K-Drama Movies To Watch 2021

Dear.M | Image: hancinema.net

Korean dramas will always never lose their fans. Especially during this pandemic, Korean drama lovers are increasing. Not only Korean like K-dramas but also international viewers.

There are various reasons why Korean dramas are so popular among others, because of the episodes that are not too long, the plot is varied, the good-quality acting that shows the strong character. The shooting angle and the selection of the filming location also influenced the added value of Korean dramas.

Apart from the factors above, those who plays in it also has an important role to attract people to watch the drama. Not only from actors and actresses, Kpop idols who also star in a drama can also increase the drama’s popularity, especially now that some idols have successfully proven their acting talents and received public praise.

If you are fans of 2PM, NCT 127, and SF9, you should be happy. The dramas of the members of these groups will air in 2021. Even NCT 127 will debut 2 members as actors this year, Jaehyun and Doyoung.


Korean Drama Actors

Who are the male Kpop idols who will star in the 2021 drama? Let’s take a look at the list below.

1. ZE: A Kim Dongjun

Besides Im Siwan, ZE: A member who often acts is Kim Dong Jun. Dongjun has been in acting since 2010. This year, he is in the lineup to be the main character in the drama Joseon Exorcist as Byeo Ri.

2. Block B P.O

The Block B rapper whose real name is Pyo Jihoon will join the drama Mouse, which also starring Lee SeungGi and Park Joohyun.

3. NCT 127 Jung Jaehyun

Jung Jaehyun | Image: wolipop.detik.com
Jung Jaehyun | Image: wolipop.detik.com

In NCT Jaehyun’s acting debut, he will play a computer engineering student named Cha MinHo in the drama Dear M. This drama is not only highly anticipated by NCTzen (NCT Fandom) but also the other fandom as well.

4. NCT 127 Kim Doyoung

Kim Doyoung
Kim Doyoung | Image: popbela.com

The younger brother of 5urprise’s member and actor, Gongmyung, will make his acting debut this year by starring in the MBC mini-drama Cafe Midnight: The Curious Stalker as Son Jiwoo, a student who can see the future.

5. Up10tion Lee Jin-hyuk

Lee Jin-hyuk
Lee Jin-hyuk | Image: Pinterest

UP10tion’s Lee Jin-hyuk will play a role in the drama Dear M as Kim Mokjin, Cha Minho’s (NCT Jaehyun) best friend and roommate.

6. 2PM Taecyeon

Taecyeon | Image: celebrity.okezone.com

2PM member Ok Taecyeon will return to screen through the drama Vincenzo, which also starring Song Joong Ki.

7.Yoo Seonho

Produce 101 season 2 alumni from Cube Entertainment, Yoo Seonho will play Han SeungGoo, the son of Kim Hyunjoo and Ji JinHee, in the drama Undercover.

8. U-Kiss / UNB Jun

Lee Joon-Young | Image: asianwiki.com
Lee Joon-Young | Image: asianwiki.com

U-Kiss member Jun will be the main character in Imitation, which will air in May 2021. The idol with the birth name Lee Jun-Young will also play a role in D.P Dog Day, the webtoon drama adaptation as Lee Deungbyung.

9. SF9 Rowoon

Rowoon big | Image: winnetnews.com
Rowoon big | Image: winnetnews.com

After the success of Extraordinary You in 2019, this year Rowoon will join the drama Sunbae, Don’t Put On That Lipstick. In this drama, Rowoon will be acting with Won Jiah.

10. SF9 Dawon

Besides Rowoon, another SF9 member, Dawon, will also try acting this year. He will be the younger brother of Tak DongKyung, played by Park BoYoung in the drama Destruction.

11. WEi Kim Yohan

Kim Yohan | Image: allkpop.com
Kim Yohan | Image: allkpop.com

Produce x 101 Center Kim Yohan got the opportunity to act in the popular drama series, School 2021. Even though it was delayed, the drama produced by KBS will air in August 2021. Here, Kim Yohan will play the role of high school taekwondo athlete, Kim Taejin.


Anticipated Korean Drama in 2021

Well, we have got to know some Kpop idols who will be starring in drama this year, now let’s take a look at the anticipated Korean dramas in 2021!

1. Dear.M

Dear.M | Image: hancinema.net

Starred by one of NCT members, Dear.M, is one of the most anticipated dramas by NCTzen (the name of NCT fans) because it will be Jung Jaehyun’s acting debut.

Besides NCT’s Jaehyun, Dear.M is also starred with many young stars, such as UP10TION members Lee Jinhyuk, Park Hyesoo, Bae Hyunseung, and Noh JungUi. This drama is about searching for a mysterious person with the initials M. This person is frequently writing anonymous posts on the online community of Seoyeon University.

This drama’s production process has also been running on the sidelines of Jaehyun’s promotions as a member of NCT. Initially, this drama was scheduled to air on February 26, 2021. However, due to the case of bullying by Park Hye Soo, the broadcast of this drama was postponed until an undetermined time.


