The Lovely Red of Ten Kinds of Flowers

Red flowers
Red flowers

When we were a kid, we generally think that a flower’s color must be red. The teacher asked us to draw a flower, then we draw the flower with red petals, yellow pistil, and green stem and leaf. That is the easiest kind of flower that we think we could draw. We do not know exactly what kind of flower is it. It could be a daisy or something else.

The red color is believed to be able to attract more attention than the others, especially when it comes to flowers. Society believes that the red flower is the symbol of love. That’s why the most flower that people look at is the red flower. So, we would love to tell you ten kinds of red flowers that might inspire you.

1. Red carnations

Carnation is known as a flower that has a light color. The Christian believed that the first carnation was blooming when Marry was crying for Jesus, who carried the cross on the shoulder. Red carnations has an acid smell, so it is used in wine, beer, beer, and vinegar. Red carnation takes place on social-politic issues. They are a symbol of socialism and the movement of labor. Thus on the 1st of May or May Day, the demonstration has to use the red carnation. Portugal has been using the red carnations on Carnation Revolution that is the moment when Portugal overthrow an authoritarian regime. In contrast to China, the most used flower at the wedding is the red carnation. Definitely, it is because the flower is rich in philosophical meaning.

2. Red poppies

Red poppy
Red poppies

Red poppies are annual plant. The flower usually blooms when it is spring or autumn. They have four petals with vivid red color. The stem of a red poppy has hair and 28 inches tall. The hybrid is known as Evelina. It was black, but it’s hard to buy it.

3. Red rose

We have to see red lower a thousand times on every florist website. Red rose flower will be acceptable to juxtaposed with any cut flower inside a bouquet. Not only does the flower look beautiful, but it also has a magnificent smell, which often gets underestimated. As the red rose smells the strongest, the industry carries the red rose to make perfumes.

4. Red hot pokers

Red hot pokers
Red hot pokers

They are the flower that has a bright color. The flower forming a spike collection, which looks like a torch, causes the bottom to be colored yellow and the top red. That’s why the red hot pokers are also called torch lily. Red hot poker plant is a genus from a perennial plant. They love to stay under the full sun inside the sandy soil. In contrast, if you have moist soil, it is good as long as the drainage is nice.

5. Red daisy

Red daisy came from Africa, and now every country has the daisy. You could start to plant red daisy indoors, but when the sprouts grow, move them to the outdoor. It is not troublesome to have the daisy. They only need to be watered once a week and they don’t need to be placed under shades. You can leave it under the sun. You need to cut off the flower when it grows and withers so that new flowers could grow.

6. Red lily

This kind of lily will bloom around June to August in a year. They will grow up to 30-90cm tall. In several places in America, it is listed as an endangered species. It is necessary to know that if you are a cat lover, do not ever plant red lily in your home yard. Your cat could eat it by accident, and the red lily flower would harm your kitten. So does the stargazer lily, tiger lily, and Japanese lily.

7. Red spider lily

Red spider lily
Red spider lily

Red spider lily starts the bloom when it turns to winter. They could stand for two weeks only. Then the red color will disappear slowly into the light color. The stamens grow, come out, and become like the legs of a spider. They look like a red spider. On the other hand, they are also called a storm flower cause they grow up during the hurricane season in Florida. To get a high-quality flower, you could grow them up in a shady place.

8. Red hibiscus

Red hibiscus
Red hibiscus

The red hibiscus could be 6-8 feet, and they could bloom throughout the year. They are suitable to be placed in the home yard or terrace. You only need to water it weekly in the tropical place, but you need to water it more often when the temperature is warmer. In Indonesia, it uses to decorate the residential street. The collaboration of red flower and green leaf really could fresh anyone who walks around.

9. Red tulips

The red tulip is a gorgeous red flower that could make anyone fall in love. The red petals would form a cup. They are large and erect. They have so many colors and hybrids, but the most common variety is the red one. Red tulip has a beautiful look, but it becomes nothing when we find the smell cause they do not have it. It is fair enough cause it means the lovely one does not mean good smell. Red tulips are not recommended if you are looking for lovely red flowers in conjunction with a nice smell.

10. Red hydrangea

Red hydrangea
Red hydrangea

The red hydrangea would love to be placed on the side of the rising sun at home, or we call it the east side. They hate the heat of the afternoon, anyway. Due to red hydrangea need dampness for the best quality of flowers. You need to pay attention to plant the red hydrangea because the flower will bloom into purple if it an acid soil.

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