Knowing a Scorpio


As your foot is always on the gas and never the brake, life as a Scorpio is difficult. Emotional management is difficult to do and not impossible. After heartbreak or betrayal, no one expects you to stay calm, just try to concentrate on a reasonable answer. After enduring cruelty, the desire to ruin your own world simply to get them too can be heavy, but it is not worth entertaining.

If you continually find your relationships collapsing, you must question whether you are being unreasonable. While you only give 50%, you should not expect anything from your partner. Love does not operate that way, and to legitimize a pattern of taking without giving, you should not use fear of vulnerability. As a Scorpio, you are intelligent, trustworthy, loyal, and courageous, so if you become known for your negatives, the problem lies inside them. In your life, you need individuals who are independent, efficient, and have emotional characteristics that complement yours.

You are beloved and entertaining to almost everyone you encounter, as Scorpio men and women, no doubt pulling them in with your magnetic charm. You breeze through life with obvious ease with the energy that flows within but beware of an invisible barrier that does not send you soaring. As long as you pursue your passions and keep a tight hold on your wild emotions, your future is bright.

To be a Scorpio is to, with no half-measures, bring every fiber of your being into every action you take. It has good days and bad ones, but even in times of trouble, you will still rise from the ashes.

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