What You Need To Know About The Pink Carnation

Pink Carnation
Pink Carnation

The lovely pink flower comes from the Mediterranean. Who does not know that? People use it to make a beautiful bouquet. It is the pink carnation. In Greece, carnation is believed to come from heaven. There is one ritual that Greek did to appointment a new king, the ritual called Coronation. When the Coronation was implemented, people use carnation there. Then, there is also the story behind the name of a flower is also known as Dianthus. The ceremony takes it, so we know it is a carnation.

On the other hand, carnation also famous in the Roman era. The carnation appears when Marry is crying for her son. The tears fall to the earth when Christ on the cross. Then the Roman believed the tears that change into the carnation is appear to color the earth. As well as that, ‘carnation’ means incarnation.

Pink carnation is only in solid pink color. It also has several pink combinations in one plant. There are pink and white carnations in flower, starting with the white and the petal’s tip is pink like tie-dye. There is the color looks like peach rose. It is a pale pink carnation, or it might be a baby pink carnation. The dark pink carnation also exists on your first date.


How to Grow and Care Pink Carnation

Pink Carnation
Pink Carnation

To make your garden looks more wonderful, then the pink carnation is recommended to add there. Other than that, the pink carnation has also been used to be a bouquet or decorative room. It is not pretty hard to plant the pink carnation both in your garden or the flowerpot.

To plant the pink carnation, there are several matter things you need to note. The temperature that you need to grow the pink carnation ideally is around 20-30°C. Besides climate classification Junghuhn, that temperature is located in the temperate climate zone. The elevation to plant pink carnation is 1000-1200 masl. It is still related to the temperate climate zone. Yet besides Koppen’s theory, pink carnation fits to plant in the tropical climate. The other thing that important is the acidity of the soil is around 6-7 pH.

First of all, you can plant it in the home yard or on the flowerpot, yet if you choose the pot, it must be a big flowerpot cause the carnation will be a large plant. The seed to plant that has a good quality will be seen if the seed dry, solid, and has the same size. The seed of carnation needs to be soil for a day and a night. It would show you the good seed. You only need the seed that sinks to plant.

Inside the flowerpot, you have to put the soil and the manure in the same ratio. You need to protect the dampness of the soil by watering. As well as that, do not let it be exposed to direct sunlight, so place it into the shady. It will start to sprout in four days, and when it happens, the thing to do is spray the insecticide. If the plant starts to have a few leaves, you can replace it in your garden or home yard if you want, but if you are not, just keep it on a large flowerpot. Do not forget to water your carnation once a day.

After the flower is blooming, the insecticide needs to be sprayed once in two weeks. If the stem is tall enough, we need to cut it to 30cm and do it in the afternoon. It will make the next flower bloom and grow well. Then, what to do with the cut carnation? Just tie it and soak it to make it stay up. They would bloom after five-month and blooming again at least twice after the first cutting for one cultivation.


Mother’s Day Flower

Pink Carnation
Pink Carnation

Pink carnation symbolized the love from the mothers. From several years ago people use pink carnation to given it for mothers on the mother’s day. The very endless love and happiness are mirrored in pink carnation. Perhaps this had come from history when Marry was crying for Christ that believed by the Christians.

For the gift idea on mother’s day, a light pink carnation is good, but you need to add another carnation with a similar color. It could be the pink and white carnations, pale pink carnation, or even the pink and red carnation. And actually, there so many bouquet ideas for your mother on mother’s day that you could mix and match.


The Benefits of Carnation

Pink Carnation
Pink Carnation

Carnation is a decorative flower, and usually, it used to be a cut flower for a bouquet. On the other hand, the carnation has so many benefits in other things over décor your garden. Below we would explain to you how carnation works on health.

Carnation would help you to out of your headache. You need to prepare carnation flower as much as 10 grams which you wash it before. Cut it to be a little piece, and you can boil it with a cup of water. More or less, it is 200 ml for 10 minutes. Before you drink it, make sure that you sift the little pieces of carnation flowers.

Other than that, carnation is not only to heal your headache. It is also could heal your diarrhea. Do this yourself three times a day. The step is not too far from the headache recipe. It is 60 gram of carnation flowers that you wash it thoroughly. Cut it off until it becomes a little piece before you boil it with 400 ml water for 15 minutes.

There are the benefits of carnation flower for many more. Carnation could help you with inflammation on your skin. They help you cause to fall in the urine if you feel hard to pee. For pregnant women, consume the carnation flower is good for the contraction of your childbirth. The carnation flower could be alternative herbs to use as the medicine, several problems related to kidney and digestion.

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