8 Perfect Items for Chinese New Year Decoration – All Bring Good Wishes

Chinese New Year Decoration
Chinese New Year Decoration

Starting a new year with the energy to be better than before is the must thing we do. With this new chapter of life, we hope for good fortune in the future. In Mandarin culture, celebrating the Chinese New Year is the best way to bring that hope to happen throughout the year. This event contains many exciting pieces of stuff, including the decoration item that makes the Chinese version of New Year Eve’s becomes triumphant both sacred at the same time.

Chinese New Year 2022, when will it fall?

Chinese New Year Celebration
Chinese New Year Celebration

Let’s welcome 2022 with a new spirit. This year has just started. After anticipating the countdown of the transition between 2021 and 2022, now we are heading to another celebration, Chinese New Year or Lunar Celebration.

China is the region where this event started. Every year, the Lunar Celebration occurs. It brings joy to all the participants with red and golden decoration that appear anywhere, either at home or in the streets. That’s what makes this celebration is as big as the regular New Year Eve’s party that happens worldwide.

Lunar Celebration dates are always being considered by the Chinese lunar calendar, so there’s no exact date on when it falls. It’s celebrated on a different date in January of February. With the event is just around the corner, Chinese New Year this year will fall on February 1st, 2022.

What is the Chinese New Year?

What is Chinese New Year
What is Chinese New Year

Before talking further about this Chinese’s annual celebration, have you been familiar with the Chinese New Year or CNY beforehand? If not, we will explain to you things you need to know regarding this exciting celebration. Find out how to celebrate chinese new year

Chinese New Year marks the holiday week in China. Also called Spring Festival, the CNY is a great time to spend time with your family. The celebration symbolizes the beginning of a new year by depending on the lunar calendar as the way to decide when Chinese New Year falls. Even though the dates are always different, it usually falls in late January or early February, so participants no need to worry.

This iconic Chinese holiday is not only being a celebration in one region, but other regions also take parts of it, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and many more. During the event, red color can be seen anywhere, for example, as an envelope with money inside it (hongbao) to be given to children, fireworks, parades, lanterns, banquets, and of course, the decoration itself.

People will fulfill their homes with decoration items in red before hosting a dinner party that becomes the perfect moment to gather together with family, sharing meals and joy. Sometimes, exchanging gifts also being a part of the celebration.

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Perfect decoration items for Chinese New Year

Best Decoration for Chinese New Year
Best Decoration for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year has gained anticipation from its participants. Chinese will pour all the efforts when it comes to the CHY decoration. As mentioned above, people begin to decorate their houses to welcome the new chapter of life. It usually occurs around ten days before the D-Day of the event. 2022 is the year of the tiger, according to Mandarin’s belief. So, tiger decoration will appear anywhere.

Decoration items for CNY usually contain a specific meaning behind them. Here is a list of Chinese New Year decoration items along with their representation.

1. Red lantern to drive away bad luck

CNY is the best time for you to stroll around the street because you will find a lot of red lanterns hanging anywhere, anyplace. The lantern itself takes a role in Spring Festival in China. You can see lanterns hung on trees in the streets, office buildings, or even the door of participants’ houses. The use of a red lantern is believed to drive away bad luck.

2. Paper cutting to bring luck and happiness

Not an ordinary paper cutting, this one becomes a CNY decoration item that must be included during the event. The paper contains the image of an auspicious plant or animal in Chinese’s belief that is believed to represent different wishes including luck and happiness.

3. New Year paintings as the symbol of the greeting.

New Year paintings are the common decorative item you will see pasted on doors on walls during Lunar Celebration. These paintings draw auspicious legendary figures and plants based on Mandarin culture and are being added as the greeting way.

4. Kumquats to wish for wealth and fortune

Red and golden also appeared in fruit during Lunar Celebration. The fruit itself belongs to the CNY decoration item. People usually use kumquats as this golden fruit represents wealth and fortune. Kumquats are pretty popular in Southern China, especially in Hong Kong.

5. Door couplets to wish for the best throughout the year

China’s calligraphy is beautiful. During the celebration, you may find calligraphy showing up anywhere, including doors where it pasted. These door couplets contain good wishes or statements that all expressed through words. They are all written in black ink on red paper, the iconic color of the CNY celebration.

6. Red envelope to symbolize good wishes and luck

Red Envelope Symbolize Luck
Red Envelope Symbolize Luck

Giving a gift of a bright and beautiful red envelope has been one of the Lunar traditions. There’s the cash inside the envelope that would bring happiness to its receiver. The importance of giving this gift is not about the money inside it, but the red envelope that symbolizes good wishes and luck to those who receive it.

7. Flowers to bring luck

When it comes to decoration ideas, it’s hard to escape from the gorgeousness of flowers. Among those varieties of the flower out there, according to Chinese culture, few examples of flowers, such as marigolds, orchids, or peonies are portray the hope of luck throughout the year.

8. Bamboo plants to attract good luck

There are various ways to magnet good luck in China. Many Chinese homes feature bamboo houseplants during the celebration of Lunar New Year as the plant is well-known for its magic to attract good luck that everyone wishes. You can use bamboo plants to complete the ambiance of your CNY decoration.


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