Lily bouquet
Lily bouquet


Lilies are historically the gifts when celebrating the 30th anniversary. But you do not have to wait for an anniversary to send lilies since there are so many different varieties of lilies.

You can make your bouquet memorable by choosing the right type because each variety of lily has its meaning. For example, vibrant lilies are the gift to celebrate a milestone such as a new home, a promotion at work, etc.

Lily flower was discovered more than 2,400 years ago. The history of lily comes from the ancient Greek mythology that is Zeus’s wife Hera. The drop of her milk that fell to the ground was believed to be the lily’s seed.

Meaning of Different Lily Colours

1. Pink lilies

Pink lilies represent admiration, love, femininity, and compassion. When you want to send your mum, aunt, or sister, some love chooses sweet pink lily Bouquet. You can surprise them on the anniversary with the delivery of a fragrant pink lily. You can also take a beautiful bouquet of lilies along on a date.

2. Purple lilies

Purple lilies stand for success, pride, admiration, dignity, and accomplishment. Purple lilies are associated with royalty. It is always regarded as being exclusive and rare. Because of this, purple lilies symbolize privilege, royalty, and passion. To gift to a special someone, purple lilies are perfect to surprise by sending these to your grandma or mum.

Or you can use Purple Lily Bouquet as a perfect gift to someone you admire. But you have to pay attention that if the recipient loves luxury flowers, a dash of purple with a lily or arrangement will sweep them off their feet.

3. White lilies

White lilies
White lilies


White lilies symbolize modesty and purity. White is usually associated with heaven and purity. White lilies also represent modesty and purity, making them an accompaniment to a sympathy card or condolence message. White lilies are the flower of choice for funerals.

4. Orange lilies

Orange lilies represent warmth, energy, honor, and confidence. Orange is a bright and strong color. These lilies usually symbolize respect and honor for a notable person. If you want to appreciate someone’s amazing work or want to express gratitude to a person for a job they have done, choose orange lilies.

5. Yellow lilies

Yellow lilies envoke joy, lightheartedness, and happiness. Yellow lilies can use to tell your friend how much you value their relationship. These lilies are a symbol of joy and friendship. You can send a bunch of fresh yellow lily Bouquet to put a smile on a friend’s dear one’s face.

The Symbolism of Different Varieties Of Lilies

Tiger lily
Tiger lily

Tiger lily is spotty lilies that associated with pride and wealth. This kind of lily is symbolizing confidence and positivity because of od its vibrant colors. Tiger lilies are so vivacious since they come in different variations of orange hues.

Calla lilies were often associated with beauty in ancient Greece. It holds different symbols in a variety of religions and cultures. In Christianity, it symbolizes pureness and faith. And it is a sign of strength in western culture.

Asiatic Lilies are often associated with purity and marriage within western culture. Orange and yellow Asiatic lilies are perfect flowers to celebrate an occasion such as new beginnings of life or a newborn’s birth. And pink Asiatic lilies symbolize romance and healing.

The perfect symbol of a wedding is the Oriental lilies. It is the symbol of rebirth and purity since it is associated with the virgin mary. Oriental lilies make the perfect wedding bouquet to be given to a bride.

Make A simple Elegant Lily Bouquet

You can make a beautiful bouquet with calla lily. This flower is not a true lily, but it still makes excellent wedding flowers. It has the largest range of color options. You can pick the best and match the theme of the wedding.

Lay each flower and remove any bends from the stems but do not crush them. Then take two calla lilies to create the center by securing these together with floral tape. Start adding calla lilies and position the blooms by building out from the center.

Tape new flowers to the center so that you can keep things in place every couple of flowers. And keep adding flowers to any holes in your bouquet. You can cover the tape with a silk ribbon or burlap and lace in your lily bouquet.


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