How to Plant Fall Flowers

Pink Fall Flower
Pink Fall Flower

The season has changed to autumn. Although this season is synonymous with the fall of various plants, leaves, and flowers, it doesn’t stop the many beautiful flowers that have just started to bloom in autumn. 

Autumn starts in late September to November. Each month has a flower symbol that represents the birth flower sign for that month. Such as in September of Aster and Morning Glories, October of Marigolds and Cosmos, and November of Chrysanthemum. In addition to these five flowers, there are still many types of flowers that bloom specifically in autumn. They are the flowers of choice for wedding bouquets. 

Planting Fall Flowers

Planting Fall Flowers
Planting Fall Flowers

It is not easy to bloom in autumn. But these flowers are blooming beautifully. They can still grow tall and bloom beautifully, showing the beauty and emitting a fragrant aroma. Beautiful colors will decorate your backyard garden.

When you want to see your garden be full of beautiful and fragrant flowers throughout the fall, you can plant autumn flowers. We write down how to plant autumn flowers.

When to plant

It is generally necessary to plant autumn flowers in the spring to summer. They mostly need direct heat from the sun for healthy growth. Some begin to bloom in mid-summer.

Pay attention to the type 

Each type of autumn flower plant needs is considered by their following the growing season. Know each type of fall flower, and divide the time to plant them. If the flower is a heat-resistant flower can start plants in late spring to mid-summer. If the flower is cold-resistant, it can start plants in late summer until early fall.

How to water

Autumn is a difficult time to plant flowers. Unpredictable weather, changing from time to time, is necessary to pay attention. 

If it is a perennial plant, then there is no need to worry. They have survived all year, therefore they can last much longer. But if it’s a new plant that usually has two roots, they need more water. If the weather is getting colder and humid, then it can only reduce the amount of water used.

Fall flower types 

Fall Flowers Type
Fall Flowers Type

Many kinds of flowers bloom in the fall. Six types of flowers become a sign of birth flowers in the three autumn months. What are the flowers that bloom in autumn? 


It can grow in any region. This plant does not require high maintenance. Just need to make sure to plant it in a pot and draining the soil. They will grow in beautiful colors, ranging from blue, pink, purple, and lavender.


Flowers with bright orange color are very beautiful. They bloom throughout the fall to winter. There are many types of marigolds, ranging from African marigolds, french marigolds, and signet marigolds. All three will give a similar beauty.


It has many colors like a rainbow and blooming perfectly in the fall. Starting from red, purple, blue, bronze, pink, black, yellow, white, lavender, orange, apricot, and mahogany. Even in one flower, they have 2-3 colors in one petal. It is interesting if the pansies are planted in the fall, they can grow and bloom in the spring.


Often referred to as the cousin of pansies. Viola has more color variants. Become a symbol of love of cold weather because it stays strong in winter or rain. For good flower production and blooming, start planting Viola in cooler weather.


Flowers with a unique shape, but still very charming. Blooms in red, yellow, and orange. Very pretty in flower arrangements. They begin to bloom in late summer through fall. Another name is sneezeweed because it used to be used as tobacco.

Black-Eyed Susan

Gold-yellow color with a daisy-like shape, perfect for fall. This flower has a symbol of justice, encouragement, and motivation. It is very suitable for adaptability and is widely distributed in the place where it grows. 

Sweet Alyssum 

A flower with a pervasive fragrance. Blooms with pink or white that grow falling from the container. Often used as wall plants. One of the hardiest plants to grow in very cold weather.


As a sign of birth flowers in November, Mums is one of the flowers that bloom in autumn. It has a variety of colors from red, orange, yellow, peach, and white, as well as contrasting shades of pink. Become part of the perennials.

Purple Fountain Grass

Although not a flower, this plant is also synonymous with autumn. The mixed burgundy-purple color will be very fitting as part of the fall bouquet to be paired with various types of flowers, especially Mums.


Part of the amaranth family. The shape is like a clump of fire feathers. It has yellow, orange, red, and purple color variants. It doesn’t take much to grow this one plant. They bloom from summer to fall. 


Fragrant autumn flower. Beautiful colors ranging from white, pink, purple, and dark red will be ready to decorate your backyard. 

Autumn Wedding Bouquet

Autumn flowers are very beautiful to be a wedding bouquet. A variety of attractive colors will make flower arrangements look sweet to the eye. Most of the fall bouquet colors are very representative of the fall colors, such as red, brown, yellow, and orange. 

Several fall bouquet options are based on the color of the fall flowers.

Red: red viola, marigold french, dianthus, mums, and celosia.

White: sweet alyssum, white pansy, mums, and purple fountain grass.

Yellow: helenium, black-eyed Susan, marigold, and celosia.

Purple: dianthus, purple viola, asters, and purple fountain grass

Brown/Nude: helenium, pansy bronze, celosia gold, and mums peach.

Like a bouquet, not everything has to be arranged only with autumn flowers. Be creative with various other flowers such as rose, lily, peony, and even dried flowers. All can give the impression of autumn if they are matched with the desired color and shape of the bouquet.

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