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All About Lavender Flowers
All About Lavender Flowers

Commonly used in aromatherapy, lavenders are well-loved for their calming scents. However, besides the previously mentioned benefit, lavenders are also often featured as arrangements along with other decorative flowers for numerous events. That’s because just like other flowers, lavenders also carry meanings and symbolism in their beauty, include lavender flowers.

Lavandula, or widely known as lavender, is native to the Mediterranean regions. This plant falls into the category of small plants. Their branches and leaves are grey-tinted green and commonly found in blue or purple blooms. For a fun fact, there are over 45 species of lavenders all across the world. 

Are you familiar with everything about this elegant flower?

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Lavender Meaning

Lavender Meaning
Lavender Meaning

There are a lot of different opinions about the origin of the name lavender. Some source says the name was taken from the Latin word “Lavare,” which means, To Wash.” While other sources stated that the plant was named after another Latin word, “Livere,” which means “Blueish.”

Regardless of the opinions about the name’s origin, this beautiful plant is now popular with the name lavender. Even when you hear anyone mention the name of the plant, you might already have ideas about the plant inside your head. With long skinny stems and purple blooms, a picture of lavender will easily pop out inside your thoughts. This plant is so memorable, even a shade of color is named after it. 

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Lavender Flowers Meaning

Lavender Flowers Meaning
Lavender Flowers Meaning

Through centuries, lavender flowers are seen as sacred and precious flowers. These images are supported by the color purple itself, which appears to be rarely occurring in nature. Therefore, for most people would be dazed and mesmerized by the existence of the flowers. Lavender flowers also represent valuable messages such as devotions, grace, calmness, and serenity. People would send others lavender flowers to let the other party know about their commitment and feelings. 

Turning Lavender Flowers Into Dried Flowers

For the past couple of years, the trend of turning fresh-cut flowers into dried flowers has been popular all over the internet. People would decorate their working desks and dining tables with dried flowers to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. If you have been seeing those pictures going around the internet, you may have already spotted dried lavenders. That is because lavenders happen to be one of the most well-known dried flowers material.

If you already have your fresh cut lavenders ready, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Put together the lavenders you prepared into a bundle, hold it together with an elastic band or tight ribbon.
  • Find a dark and warm spot, make sure the room is not overly moist. Make sure the space has no access to any light.
  • Find a rope, spread it across the room or any space you prepared.
  • Hang your lavender bundles upside down and wait for seven to ten days.
Lavender into Dried Flowers Step
Lavender into Dried Flowers Step

Lavenders will still have their aromatic and calming scents even after going through the drying process. You can put it in a vase along with other dried flowers, or stick it to the wall with paper tape. Turning it into a bookmark is also something you can do with dried flowers. Even though you probably would need other ingredients, such as resin. So, that makes lavender is the perfect decoration you can easily obtain and even turn into something trendy.

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Lavender as Decorative Flowers

There are various reasons why people would add flowers to beautify their events. One of the obvious is because flowers are the symbol of beauty preserved by nature. As previously mentioned, flowers also carry meanings and meaningful symbolism. People usually use flowers to decorate tea parties, birthday parties, family gatherings, and wedding receptions.

Lavender is very suitable for any occasion, including wedding receptions. For wedding decoration arrangements, lavenders are usually combined with white flowers like roses and lilies. Lavender flowers make great decorations for receptionists and guests’ tables. Their symbolic meanings of lavenders also go along well with the general meanings of white flowers, which are purity and innocence. Lavenders are also known as sacred flowers, which are perfect to represent blessings and wishes to the married couple. 

Lavender Flowers Symbolic Meanings

You can’t leave behind lavender on the list of flowers with meaningful symbolism. Lavender symbolizes femininity, love, tranquility, relaxation, and the process of healing. 

Therefore, lavender is the flower for various occasions. You can give it as a sign of support or congratulatory to a friend. You can give it as a sign of appreciation and commitment to your partner. Lastly, you can also give it to strengthen someone’s will and spirit in achieving recovery. Besides, lavender indeed has medical benefits such as a treatment for minor injuries. Symbolic but also practical, right?

Besides, lavender scents are commonly used in aromatherapy because it is proven then lavender scents give a sense of calmness to their surroundings. It is also said that lavender scents have a hypnotic effect that might put people tranquil. Moreover, their scents smell luxurious and have inspired the perfumery world. 

Now you are getting more familiar with this wonderful plant with beautiful blooms. After reading the meaning behind their name, the meaningful message they symbolize, and their benefits, there is no doubt you’ll fall into their charm too. Besides the color of their blooms, purple, is very eye-catching on its own. Therefore, do not worry about giving your close ones lavender flowers. Guaranteed your friends and partner would be just as mesmerized as you are. 

Lavender Flowers
Lavender Flowers

With captivating petals and elegant fragrances, it’s hard to resist the persona of lavender flowers. Even giving it to colleagues would translate into the highest word of praise, since purple is the representative color of pride. What a sweet way to appreciate your surroundings. You could also add additional gifts that suit their personality or fulfill their needs. Put the gift inside a gift box and beautify your gifts with a bundle of lavenders on top of it along with ribbons. Pretty sure your thoughtful gift would paint a smile on others’ faces.

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