Mother’s day is a perfect moment to give something meaningful to all the deserving mother’s...

Mother’s day is a perfect moment to give something meaningful to all the deserving mother’s...

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Mother's Day Flower Ideas
Mother’s Day Flower Ideas

Mother’s day is a perfect moment to give something meaningful to all the deserving mother’s out there. Little acts as simple as a phone call, a postcard, time spent together, or even better, along with gifts and bouquets and also a Flower. Here list of mother’s day flower ideas.

Mother’s day is a very personal day for each person. Either for the mother herself, the kid, or the husband, Every family has their own unique way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Because if there is one unconditional and meaningful bond that cannot be broken, it is motherhood. 

Mother’s Day is celebrated all across the world. Some have different dates, but the common time is around March or May. Referring to the United States, International Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. So Mother’s Day in 2021 happens on May 9, in 2022 would be on May 8, 2023 would be on May 14, and for this year would be on May 12.

Mother’s Day Meaning and History

Mother's Day history
Mother’s Day history

The beginning of the Mother’s Day celebration can be traced back to a few roots and stories. The most ancient ones, there are stories that thousands of years ago Greeks and Romans held festivals to honor the mother’s’ goddesses, Cybele or known as Magna Mater or Great Mother, and also Rhea. Some believe that Cybele is an exotic, foreign and mysterious Trojan goddess who has the ability of priesthood and developed powerful cults in Greek religion. Some city-states even evoked her as a protector. Rhea or Rheia in Greek mythology is known as Meter Theon or the Mother of Gods. There are some temples around ancient Greece dedicated to her. This piece of history has only proven that motherhood was valued since ancient times. 

But as we talked about modern Mother’s Day, the history started in West Virginia in the 19th century before the Civil War happened. A woman named Ann Reeves Jarvis initiated a club to teach local women how to properly care for their children. This club is called Mother’s Day Work Clubs. When the Civil War happened and divided the country, the Mother’s Day Work Clubs still stood strong. So Ann Reeves Jarvis took action and organized Mother’s Friendship Day, using this club as a peace force and promoting reconciliation to the former Union and Confederate soldiers. 

Ann Reeves Jarvis’ fight was then continued by her daughter Anna Jarvis in the 1900s. In May 1908 she organized the first official Mother’s Day celebration at a Methodist church in West Virginia and one of the retail stores in Philadelphia. It was a huge success. With this action, she urged the adoption of a special day to honor the sacrifices mother’s made for their families and society. She resolved that this day be added to the national calendar. By 1912, her efforts started to show a sweet result. A lot of towns and churches have adopted Mother’s Day celebrations. In 1914, the 28th president of the United States, Woodrow Wilson signed an official measure establishing Mother’s Day as a national holiday every second Sunday in May. 

Best Type of Mothers Day Flower Ideas

Mother’s Day Flower

Flowers are one of the most loved and appreciated gifts to give to mothers on Mothers Day. As these mothers deserved the best and the most meaningful gifts, here are some recommendations of beautiful yet meaningful flowers for you to consider which one you would pick. 

  • Pink Rose
Pink Rose Bouquet
Pink Rose Bouquet

Rose, one of the classics, but never goes wrong. Pink roses represent gratitude, love, and appreciation. 

  • White /Cream Rose
white rose
white rose

These two are another option for roses. White roses represent purity, and the cream ones symbolize thoughtfulness.

  • Peony

Peonies are simply beautiful. Their color varies from shades of white to pink and red. It represents honor and good fortune. They are also very fragrant and a perfect choice for a bouquet centerpiece because of their bloom size. 

  • Orchid
Orchid Zodiac Signs Flowers
Orchid Zodiac Signs Flowers

This one is the best choice for fun, brave, and trendy moms. There are a lot of bold colors and wide varieties you can choose from based on your mother’s characteristics. Orchids don’t have to come in bouquets. You can give them as houseplants or decors too. It will last longer and make it more memorable. 

  • Pink Carnation

Carnations are one of the longest-lasting cut flowers, so it will be perfect to put in a bouquet for Mothers Day. Besides, pink carnations are known specifically as a symbol of a mother’s love. 

  • White Carnation

White carnations symbolize pure and unconditional love. They are also closely related to Mothers Day history as it is Ann Reeves Jarvis’ favorite flower. In 1907 Anna Jarvis, the woman who initiated Mothers Day, sent 500 white carnations to every mother at her West Virginia congregation. 

Mothers Day Flower Arrangements Ideas

Here is some trending flower bouquet inspiration for Mothers Day.

  • White & Pink Carnation, combined with Tulips 

  • Bold Colored Orchids with Exotics Accents
  • Pink, White, and Cream Roses, added with cute little Succulents
  • Full Peony Bouquet
Full Peony Bouquet
Full Peony Bouquet

Where to Get Mother’s Day Flower

Before you think about where to buy it, make a plan. Choose the color theme, the variations of flowers, the decoration details, the greeting card style, and what to write in the greeting cards. Make sure everything you pick is aligned with her characters and her favorites. Oh also don’t forget to set up your budget. Once you finish the plan, there are some options to get the perfect flower arrangement to arrive safely on her door at the right time. 

First, you can grab it on your way to her place. Find the nearest florists or flower markets and choose the tenant that has all the items you need. Or better options, you can order it online in Flower Advisor, as Best Flower Delivery USA. Just put the order on time, give the florist detailed instructions, and leave the rest in their expert hands. Doesn’t matter which one you choose, as long as you do it from your deepest heart to show her your love and appreciation, she will feel like the happiest mom on earth!


Are you looking for the perfect way to celebrate your mom’s special day? Don’t let the moment pass you by! With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to honor your mom with a special gift. At FlowerAdvisor, we understand the importance of this moment. We offer a beautiful collection of flowers, special gifts, and loving hampers that will ensure your mom feels appreciated and smiles with joy.


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