The Meaning of Saggittarius Flower Sign

Saggittarius Flower Sign
Saggittarius Flower Sign

Sagittarius is one of the twelve astrology that can see from November 23 to December 21. This zodiac sign has an arrow and a fire sign. People born under Sagittarius are strong, passionate, honest, and have a high sense of self-pride. They also like adventure and seek new things, which often makes them inconsistent and does not last long in one place. Did you know the meaning sign of Saggittarius Flower?

In a relationship, Sagittarius is known for deep love. Even though their imperishable nature significantly affects the length of the relationship, they can make a relationship fun and wild. Sagittarius likes both short and deep conversations. Therefore, Sagittarius connected with the carnation flower. 

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Saggittarius Flower Sign

Each zodiac or astrology turns out to have its flower symbol. The flower symbolizes the same meaning as the sign of the zodiac through its shape and color. Each zodiac sign can have more than one flower as its sign with different interpretations. 

Sagittarius has six sign flowers. They are Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Snapdragon, Protea, Narcissus, and Holly. What is the meaning of these six flowers? You can read the explanation below.

1. Carnation Flowers

Carnation, Saggittarius Flower Sign
Carnation, Saggittarius Flower Sign

One of the reasons that make the carnation flower the official Saggittarius flower is because the flower is very popular as a symbol of love, where Sagittarius is also known for their love of love. So that is why Carnation is known as wedding flowers. It has a solid and passionate nature, making it the most long-lasting flower in a bouquet. This trait also shares similarities with the feature of Sagittarius. 

Carnation has many colors, and each color gives some meaning. Red Carnation represents admiration and deep love. Pink Carnation represents sadness, hurt, apology, and gratitude. Yellow Carnation expresses feelings of disappointment and rejection, and White Carnation indicates purity. Purple Carnation represents disorder, and Green Carnation represents honor.

Even though they have different meanings, each color has the same meaning as Sagittarius. The Carnation is very suitable to be given to male and female Sagittarius.

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2. Chrysanthemum 

Chrysanthemum, Saggittarius Flower Sign
Chrysanthemum, Saggittarius Flower Sign

Chrysanthemum is the official flower for the Sagittarius sign born in November. It is very popular as a bouquet around the world because it has many colors. How the chrysanthemum stands out among other flowers is a sign of self-confidence and a high sense of self-pride in Sagittarius. 

Chrysanthemum has a variety of fascinating colors and meanings. Red chrysanthemum symbolizes love and passion, yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes sadness and abandonment, white symbolizes honesty and loyalty, while purple symbolizes healing. But in general, Chrysanthemum flowers symbolize loyalty, longevity, joy, and optimism even though they bloom in autumn.

The optimistic and joyful nature of the chrysanthemum fits perfectly with the harmonious side of Sagittarius that likes to be around people. Therefore, the chrysanthemum is also known as the lucky flower for Sagittarius.

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3. Snapdragon

Snapdragons Flower
Snapdragons Flower

A flower that symbolizes strength and resilience because it grows on stems that stand tall and strong. This beautiful flower can grow on rocky soil. It is similar to the nature of Sagittarius that does not give up easily. Its bright colors show a charismatic and graceful side. 

The snapdragon has used to ward off dishonesty which has the same trait as Sagittarius that values ​​honesty. 

This flower is perfect for the Sagittarius who is about to start a new adventure or is going through a significant life-changing.

4. Protea Flower

In Greek, it is called Porteus that has a meaning ‘the old man of the sea’. It is a symbol of constant changes such as movement. But now Protea flower remains a symbol of change, transformation, diversity, and courage. 

From its unique shape, this flower shows a different beauty from other flowers. Its beautiful and mysterious side attracts the attention of those who see it. Although different, this flower still blooms and showing its well-built side. The traits possessed by the protea flower have similarities with the Sagittarius nature that are passion, courage, stubbornness, differences, and changes. For Sagittarius, small changes can provide happiness in itself rather than sticking to the monotony.

Protea flowers also have a hidden message that means to be brave show the uniqueness in yourself. 

5. Narcissus

Flower, also known as Daffodils, is the official flower of the Sagittarius sign born in December. The Narcissus flowers bloom in spring, and one of the narcissus flowers is blooms in December, namely, Paperwhite Narcissus. It symbolizes hope, prosperity, and luck what makes this flower a celebration of the end and beginning of the year. 

The white color on the petals represents purity and simplicity. The yellow color represents truth and forgiveness. When it’s time to bloom, the narcissus gives off a sweet fragrance all around. 

The narcissus is also knowns to be a symbol of unrequited love, but in literature and art, this flower symbolizes respect and loyalty.

6. Holly

Ordinarily saw as a Christmas ornament that became a symbol of the celebration of Christmas. Christians believe that the fruit on the holly flower was originally white, then was stained with the blood of Jesus Christ when he has crucified. The thorny leaves represent the crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ. But historically, the holly flower is a symbol of defense.

Holly’s fruit is also called drupes. It is a fruit that birds can eat, but cannot be consumed by humans because it is semi-toxic. When in bloom, holly gives off a sweet scent that attracts bees and butterflies. 

Not only symbolizing defense and protection, but holly flowers are also a symbol of optimism and happiness. 

The holly flower is not officially a Sagittarius flower sign, but this flower is included in the official flower for those born in December. 

Those are the six Sagittarius flower symbols that have special meanings with unique beauty. Each flower represents a different trait and can be the perfect gift for birthdays from November 23 to December 21. 

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