8 Dazzling Rose Species in The World


The rose is called the queen of all flowers because of its beauty, elegance, and fragrance. Roses are one of the cut flowers that are in great demand by the public, which is often used as flowers to decorate formal events such as seminars, workshops, and non-formal events such as weddings and traditional events. Roses have the characteristic color of the petals that tend to be bright and the fragrance of the flowers that are favored by many people. In addition, roses are also often cultivated as ornamental plants. If you want to know more about roses, especially the types, we will discuss them in full in this article.

The roses that are most often found in everyday life are red, pink, or white. However, it turns out that in addition to red or white roses, there are many species of roses whose populations are scattered throughout the world.

1. Wild Roses

This wild roses species has a very wild growth habitat as its name is “wild”. Because it grows wild, these wild roses are among the oldest rose species. This species of rose is known to have existed since time immemorial. Characteristically, these wild roses have a strong physique. This is because this type of rose is proven to be more resistant to pests. Because of its strong body defense from any pest attack, this type of rose does not die easily.

The shape of these wild roses is very simple but has a beautiful petal color. In addition, these types of wild roses can have a distinctive appearance. Even some species of wild roses are quite a lot of devotees. One type of species is the wild garden roses or ancient garden roses. This species of wild roses was known before entering the middle of the 18th century. These wild garden roses have a characteristic that is a complicated but beautiful shape. The fragrance that is released is also distinctive, which is fragrant.

2. Alba Rose Species

Alba Rose
Alba Rose

Alba roses are one type of old garden roses. The general public is more often referred to as a white rose. Alba roses are the result of a cross between Rosa Alba and Rosa Arvenis roses. Please note that this alba rose belongs to the garden rose group. It can also be said to be the oldest rose. According to history, the alba rose first spread at first because the ancient Romans brought it as far as England.

Uniquely this alba rose can only flower once a year. The meaning of this flower in modern times as it is today is more about true love. Alba roses are often used for wedding equipment because their meaning is true love. In addition, it is commonly used for honor and death ceremonies because it can show an attitude of sympathy. These roses are also commonly planted as garden decorations in homes. To care for alba roses is also quite easy.

3. Gallica Rose Species

This rose is the result of a cross of its own kind but from 2 different places. The two places are southern and central Europe. Gallica roses can only flower once a year, precisely in summer. This Gallica rose has a beautiful petal color. The color is a combination of white and dark purple. Moreover, this rose also has a fragrant aroma.

Gallica roses are also classified as roses that are easy to cultivate. This species of rose can live in dry environments even at extreme temperatures of -25 degrees Celsius. Gallica roses are among the first rose species that can be cultivated. It was the Greeks and Romans who allegedly cultivated this type of color flower for the first time.

4. Damask Rose Species

Damask Rose
Damask Rose

This damask is known to be a hybrid rose species. A man named Robert de Brie is thought to have been the first to bring this type of rose from Persia to Europe. Damask has a distinctive smell, so this rose is often used as a raw material for perfume. The uniqueness of this Damask rose is that the petals are edible. It can even be used for decoration, for herbal tea raw materials, as well as ingredients for making sweets. Candied from Damask roses are found in India under the name Vulkan.

There are one cross-species of roses from Damask, namely Summer Damask. Summer Damask is the result of crossing a Phoenicia rose with a Gallica Rose. Summer Damask also can only flower once a year. There is another type of autumn Damask, which is a cross between Galicia and Moschata roses. The difference is, this autumn Damask only blooms in autumn.

5. Centifolia Rose Species

Centifolia roses are also more popular than Provence. The meaning of Provence itself is a thousand crown leaves. This Centifolia rose is the result of breeding carried out in the 17th and 19th centuries. The people who carried out this centifolia rose breeding were the Dutch rose breeders.

This Centifolia rose can only flower once a year. The shape of the flowers tends to be round and round. The aroma is also distinctive like roses in general. In addition, this Centifolia Rose has overlapping petals. One of these rose species can grow to a height of 1.5 – 2 meters. The color of the petals themselves is generally pink and white. Some of them are dark purple.

Centifolia has a unique aroma because there is a slight mixture of sweet and mild smells making it very popular with the French. There, this rose is widely cultivated as a raw material for perfume.

6. Moss Rose Species

Similar to Centifolia roses, Moss Roses can only flower once a year. Moss roses can grow to a height of 15 to 30 cm. The appearance of the flower stems is upright. While the leaves are quite thick, and a single leaf type. The length of the leaves themselves is between 1 to 3.5 cm. The shape of the leaves is blunt at the ends. The number of petals of this Moss rose ranges from 2 to 8 pieces. It is located at the end of the flower stem.

Moss roses usually bloom in the morning and wither in the late afternoon. The color of the petals varies. Starting from white, red, yellow, and orange flower petals. Moss rose care is quite easy, because it does not require a lot of water. So it is suitable for planting in areas with minimal rainfall.

7. Chinese Rose Species

In general, Chinese roses can flower throughout the summer to late autumn. At this vulnerable time, this Chinese rose can flower many times. Chinese roses did come from China, which was then used as a name for the rose itself. This rose species was first discovered in Guizhou, Hubei, Sichuan, and is widely found in southwest China.

Chinese roses can grow to a height of 1 to 2 meters. The leaves form a pinnate sheet with several 3 to 5 pieces. The average leaf length is between 2.5 to 6cm with a width of about 1 to 3 cm. So far, the use of Chinese roses is widely used as an ornamental plant. It is important to know, the Chinese rose is not a species of wild rose.

8. Portland Rose Species

Portland Rose
Portland Rose

Portland rose is one type of rose that is obtained from crosses. Portland is a cross between Demask roses and Chinese roses. Many sources also say that Autumn Damask roses and Slater’s Crimson China roses became the forerunner of Portland roses. For information, this Portland rose for the first time was found near Paestum, Italy. The name “Portland” itself was given by a plant collector. The collector was named Margaret Cavendish Bentick. He was a Duchesse Of Portland precisely in the 1780s. In fact, this Margaret is a collector of various things, including flowers.

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