11 Recommended Best Gifts for Babies

Recommended Best Gifts for Babies
Recommended Best Gifts for Babies

When a friend has just given birth, it often makes you confused about choosing the right gift. An easier option is to provide a delivery in the form of food. But a gift in the form of goods will be a more useful gift in the long run. In principle, prioritize efficiency and benefits. The best gifts for babies are those that stimulate their senses. Babies may appear to be not doing much other than eating and sleeping, but the first year of life is full of seismic changes in their development. Babies are really learning about their place in the world, so a gift can be one of those toys to train the senses.

Baby Gifts for Babies Ideas

The estimated cost can be determined according to the close relationship you have with the baby’s parents. Items that are too expensive or items that were prepared before birth such as strollers should not be given as gifts. Expensive items are usually given when one colleague gives birth using a joint venture with other colleagues. We recommend that you ask in advance what items the recipient needs. So, the goods provided can be appropriate.

1. Baby Diapers | Best Gifts For Babies Under 1 year

Usually, families who have just had a baby are very busy so they don’t have much time to buy daily baby necessities. It can be very useful if you give gifts in the form of items that are used every day such as diapers.

During the first year of a baby’s life, the use of diapers (whether in the form of cloth diapers or disposable diapers) is still very important. To make it clear to use, don’t hesitate to ask the size and brand that is being used.

2. Baby Toy Set

Baby Toy Set for Best Gifts for babies
Baby Toy Set for Best Gifts for babies

Choosing a cute cutlery set can also be an alternative. So, the baby’s parents don’t have to bother buying it again when their baby has started eating later. However, you should find out in advance whether the recipient needs it or not. This is because the set of cutlery is usually prepared before birth.

3. Milestone Baby Card

Milestone baby cards are a set of cards that read the age and development of the baby’s first year. This card is used to capture precious baby growth moments. This type of gift is very popular these days because it helps produce a baby progress record with cute photos.

This card became known thanks to a mother who lives in the Netherlands. At that time, she took a photo of her baby along with a card that said the date the baby was first able to turn around. Now, milestone baby cards are sold with various attractive designs. You can choose a card that matches the baby or the recipient.

4. Parenting Book

Parenting Book | Best Gifts for babies
Parenting Book | Best Gifts for babies

This parenting book can be a guide for parents in raising babies, especially newborns. From the time a baby is born to the age of three, many things usually happen that make parents panic. This book can help parents overcome the panic.

We highly recommend this book as a gift for couples who are having children for the first time. Of course, so that they are better prepared to face the challenges when they become parents. Thus, babies born can also grow more optimally.

5. Baby Hand and Foot Prints

Anyone will feel exhilarated when they see the palms of the hands and feet of an acute and cute baby. However, later the baby’s body will quickly grow big. Well, this gift is suitable for your friends or relatives who want to have memories of how cute their babies were when they were born.

In this product, there is a photo frame and two packs of clay that can be used to print the baby’s palms and feet. So, the recipient can insert hands and footprints, as well as a photo of the baby into the frame. This product will look beautiful placed in the living room or bedroom.

6. Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes | Best Gifts for Babies
Baby Clothes | Best Gifts for Babies

You can choose gifts in the form of baby clothes such as gloves, bibs, vests, hats, shoes, jumpsuits, or t-shirts. Remember to buy baby clothes in a larger size and prioritize cotton ones.

7. Toiletries

Baby toiletries will be a gift that is certainly very useful for the baby. The toiletries package is very complete consisting of shampoo, soap, baby powder, cologne, towels, baby lotion, and so on. The gift of baby equipment that you give will definitely not be a waste because it is needed in everyday life.

8. Sling

A sling is one of the most needed items for mothers who have just given birth. A sling can help the mother’s activities while holding the baby. Especially now that there are so many choices of slings. For example, slings made of cotton, t-shirts, and do not only have to be batik. That way the mother can still look fashionable even though she is holding a baby.

9. Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are available in various models and colors so they are very cute when used as gifts for newborns. Newborns or under one year old can’t walk and stand, but shoes can still be used to protect baby’s feet from the cold. Especially when the baby is being invited to travel outside the house so that it can make the baby’s feet warm.

10. Breastfeeding Clothes

Giving breastfeeding clothes can also be the right gift for a newborn. Even though nursing clothes are not used by babies, nursing clothes can be the right gift for mothers who have just given birth. Especially now that there are so many online shops that sell breastfeeding clothes with openings on the side to make it easier for mothers to breastfeed their babies.

11. Baby stroller

Strollers are very common baby equipment. A baby carriage is needed by parents when they want to take their baby out of the house, for example, the front yard of the house. In addition, strollers can also train the baby’s instincts to walk. Moreover, baby strollers can also be used for a long period and can even be used until the age of 3 years. So that strollers can be a very appropriate gift choice for newborns.

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