Snickers Chocolate as the Best Gift for Chocolate Lovers

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Surely the majority of people will like chocolate. Although not everyone in this world likes chocolate, the average person likes chocolate.

The habit of enjoying chocolate was started by the nobles of the Aztec Indians in Central America, an area that is now part of Mexico. These Meso-Americans mixed the bitter-tasting cocoa bean powder with fermented corn or with wine. This mixture is formulated into a drink that is served in a golden cup. Even one of the Aztec emperors named Montezuma could drink more than 50 cups of chocolate every day.


In fact, because chocolate was so valuable at that time it was considered the food of the gods. So that cocoa beans are used in religious ceremonies and also as gifts. In addition, because of the value of chocolate at that time, cocoa beans were also used as a means of payment, namely currency.

During the Spanish conquest of Mexico and Central America, the Spaniards also began to establish cocoa plantations. The profits turned out to be so great that the Spaniards controlled the chocolate trade until the 18th century. They also bring cocoa beans to Haiti, Trinidad, and West Africa. And until now, the largest producer of chocolate is one of the countries in West Africa, namely the Ivory Coast.

The habit of drinking chocolate eventually became a habit of the nobles in Spain. Then this custom spread to England and throughout Europe, especially the upper classes and nobles. It is because of its unique taste, chocolate drinks even rivaled the beer that was then popular in Europe. And the demand for chocolate with an increasingly delicious taste continues to grow, especially since the invention of machines to make chocolate during the industrial revolution.


Since the discovery of various ways of making chocolate during the industrial revolution in Europe, steam engines began to be used to grind chocolate. Then a significant change in improving the quality of chocolate occurred in 1828 in the Netherlands where Coenraad van Houten discovered a way to separate cocoa powder and oil from ground cocoa beans. This opened up subsequent discoveries that we’re able to mix chocolate in the form of a thick and concentrated liquid, mixed with cocoa oil and sugar. And this became the origin of solid chocolate that would become the forerunner of the chocolate bars we know today.

Around the 19th century, then chocolate that tastes soft on the tongue began to be created. Starting in Switzerland, the ground cocoa bean mixture is put into porcelain discs and mashed for several hours to produce a chocolate that is soft and melts on the tongue. This process is called conching.

Then many food industry entrepreneurs began to make this type of chocolate which is very popular. Several well-known names whose brands are well-known until now have started to enter this industry. Entrepreneurs and inventors such as Lindt, Nestle, Hershey, Tobler, and Kohler, whose names are known as chocolate brands to this day, have invented various chocolate processing machines to improve the quality and taste of chocolate.

Chocolate as a Symbol of Love

Professor of Food History revealed that the history of chocolate as a symbol of love began in the era of Queen Victoria. At that time many advertisers convinced consumers that there was a direct relationship between the amount of money spent on chocolate and the intensity of the emotion of love.

Chocolate as a symbol of love became clearer in 1861 when a company called Cadbury had succeeded in making edible chocolate and placing it in a heart-shaped box decorated with cupids and rose petals. This breakthrough certainly makes chocolate much in demand as a symbol of love and affection.

Benefits of Consumption of Chocolate


Chocolate has been considered as one of the foods or drinks that can help health. In addition, chocolate has also been shown to make skin smoother.

Several studies, although not yet proven, have shown the effectiveness of chocolate in the treatment of various diseases such as heart disease, constipation, and skin problems. Also chocolate can improve a person’s good mood and even increase sexual arousal. Yes, chocolate has become a favorite snack and drink for many people. Of course, we are lucky to be able to enjoy chocolate in this modern era, where the taste, texture, and variety of chocolate are available in a very large number with much better quality than when chocolate was first enjoyed.

Snickers Chocolate Snacks


Who doesn’t love snacking? The majority of people like this habit. Chocolate has become a popular snack for many people. There are many chocolate snack products, and one of them is snickers chocolate.

Snickers is a chocolate candy produced by Mars Incorporated made from peanut butter, nougat, roasted peanuts, and caramel covered with milk chocolate.

Snickers Chocolate as a Gift

Besides having a delicious taste, nowadays chocolate can also be packaged beautifully so it is very suitable as a gift. Likewise with Snickers chocolate. This snack is quite popular among chocolate lovers. Some even make Snickers chocolate as a gift bouquet. The trick is to assemble some chocolate snickers in a bouquet shape. Of course, this is a unique and warm way. We can give a chocolate snickers bouquet to someone special.

Besides being used as a gift bouquet, snickers chocolate can also be used as get-well-soon hampers. Put some chocolate snickers in the box. Do not forget to give a small note that shows the hope of healing from you. Valentine is synonymous with chocolate that is given to a partner or loved one. Chocolate is believed to be suitable for expressing sincere feelings of love. It’s no wonder that Valentine’s Day, which is believed to be chocolate love’s day, is in high demand.

Chocolate has a symbolic meaning of love, care, and commitment. Many believe that chocolate has a magical effect and when shared between two people, it can even make them fall in love with each other. Not without reason chocolate gives the ‘magic’ effect. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, an endorphin that energizes and creates feelings of joy, happiness, and euphoria. On Valentine’s Day, you can give your loved ones a gift of snickers chocolate. Wrap it nicely or put a ribbon on it. Chocolate can send a romantic message to your partner.

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