Paid streaming services are now starting to run rampant, shifting conventional media to watch various shows. Netflix is one of them. This California-based digital streaming media service provider has recently become a favorite for watching sundry audiovisual media ranging from films to documentaries. Netflix is a digital streaming service provider. You could say, Netflix is the king of digital streaming for now. They have a strength that lies in the original content that is of good quality. In addition, Netflix also serves content not only from the West but also from Asian films.


As the most popular streaming service today, Netflix always strives to provide quality series for loyal customers. You could say that every month Netflix is diligent in releasing new series with various genres. One of them is the crime genre where the series will describe flashbacks of crimes that often occur around us. There are some that you may have witnessed or experienced yourself. For fans of films with gripping plot twists with a million suspense, scandals, and murders, let’s take a look at the eight lists of the highest-rated and most liked crime series titles on Netflix for now:

Money Heist
Money Heist

1. Money Heist

Money Heist is the most-watched spectacular Spanish heist drama series on this platform. Against the backdrop of public anxiety about capitalism, since the 2008 global financial crisis, this drama presents an appealing story of a criminal mastermind nicknamed The Professor, in historical tales – billions of Euro loot from the Royal Mint of Spain. Unlike the Time to Hunt crime, which tends to be reckless, Money Heist shows how genius the character Professor (Álvaro Morte) the mastermind behind the biggest robbery in Spanish history. Not only a perfectionist, but the Professor also always thinks ten steps ahead and doesn’t forget to anticipate the thoughts and actions of others.

Together with eight people with special abilities, the Professor proves that his leadership can bring the team to success no matter how difficult the mission must be. Follow the Money Heist series if you want to see the excellent action of the Professor and the Dali masked robber. Money Heist has won many awards, including the 2018 Emmy International Award for Best Drama category.

2. Time To Hunt

This Korean thriller tells the story of Joon-Seok (Lee Je-Hoon), a man who has just been released from prison and plans to rob an illegal gambling place with his three best friends. During South Korea’s condition on the verge of collapse, their rash actions pose a high risk. So a mysterious man named Han (Park Hae-Soo) comes to kill them one by one. Being the first Korean film to be screened at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival, of course, you don’t want to miss watching this film!

3. Extracurricular

Received praise from film critics for highlighting the lives of teenagers, Extracurricular managed to become one of the best teen crime dramas of 2020. It tells the story of a teenager named Oh Ji-soo (Kim Dong-hee) great in the eyes of his classmates and teachers. Unfortunately, behind his greatness, to fulfill all his needs, Oh Ji-soo is forced to live a life as a smart criminal by protecting and managing young sex workers.

4. Collateral

Produced by BBC Two and Netflix in 2018 with a duration of four hours, Collateral is a miniseries that delivers a powerful and thrilling story. Written and created by acclaimed playwright David Hare, this miniseries tells the story of a murdered Muslim pizza delivery man in modern-day London. Unfortunately, this is not just a murder, there is a much darker secret involving politicians and secret agents M15 that must be investigated by detective inspector Kip Glaspie.

5. Narcos

For those of you who want to find criminal shows based on true stories, you can follow the journey of a famous Colombian drug lord named Pablo Escobar in Narcos. Starting from a drug smuggling business, Pablo Escobar soon became the most wanted and feared character after his success. In carrying out his actions, Pablo did not hesitate to do everything he could to overcome law enforcement. It includes destroying cities and blowing up planes. His actions and thoughts are often unpredictable.

6. Athlete A

Athlete A
Athlete A

The criminal case in the documentary Athlete A tells the story of Larry Nassar, an American gymnastics doctor who sexually abused 250 women during his career. This Netflix documentary, which is over an hour and a half long, describes various hidden cases of bitter events from the lives of gymnastics athletes. It starts from separating contact with family and relatives, always obeying rules that don’t even feel logical about weight or outward appearance. This toxic culture associated with gymnastic training became one of the most covert criminal cases of its time on the grounds of heeding the sponsor’s name and the associated brand.

7. Black Mirror

Black Mirror
Black Mirror

What do you do if you face two life choices that test your morality: walk the path of truth but will live a difficult life or feel the ease of life but continue to cover up lies? It is what Mia Scrambles (Andrea Riseborough) feels in Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 3. When Mia and her friend accidentally bump into someone to death, they decide to cover up and forget about the incident. Unexpectedly, the tragedy of her past comes back 15 years later, forcing Mia to commit various criminal acts to cover up a lie that seems difficult to end.

8. Ozark

This series tells the life of Marty Byrde to work as a financial consultant. He is also involved in money laundering. When he and his friends embezzled his boss’s money, his friends die brutally one by one. To escape it, Marty flees with his children to the Missouri Ozark. However, instead of getting rid of death threats, Marty is in bad luck when he decides to move to the area. This series is suitable for those of you who like the crime genre with quite sadistic murders.


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