What Types of Pink Flowers and How to Maintain

Types of Pink Flowers
Types of Pink Flowers

A part of knowing the type of flower is the color it has. Each color gives its meaning to the flower. One-color that is attractive and has a beautiful meaning is pink flowers

There are many pink flowers in the world. Pink is generally synonymous with women because it symbolizes elegance, tenderness, and love. The pink color also provides comfort and serenity. This color contains positive emotions that bring joy. If every country has its meaning in pink, so do pink flowers.

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Types of Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
Pink Flowers

Each type of pink flower has its meaning and symbol. Let’s see what pink flowers are and what signs they contain. There are many types of pink flowers. But now, we only can explain fifteen pink flowers.

Rose Pink Flowers

Some of the beautiful pink flowers and very popular are the pink roses. Its bright pink color symbolizes affection, sweetness, and commendation. Very often used as garden decorations and bouquets because it gives a romantic aroma. Rose-pink blooms in spring and wilts in fall. 

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This flower also has many colors. But pink peonies have a special meaning it is a symbol of lasting marriage and prosperity. It is blooming in late spring and has a strong aroma. Peonies are often an ingredient in perfumes and cosmetics. 


Tulips are very well-liked flowers in spring. Each gardener will select tulips to plant each spring. Pink tulips represent beauty, confidence, and true love. Because they bloom throughout the spring between March and May, tulips are a great choice to give on Mother’s Day.

Cherry Blossom

Not just Tulips, Cherry Blossoms has become the official symbol of spring in Asia. Thriving and famous in Japan, Cherry Blossom symbolizes the beauty of life and the beginning. After a long winter, cherry blossoms bring hope and brightness to life. 


Like most pink flowers that have a sense of love, mercy, and admiration. Camellia flowers have the same meaning. But pink Camellia flowers give a deeper meaning to missing someone. This flower blooms all year round and does not need extra care. 

Camelia Pink Flowers
Camelia Pink Flowers


Pink Dahlia flowers are the symbol of elegance, dignity, and long-lasting commitment. It represents kindness and grace. The unique structure of the petals gives the pink dahlia a captivating beauty. 


These fluffy flowers have become a symbol of waiting. It is appropriate to give to someone who has gone far with the meaning of ‘I will wait for you.’ Pink astilbe blooms late summer until early autumn. This flower is also well-liked for beautifying bouquets.


Azalea became the official symbol of feminists. Its blooms throughout spring and summer. Azaleas also symbolize friendship and passion. The flower will decorate your bouquet and your garden.


Anemone would bloom throughout three seasons. It is a symbol of good luck and peace. But the pink anemone has its meaning, namely unrequited love and love taken for granted. It begins to bloom in mid-spring to mid-fall.


Lotus represents the symbol of Buddhism and has the meaning of enlightenment and resilience. The lotus flower is one of the flowers that can bloom on water, both cloudy and muddy water. It can decorate your pool and can apply as traditional medicine.


The most famous plant one. Although many choose to plant orchids, these flowers require high maintenance. They will bloom beautifully from spring to fall. Pink orchid symbolizes happiness, luxury, innocence, gentleness, and fertility. 

Calla Lily

The famous flower of Africa is not part of this type of lily. In general, this flower means purity. But pink calla lilies symbolize appreciation, adoration, and flirtation. They grow tall so they can be seen from a distance. 


A flower that very easily treats and blooms like a bundle in a wreath. There are more than 70 types of hydrangeas with various colors, pink hydrangeas bloom beautifully throughout the summer. It symbolizes true love.


The other spring flower is Hyacinth. It takes a long time to grow and bloom, Hyacinth is planted in the fall and blooms in the spring. Even so, this flower will provide beauty and a strong aroma. Pink hyacinth is a symbol of happiness and playfulness.


Small and beautiful, petunia flowers is a summer flower that is very popular because it is relatively easy to maintain. Native to South America, petunias come in many colors, but pink petunias are the most common. Pink petunia symbolizes longing, anger, and feminism.

How to Planting Pink Flowers

Plant Pink Flowers
Plant Pink Flowers

Those are fifteen beautiful and charming pink flowers. Most of them require extra care to grow and bloom beautifully. If you want to try growing pink flowers, there are several things you can do.

  • Bloom

Most pink flowers bloom from spring to fall. Some bloom all spring, from the start of spring to summer, or only bloom throughout summer, from summer to autumn, and only throughout autumn. Each flower takes approximately one to two weeks to bloom.

  • Sun

To grow pink flowers, you need to pay attention to how the plant is exposed to the sun. Putting it in the right place helps the flowers bloom beautifully, and the colors can come out perfectly. 

Some pink flowers can be exposed to the sun directly (full sun), some only need a half part (partial sun), some need full sun to partial shade, some are the full sun to shade and full to partial sun.

Pay attention to every need for sun for the flowers you want to plant.

  • Soil

Another important part is soil fertility. Whether indoor or outdoor, make sure the soil used is by the needs of the flower plants you want to plant. Some pink flowers require different soil types, ranging from well-drained, loose, fertilized, sandy, rich, moist, loamy, and fast-drained. 

Planting pink flowers is no different from any other plant. Need good care. But believe in the results that will be satisfactory. Pink flowers will beautify your garden page. 

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