Although it sounds strange, it is common to give flowers to men. It is usually...

Although it sounds strange, it is common to give flowers to men. It is usually...

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How To Make Men Flower Bouquet
How To Make Men Flower Bouquet

Although it sounds strange, it is common to give flowers to men. It is usually a man who gives a bouquet to women. Now is the time for women to show affection by giving flowers to a boyfriend, office mate, or father bouquets.  Several occasions are appropriate to give a bouquet to men. You can give a flower to congratulate on promotion, birthday, new business, or express feelings sincerely. When a man gets a bouquet they feel appreciated and can increase productivity.

Types of Flowers Men Liked

Bouquet Flower That Men Liked
Bouquet Flower That Men Liked

Men will like all kinds of flowers, such as roses, tulips, lilies, sunflowers, or orchids. But one flower that is very suitable to be given is Anthurium. The color is red and looks solid, very identifying the male figure. 

Anthurium has a shape like a waxflower. But it is not a flower but a spathe or shield-shaped leaf to protect the spadix. Anthuriums symbolize hospitality. It looks open with a heart-shaped shape that the plant is popular to give as a form of hospitality.

Another way to choose a flower for men, you can choose by the color of the flower. Men are unlikely to like feminine colors. Therefore, choose a flower color that matches the character of your male friend. Boys like bright colors like red, yellow, green, and orange. Also, find out the meaning and symbols of flowers to convey the sincerity of the gift. 

1. Red flowers for affection 

Red Roses Bouquet FlowerAdvisor
Red Roses Bouquet FlowerAdvisor

Red symbolizes romantic love. Giving red flowers is the right choice to express your affection to a man. You can choose red roses. Give a bouquet of red rose to your boyfriend or husband. The right moment to give him flowers can be when celebrating an anniversary or his birthday.

2. Yellow flowers as an expression of friendship 

Yellow Roses FlowerAdvisor
Yellow Roses FlowerAdvisor

Bright colored flowers such as yellow or orange become a symbol of friendship and joy. To show your friendship and excitement about the achievements of a male friend, choose brightly colored flowers, like yellow roses. Yellow or orange is also a symbol of positivity and enthusiasm. It is perfect to give a yellow rose to congratulate his graduations, promotions, or congratulations on your new business.

3. White flowers as an apology 

White Roses FlowerAdvisor
White Roses FlowerAdvisor

Giving white flowers is the best choice for asking for an apology to your boyfriend or husband during a fight. In addition, you also can give white flowers as a form of sympathy and condolences. Some of the preferred choices are white lilies. 

It is difficult to choose the right type of flowers for your man. But you can explain the criteria and preferences when you want to order a bouquet. The florist will help choose the right type of flower according to the character described. 

How to Make a Man’s Flower Bouquet

How to Make Men Bouquet
How to Make Men Bouquet

There is a more personal option for giving a bouquet to a man, namely by making your bouquet. Here are the steps to make it.

1. Choose flowers

Choose several types of flowers. Such as alliums, aspidistra leaves, tulips, and combine with ornamental grass plants such as South African greenery. Choose structured flowers and plants with different shapes and colors. Choose strong colors over feminine ones. 

2. Arrange flowers

After choosing the flowers to be used, it’s time to arrange flowers one by one. Arrange to start from the large plants. Use one hand as the tie of the wreath pedestal.

3. Tie the wreath

. If all the flowers and plants have been strung, tie them with string. Tie snugly under the base of the flower arrangement, leaving a long stem. 

4. Flatten the length of the stems

When the wreath is tied, you will see stems that are too long and too short. So it’s better to cut the long stems to make it even with the shorter ones. So the wreath will look neater overall. 

5. Wrap a bouquet 

To make a bouquet look more beautiful, you need to wrap a bouquet. First, use Krafty paper as the base for the flower coral. Choose a neutral color like brown or beige. Then wrap it in plastic completely.  

6. Add a ribbon

As a final touch, add a ribbon with the same color as the bouquet. Then finished the bouquet for the boy. No need to make it too fancy. Let the color and structure of the flowers stand out.

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Man Bouquet Ideas

Man Bouquet Ideas
Man Bouquet Ideas

Is it weird to send flowers to a guy? No, it is not. If you still feel strange and awkward giving a man a bouquet, then you can combine it with several gifts. Several gift ideas would go well with a bouquet

1. Fragrances 

Giving men their favorite fragrances along with a bouquet is the right choice. Choose some flowers that have a sweet aroma as a representation of the perfume.

2. Snack hampers

Who doesn’t like to be given food? There is no. Men also like to be given their favorite snacks. You can arrange some of these snacks into a bouquet or hamper and decorate it with flowers.

3. Wine or Beer

Along with a bouquet, you can also add his favorite wine or beer as a graduation gift or promotion at the office. Men will be very happy and feel appreciated. 

4. Technologies

Some technology gifts that you can choose are headphones, laptops, computers, or cameras. You can include it in the man’s bouquet. Where men like things about technology.

5. Sporty 

Some sporty items that you can choose are sports shoes, sports clothes, or drinking bottles. You can arrange it in a beautiful bouquet. 

6. Accessories 

Some choices of accessories that men like are watches, glasses, wallets, handkerchiefs, ties, and so on.

7. Travel pack 

If your male friend likes traveling, then giving him travel items is the right choice. Some of the options that can be given are backpacks, electronic organizers, gloves, and many more. Give him what he doesn’t have or needs.

8. Shave kit 

A shaving kit is one of the most common choices for hampers or bouquets given to men. To decorate it with flowers will be much easier.

9. Vouchers 

Men also like to get free vouchers. Give shopping vouchers for goods or brands that he likes. 

10. Books 

And lastly, you can give him books that will increase his knowledge. Men like to know new things, especially challenging things. 

That’s how to make a man’s bouquet, some types of flowers that men like, and gift ideas that can be given. You can order and buy a man’s bouquet on floweradvisor. Hopefully, this information is useful and inspiring. 

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