How to Know If Your Crush Like Back
How to Know If Your Crush Like Back

When it comes to love, anyone can go crazy! Do you ever question how to know if your crush like back? Although it’s probably only a theory, it always makes you smile and want more. Getting attracted to someone means your life is all about that person. You’re often experiencing nervous whenever you bump into that person. Is it normal? Of course! When we start liking someone, it’s common for us to want to know about their feelings too. Have no idea where to start? We got you covered! Find out anything you need to know about signs your crush likes you by scrolling this article down!

How to Know If Your Crush Like Back Through Signs

1. They Smile at You

There are numerous ways to know whether your crush like you back. The easiest one is by looking at their physical gesture. Ever Notice that they’re smiling at you? This gesture belongs to physical signs your crush like you! You can raise your hope up!

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2. They Look at You

They Look at You
They Look at You

For some people, it’s kind of hard to make an eye-contact with others. It could lead to an awkward moment. However, if you have noticed your crush staring at you multiple signs, it’s clear that there’s something special about you in their eyes.

3. They Want to Know About You

Love is about knowing each other. When someone attracted to you, they will ask everything about you, like your hobby, favorite place, or your favorite flower for lovers. So, you can expect a beautiful Valentine’s Day flower bouquet from them on your big day!

4.Nervous is Around!

Most people usually try their best to hide their feeling for someone they love. It may happen to your crush as well! If you notice something weird with their facial expression or gestures, it means they love you back!

5. They Want Your Number

How to know if someone likes you back can also be seen through their way to getting closer to you. Ideally, if your crush falls in love, they will ask for their crush’s number. The purpose is to always catch up with you by text.

6. Asking about Your Status

Asking about your status is another way to notice if someone likes you back. If it’s not a one-sided love, they will ask about your relationship status at the moment. This personal question may make you feel extra confident!

7. They Always Want to Talk to You

When it comes to love, time doesn’t matter. For dearest one, you can spend hours only having a conversation with them. If your crush makes extra effort to talk to you, that is a sign that they like you. Interestingly, they can come up with various kinds of topics!

8. They Want to Help You Anytime

Although it’s a bare minimum to help each other, it’s a bit different if the one who asks for help is their favorite person. They’re always willing to help you, whatever the problem is. Aren’t they cool? You can rely on them anytime you want!

9. Gifts are Their Act of Service

Gifting is the best way to express your feeling towards someone, especially the one you love. If this thoughtful gesture seen in your crush’s behavior, it’s crystal clear they’re into you. They use gifts as their act of service, which is quite adorable! They even don’t hesitate to spare their time looking for a gift for women.

10. They Make an Excuse to Always Be with You

There could be a thousand reasons to get close to a crush. Yup, if you have noticed the person you’re falling in love with, hang out with you a lot more times than usual, it’s a strong sign that they like you back! That means they find comfort whenever you’re around them.

11. They Know Every Detail About You, Even the Smallest Ones!

It’s human nature to remember every detail about our favorite person. Even, the smallest things matter to us. This is what your crush will probably represent if they have some feelings toward you. It’s not difficult to remember tiny details about you, like your favorite chocolate. 

12. Physical Touch

Physical Touch with Crush
Physical Touch with Crush

If you find this person seems like they’re trying to touch you, then it’s obvious that they’s into you at the moment. For example, they might bump into you and use it as an excuse. How to know if your crush like back seen by this gesture. 

13. They Always Look Good

Another human nature whenever we like someone, we always want to impress them! So, if that person manages themselves well in terms of appearance, like wearing a cool outfit, that means you’re special to them.

14. They Always Smell Good

Let’s face it, not only does appearance matter, but the smell is. If you’re asking how to know if your crush like back, you can notice it from their smell when they’re around you. This is an effort to attract you and it always works out!

15. Tell You Their Private Things

Tell You Their Private Things
Tell You Their Private Things

It’s not easy to share our life with anyone. However, once your crush appears to the one who tells you about their private things, it’s a sign that they trust you. They want you to explore their personality more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to Do When Your Crush Likes You Back?

Communication is the key whenever you’ve found out that two of you share the same feeling. You can start by confirming if you’re into that person as well. This move will lead to a confession from your crush.

Do I Have to Approach Them?

A lack of confidence can result in miscommunication when it comes to love. If the signs of how to know if your crush like back is pretty obvious, you don’t have to hold your feeling anymore. It’s always appropriate to confess first. Good luck!

What to Do After the Confession?

Knowing that your love is not one-sided, what are you waiting? You can start a relationship with that person from now on. It must be the happiest moment of your life ever!



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