Tips To Prevent Chronic Disease


Health is more important nowadays. If we are healthy, we can work well and not worry people because they are afraid of contracting it. Diseases not only attack adults, but teenagers too if they do not obey and maintain their body condition. Health is the most valuable asset in this life. Health is very expensive. If you are sick, your wealth means nothing. If your body is healthy, fit, and strong, you are on the move, and you can carry out all your activities with pleasant feelings. Life will be happy without the disease that eats away the body and mind. Imagine that you will spend time only lying weak in bed if you are sick, and your wealth or money is used to cure illnesses.

Activities that you can carry out are also limited to opportunities for work. Playing with children or grandchildren can be very hard because they are busy managing the disease. The current condition is more severe, the Covid-19 pandemic is still haunting, even finding the latest options regarding the coronavirus located in England and has spread to various countries there. Suppose you are not aware of how to maintain your health and your family. In that case, you can become a victim of these dangerous viruses if you are infected and will also be isolated without your family accompanying you.


Be Authentically Healthy

Health is the definition of a person’s body, soul, and social condition in a prosperous state so that some people can live productively in their social and economic life, the meaning has been explained. It is said that health is related to one’s body condition and includes mental conditions, social and personal life, as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO). The definition of health, according to WHO, is a form of physical, social, and mental well-being as a whole. Health is measured not only based on the presence or absence of illness and various other weaknesses in a person, but it is measured based on all the factors that have been mentioned. Some of the overall information about health is real, so it requires some analysis to determine whether someone is healthy or sick.

Health maintenance is an act of countermeasures and prevention against various things that will disturb and cause a person’s health condition to decline. Basically, this health maintenance is something that is very much needed including routine and periodic health checks. If you know the actual health condition, you can take the best actions to keep treating or overcoming any disorders that may arise.


Healthy Lifestyle is a Guarantee of Health in the Future

Some things that are often too easy to be able to do some activities to maintain and maintain health are to adopt healthy habits regularly, and the result is no doubt that you can even be able to get optimal health throughout the year if you can only carry out some of these healthy living habits, undoubtedly you wouldn’t be infected with any disease.

1. Eat Regularly and Healthy

Merely consuming food is not enough for the body to require a balanced intake of healthy food that can meet nutritional needs throughout the day. The body needs food containing iron, various vitamins, protein, and calories in sufficient quantities by ensuring that you pay attention to food and drinks that you consume. Throughout the day, apply a regular diet in everyday life, eat food according to the body’s needs, and eat on time.

2. Exercise And Rest Regularly

If you want a healthy and fit condition, exercising is an obligation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly to get maximum results, choose the sport that you like the most, and have health benefits so you can do it happily and enthusiastically. Such as cycling, swimming, gym, gymnastics, yoga, jogging, or other sports. Not only that but you need to regulate rest time so that you can balance it. You also need to regulate playing gadgets such as playing games and social media at night time because it will only interfere with sleep time. Aim for a sleep time of 7-8 hours per day. By getting enough rest to help restore energy after a day of work, so that you can get excited again in carrying out your daily routine.

3. Balanced and Social Life

Health is not only measured by a strong body but also by the mind. When thinking that stress means being unhealthy from a mental point of view, there is something that is annoying because it eliminates stress and some of the burden on the mind by doing fun activities such as vacations and doing hobbies even with socializing. Communicating with neighbors, friends, or family so that life is not only about work but also other “colors” that can balance life, one of which is social life.

4. Maintain Health Protocols

The Covid-19 pandemic has not ended. But with the arrival of the Sinovac vaccine from China, hopefully we can recover. Even though it is said that there will be a free Covid-19 vaccination in 2021, it still has to wait for the approval of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) and the halal fatwa from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). While waiting for the official vaccines to get permission from BPOM and MUI, families must remain disciplined in carrying out health protocols wherever and whenever, such as washing hands, keeping distance, and wearing masks. The protocol needs to be carried out even though the vaccine has been injected later. This is the basic preventive way to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus and other viruses.


5. Take Care of Yourself Using Health Insurance

Providing health insurance before illness strikes is like the proverb “prepare an umbrella before it rains.” By having health insurance, you get the benefit of protection from disease risks, including Covid-19. Later, if you suddenly fall ill or get infected with the coronavirus, the cost of treatment and care is borne by the insurance company.

Some of the advantages while exercising and moving actually make some of the best ways to make energy levels and increase. Various studies also show that exercise can help improve brain performance to make individuals better, active, and productive. Exercise helps improve memory, concentration, mental health, creativity, and slowing down cognitive decline and aging. Exercising can actually improve the quality of life both at home and at work. Some simple ways to get in shape in the middle of a busy day working.


6. Don’t Skip Exercise 

Busy and erratic work schedules make it difficult to commit to a fitness training schedule in the classroom, studio, or gym. Have you missed a body combat class or cardio training several times that you are already excited about because suddenly your boss scheduled a presentation practice? It’s very risky to skip 1-2 times your exercise schedule because it can make it easier for us to find reasons to skip the next time again. There is a chance that a friend has a birthday, or is feeling a little unwell, so the main tip not to skip is sticking to a schedule of 3-4 times a week – even though the times may vary according to work and work demands. Some are unable to commit for a gym membership and just exercise at home after work. There are many fitness applications and videos on YouTube that we can access for free via a computer or cellphone. Just choose the exercise you like and do it at any time.

7. Do Stretching

There is the day you spend all day for a Netflix marathon, sit on the sofa, and unwrap a packet of potato chips. Use this relaxing time to do stretching exercises, and use a foam roller to release tension in tight muscles or do some yoga poses to relax your shoulders, back, and neck muscles. Stretching is very important to increase body flexibility, but it is often missed in your exercise routine. So why not use some relaxing time to do simple stretches? Stretching will also help and reduce the possibility of injury in exercising and daily activities.

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