending the event.

3. Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are an item that is frequently seen at weddings. The cake-cutting ceremony is the high point of the wedding reception. A wedding cake is not only an instrument at a party; it also has its meaning, which is:

As a Wedding Witness

Wedding cakes come in a variety of styles and shapes, ranging from simple to extravagant. The color of the wedding cake is not always white, but it can also be presented in various colors depending on the theme of the wedding.

Aside from being a wedding decoration, the wedding cake is a witness to the union of two married couples’ love. The slaughter of the turtles, carried out jointly by the bride and groom, attests to the married couple’s cooperation in living the household life.

Characterization of Married Couples

The shape and appearance of the wedding cake can describe the couple’s personality who will later live together in marriage. For example, if a cake is shaped like a heart, it represents the true and eternal love of two lovers who adore each other.

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