Sending Fruit Basket, a Perfect Choice to Any Occasions

Fruit basket with various jams or other food seems so delicious to celebrate anything. Besides its tempting look, it also becomes one of the healthiest gifts for someone. Furthermore, fruits are so popular and are enjoyed by everyone, from kids to adults.

Fruit as a hamper or arranged in a basket are so popular these days, especially in California and Florida where the finest fresh fruits come from. The most common basket includes various fruits, like oranges, tangerines, mandarin oranges, clementine, grapefruits, and others.

Other than that, figs, apples, marmalade, pears, and nuts are also being the most recommended option to give someone. Or, you can pick an elegant citrus fruit collections in a sturdy and luxurious box. Occasionally, the exotic fruits also take the slot in seasonal celebrations or events.

From the Tradition

The habits of gifting a fruit basket to someone has been existed and being tradition since a long time ago. It came naturally when people hunted and gathered by putting fruit into the basket they bought. It was a common thing to take food in that way.
Nowadays, people also still use this method when gathering food. You’ll immediately put your groceries in the store by gathering them into a basket or bag, and then you can easily bring it home. Lately, putting and arranging fruit into a basket becomes a popular way to any occasion.

The tradition has elaborated through the centuries. People had prized someone with a fresh fruit to celebrate the winning. Besides its delicious with so many minerals and vitamins, fruits also were categorized as hard to get. In the Middle Ages, people in Europe saw fruits as the luxury thing during winter and cold fall.

Thanks to the internet, nowadays people can easily buying various fruit baskets to celebrate everything. People may still purchase it in a grocery store, but now you can purchase it online. It means you can also deliver it right away to someone without the need of picking and arranging those fruits by yourself.

Perfect Timing to Send a Fruit Basket

An elegant basket fulfilled with various fresh fruit is an ideal thing to give in so many occasions. It has a lovely look and colorful that can enlighten the mood, a perfect decoration for formal dining tables. It will be more meaningful when you send it in the right occasions such as;

1. Tailgating; it is the perfect choice to celebrate fall football season for tailgate parties. In this case, orange baskets will be a wise option to serve your friends with sweet, fresh, and healthful things.

2. Thanksgiving; it is the moment when everything needs to be perfectly arranged by sending a premium fruit basket to your family member, partner, or colleague. Citrus is always being loved to create a beautiful table centerpiece along with your seasonal greenery.

3. Winter; welcoming the first day of winter that usually take on December 21 will be perfect to give citrus basket as a special surprise.

4. Christmas; people already make a stereotype to give fresh fruit to be a wonderful Christmas gift. Although it seems cheap, people love it and label it as a memorable present to your guests.

5. New Years; no one can deny a full packaged basket contains various fruits in the New Year event. Whether citrus, navel oranges, honey mandarins, honey-bell tangelos or clementine, or ruby red grapefruit is perfect to celebrate this moment.

The Main Reasons to Send Fruit Basket to Someone

Sending fresh fruit to someone is being one of the most popular among gift basket ideas. Not only in these 5 main occasions, but it can also be a part to celebrate anything. There are 4 main reasons why it is quite popular these days.

1. Deliverable; rather than any baskets or bouquets, the fruit is quite easy to pack and deliver. It has been sent almost any time and everywhere without any serious issues.

2. Affordable; regarding its price, a basket fulfilled with fruits can be so affordable depends on the fruit arranged into it.

3. Healthy; almost every fruit is nutritious with minerals and vitamins that keep your health.

4. Delicious; no matter how old people are, most of them love fruits very much. Especially, the common fruit like apples, oranges, banana, and grapefruit can be generally enjoyed by everyone.

From tradition to be part of the recent trend, fruits will always be loved by everyone. You can choose various fruits to be arranged into basket personally, adjusting your need and budget. Fruit basket also can be delivered more safely when you pick a trusted delivery service.

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