­­8 Best Gifts to Win Aries Women’s Heart


Aries season is coming! It starts March 21 and ends April 19 every year. Time to prepare the best gift for your favorite Aries women. She could be your partner, friend, or family. Certain things make them in common, their Aries personality traits.

Aries women have been known to be that energetic, charming, and competitive lady leader who is also soft-hearted on the inside. She is fond of attention and admiration from people around her. She can be very loyal once she trusts you with all her heart. Being mindful of these prominent traits of Aries women, you can be smart in choosing the ultimate gifts to win Aries women’s heart.

Aries women personality traits  

1. Energetic (life of a party)

Aries women like to be the center of attention. She is not only happy being showered by affection and love, but she also gives back that energy to those around her. That is why people love being around an Aries women. People want to stay longer in a room full of positivity and vibrant energy, just like how Aries women present themselves in front of their audience. A party cannot start without an Aries woman!

2. Competitive (go big or go home)

In some way, we all have that fiery competitiveness feeling inside ourselves. Yes, human tends to avoid being in the last place of the race. But not all of us can afford to be in our prime all the time. Things are different for Aries women as it becomes something indispensable for her. Competitiveness runs in her blood. She simply wants to win and be at the top of her game. Whether it is about work, business, school, love, and friendship. It is good to have an Aries woman as a supporter to keep going like her, but you better watch out if she is in the same competition as you. She works ten times harder than anyone else. No wonder that we often find an Aries woman in the leading position of a career field. Hello Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, and Emma Watson!

3. Courageous (into the unknown~♫)

Aries women are brave, fearless, loud, and proud of herself. She does not like inactivity and tedious things. She loves being active and dynamic. With that passionate energy inside her, she wants to embrace the uncertainty to fulfill her curiosity. Some people might think of this trait as a reckless side of an Aries women, but it shows that Aries women can also be fun and adventurous besides her strong leader-like personality.

4. Honest (no lies for the allies)

There is no other zodiac that is as straightforward as Aries except if you have been around them for a longer time. Aries women do not hesitate to tell a secret about anything in her life to those close to her. It is known that people still filter most of the things they say, even in an intimate relationship situation. But you can expect an Aries women to be truthful because she appreciates honesty as invaluable.


Gifts for Aries women

1. Sneakers

Aries women indeed like to be active and adventurous to channel her overflowing energy to the outside world. In other words, she just likes moving around and do physical activities a lot. Buying her sneakers or the latest-released running shoes will guarantee to impress her. It shows that you care about her personality, likes, and dislikes. Make sure to choose the color that also matches her desired level of attention. Since red is the sign’s power color, choose sneakers in these color shades, too, like pink, maroon, burgundy, or coral.

2. Camera


Aries women love to embrace the moment as it is. She loves being in the present and enjoy every minute with people’s surroundings. That is why a camera would be a perfect gift to win her heart. Whether it is a classic analog or cutting-edge DSLR, it can be a great tool for capturing the moment and making it a lifelong memory in her life. Moreover, she likes being the center of attention. She loves to be photographed herself or we can call her a selfie queen!

3. Watch

The most outstanding trait of an Aries women is her competitiveness. She is strong, independent, and hard-working. She makes sure to put the optimum effort into whatever she is doing. Knowing this trait, a watch is simply the best gift for Aries women. You would give something useful that could help her achieve her life goals, with a sense of style. Aries women love to lead and organize things, including time, the most precious asset in her life. Giving her a watch shows that your taste in gifts suits her a lot.


4. Diary


For organizing purposes, what is the second most functional thing that comes after a watch? Yes, it is a diary. The book can serve many purposes, like keeping a to-do list, daily journal, thoughts, ideas, and many more. A diary could be an excellent gift choice for an Aries women.

5. Bold earrings

One of the best accessories to attract the eyes of people is bold earrings. Statement earrings like big hoops, dangling, twisted, link-chain, and butterfly-shaped are brilliant gift ideas for an Aries women.

6. Vintage dress 

Now you get the bold earrings, you also need a vintage dress for Aries women. Vintage dress is simply the right clothing piece for an Aries woman because it fits her elegant, alluring, and chic appearance. Today, the vintage dress can be found in many styles, such as the classic French, embroidered, chambray, and floral swing.

7. Flowers 



We are still talking about Aries women who love being showered with attention and admiration. A flower is a marvelous gift to win Aries women’s heart. You can choose many variants of flowers to match the occasion. Whether you want to give Aries women a birthday, valentine, or anniversary gift, a flower is perfect for every occasion. Knowing that Aries women loves the spotlight, you can choose roses or sunflowers as the main options to suit her bold personality.

8. Teddy bear

Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear

Even though Aries women has that strong, charming, and fierce exterior but believe it or not, she is very soft-hearted. For that reason, she needs constant attention and can be a very loyal partner and friend. So, what is the next best gift idea for Aries women? You might be surprised, but a teddy bear could also be a brilliant choice. Aries women are still that cute little girl on the inside, after all. She would be flattered that you know her hidden personality as well.

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