2. Sunbae, Don’t Put On That Lipstick

In January 2021, Korean drama lovers were presented with acting from Rowoon SF9 with Won JiAh. This drama is adapted from a novel with the same name Sunbae, Don’t Put On That Lipstick or She Would Never Know. Graebooks first published this novel by Elise in 2017.

This drama tells the story of Yoon SongAh (Woo JinAh), who works in marketing at a cosmetics company. Meanwhile, Chae HyunSeung (SF9’s Rowoon) is a young employee who works with Yoo Song Ah and tries to build a romantic relationship with her senior.


3. Mouse

Who misses the cool acting of the top actor, Lee SeungGi? In 2021, Lee Seung Gi will be acting with Block B P.O, Park JuHyun, Kyung SooJin, and Ahn JaeWok.

This mystery genre drama tells the story of junior police officer Jung BaeRum (Lee SeungGi), who has to deal with psychopaths. The drama’s production team said that “Mouse” is different and unique from other psychopathic dramas because it identifies a person’s psychopathic traits through DNA testing.

If there are no obstacles, Mouse will be scheduled to air in March 2021 on TvN. This drama will be Lee SeungGi’s comeback after Vagabond in 2019.

4. Cafe Midnight: The Curious Stalker

Cafe Midnight - The Curious Stalker | Image: matamata.com
Cafe Midnight – The Curious Stalker | Image: matamata.com

This fantasy genre drama carries a story that focuses on each character’s growth and how they deal with problems, and how to solve them.

Son Jiwoo (NCT’s Doyoung), the perfect high school student, has good grades, good looks, and a good personality. JiWoo grew up with great curiosity, eager to find out about his mother’s lost memories. Meanwhile, he also began to fall in love with his female friend at about the same time.

One time, Son Ji Woo accidentally saw a slice of his future when he entered a strange cafe run by a mysterious person called Master (Shin Joo Hwan). This cafe is not on the map and is only open from midnight to dawn.

5. The Penthouse Season 2

Another drama besides The World of The Marriage, which has a high rating and is a favorite drama, is The Penthouse. After draining the audience’s emotions and gaining immense popularity in the previous season, this drama finally made a sequel.

In this second season, The Penthouse Season 2 will have a smaller number of episodes, which is only 12 episodes. The drama’s broadcast schedule will change its broadcast day to Friday and Saturday on the SBS television channel.

6. Vincenzo

Vincenzo | Image: twitter.com

Starring two popular guys as the main characters, Song JoongKi and 2 PM’s Taecyeon, Vincenzo’s latest tvN drama will be an exciting and interesting spectacle. This drama tells the story of Vincenzo Cassano’s origin, an Italian lawyer who is also a mafia.

Song JoongKi plays Vincenzo Cassano. Vincenzo is described as a Korean descent figure who was adopted by an Italian family when he was a child. Vincenzo Cassano lives to launch an action of revenge. He also has several special skills that are unbeatable.

2PM’s Taecyeon plays Jang JunWoo, an intern with a carefree, clumsy, and bright personality at a law firm.

Actress Jeon Yeo Bin plays Hong ChaYoung, a reliable performer at the best law firm in Korea. The process of reading this manuscript has been carried out since last August 2020. Vincenzo is set to premiere in mid-2021.

7. School 2021

School 2021 is the story of students’ life and growth in a vocational high school, including Kim TaeJin (Kim Yohan) and Na GeumYoung.

Kim TaeJin used to be a taekwondo player and won a bronze medal at the National Athletics Competition, but he has a severe ankle injury. Not only injured, but his father’s business also went bankrupt. Kim TaeJin stopped practicing taekwondo and entered a vocational high school. He has a mature personality for his age, but he doesn’t know what to do about a girl he likes.

Na GeumYoung is a 2nd-year student at a vocational high school. He wanted to become a Youtuber, and he studied cooking at a vocational school. His father ran a karaoke room business in the city suburbs.

8. River Where the Moon Rises

River Where the Moon Rises | Image: stayfineindonesia.blogspot.com
River Where the Moon Rises | Image: stayfineindonesia.blogspot.com

KBS will air this Saeguk- or also known as this historical genre drama. The drama River Where the Moon Rises is based on a Korean fairy tale entitled Pyeonggang and Ondal.

The story is mainly about Princess Pyeonggang, who falls in love with an ordinary young man, Ondal. Princess Pyeonggang is played by Kim SoHyun, an ambitious character who hopes to become the first female leader in Goguryeo’s work.

Initially, the character Ondal was offered to actor Kang HaNeul. However, Kang HaNeul chose to be a supporting role as the father of Ondal, so that in the end the role of Ondal starred by JiSoo, who is known for his humble personality but is willing to sacrifice for love. This romantic genre saeguk drama will premiere in March 2021 with 20 episodes.

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