Rose Garden, The Best Place for Romantic Dating

Rose Garden
Rose Garden

Ever imagined the beauty of a rose garden as beautiful as a fairy tale, like a sea of scattered flowers and the sweet scent of roses that spoil the nose? Undeniably, being in a sea of flowers is every woman’s dream. Especially if you go to the flower garden with your lover, it will be a very romantic and unforgettable moment.

It turns out that in this world, there are gardens of roses that are as stunning as your shadow. Not only one, but dozens of gardens get the title of the most beautiful rose garden in the world. These rose gardens house a collection of varieties of roses from different parts of the world. Some of them have even been awarded as the garden with the best arrangement.

1. Keisei Rose Garden – Japan

Rose Garden
Rose Garden

The first most beautiful rose garden in the world is the Keisei Rose Garden in Japan. Keisei Rose Garden is located in Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture. This park is one of the best locations to see embers (roses) in Japan. Every spring, Keisei hosts a rose festival where tourists will be pampered with rose art. Throughout the festival, live music performances are also offered to accompany the tourists to enjoy the beauty of flowers. Not only a tour looking at roses, but Keisei also sells a variety of products made of roses for souvenirs.

2. Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden – United States

Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden is one of the most famous rose gardens in the United States. This rose garden is located in the New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, New York. The park is a tribute to millionaire David Rockefeller to his wife Peggy. The garden concept designer is landscape architect Beatrix Farrand. In Peggy Rockefeller, Rose Garden grew about 4,000 roses of 600 different varieties. The garden looks the most beautiful from May to October because, at that time, the roses were in full bloom.

3. Rose Garden, Butchart Gardens – Canada

The park is located in Vancouver, Canada. The scenery includes an expanse of 700 types of flower plants divided into five themes, namely Japanese Garden, Rose Garden, Mediterranean Garden, Sunken Garden, and Italian Garden. In summer, precisely from June to early September, the rose garden becomes the main attraction of this botanical garden. This rose garden is planted with various types of roses. Most varieties of tea rose are more than 117 species in variety.

From June to September, the entire Butchart Gardens is decorated with lights so visitors can enjoy the view there through the night. You can be accompanied by live music and fireworks, complete with a romantic atmosphere that visitors feel.

4. Rosedal de Palermo – Argentina

Rose Garden
Rose Garden

Next up is Rosedal de Palermo, located in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. The park is part of Palermo city park, which is popular for people’s entertainment activities at weekends.

The rose garden itself was founded in 1914 and had a collection of about 18,000 rose plants. In addition to roses, the garden is also dressed with jacaranda trees and statues of classical poets. The park looks the most beautiful if visited in October.

5. Montreal Botanical Garden – Montreal

Another of the best rose gardens in the world is the Montreal Botanical Garden Montreal. Indeed this garden is not a special garden of roses. There are other species of plants that are here. Although there are many species but the most interesting of these gardens is the presence of rose gardens. This rose garden was created in 1976 at the Olimpic.

There are currently more than 10,000 rose plants of various varieties as well as crosses on display in this garden. Even crosses are also not only done by fellow roses but with tea plants. The uniqueness of this park is very much one of them is about the arrangement. The arrangement of the rose garden at the Montreal Botanical Garden is unlike a traditional rose garden in general. It is more relaxed to make visitors also more comfortable in traveling.

Is the distance to the rose garden too far? Just make your own in the yard!

Rose Garden
Rose Garden

Do you have an empty yard? With the addition of rose plants, this can be one of the options to make the yard more beautiful and colorful. The rose garden at home will also pamper your partner. That’s for sure. Why? Because every day you can create a romantic atmosphere with your partner.

First, it’s a good idea to choose the type of rose to be planted. You can also buy seeds from all three types of roses at florist shops. Choose quality seedlings with no signs of growing diseases when planted later.

Second, consider the type of soil. Rose plants can be grown in almost any type of soil. However, this plant is more suitable in the soil with not too much water. When choosing the type of soil, the right soil can make rose plants thrive and flower. So try planting location in vacant land and have land containing sand and loose. Also, try not to acidic soil so that rose plants can grow. Because too acidic soil can inhibit the growth of plants.

Third, consider the selection of planting media. Planting roses can be done directly on the ground permanently in the house’s yard or the pot. But this is what you should know is that roses love sunlight. If you want to plant rose plants only for the house’s yard, it is recommended to plant by using potted or polybag planting media only. But do not forget to give a distance of one meter from other plants and get enough water.

Lastly, pay attention to the season when planting. Rose plants can thrive in areas that have a climate, subtropical to tropical. The next step when it comes to planting rose plants is to determine a suitable planting location. So that roses grow to the maximum and can produce dense roses.

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