Get To Know The Facts and Myths of Gemini More Closely


Gemini is the zodiac sign for those born from May 21 to June 21. They are a fickle person because of the Gemini sign of twins. They are known as individuals who like new things, such as exploring places that she has never been before. Therefore they are often dubbed by an active person. But they are also said to be the moodiest of Gemini signs. Sometimes they may want to hang out with friends. But then suddenly want to return home.

They have many positive traits that attract everyone. They are polite, talkative, friendly, and humorous. They also have high intelligence and intellect. They have a helper soul without calculating. Their respectful and adaptable nature gives them the type to always respect differences. They have poor judgment with the other zodiac signs. People often assume that they have two very different sides. They are evil and cannot be trusted. However, this is far from the truth. Therefore, it helps us to know which facts and myths exist in a Gemini.

1. Adaptable: Fact

They are known to have multiple personalities that build them a very adaptable person. They like to be in a crowd and can work in any environment. It is what makes them productive and resilient people. They can be more developed even though they are in a new environment. They like to be around other people and socialize. They can do well around people they don’t know. They are known to be able to do everything at a fast pace and conquer everything outside their comfort zone.

2. Soul of Art: Fact

They have a high artistic sense of art. Although they may not necessarily be interested in becoming an artist, they love to enjoy the arts. Starting from painting, music, film, and so on. His fondness for various kinds of art made him appreciate someone’s artwork even more. It creates them have high creativity among others. They have unique thoughts or ideas on things. This character makes them able to create anything without being overly impressed. They can show originality when it comes to things that interest them.

3. A lovely Friend: Fact


They have someone who will show his true colors when he is with his best friends. Especially if they have the same interest as her, they will talk more. Geminis are known to be fun mood makers with their humor. This playful nature is what makes them easy to break the ice. Geminis are also great listeners if one of their best friends has a problem. They will not hesitate to open their ears to listen to the words of their friends. They are easy to trust as a loyal friend and keeps their best friend secret. However, if a friend betrays them, they will be very disappointed and tend not to want to form a friendship with that person.

4. Mood Maker: Fact

Geminis have a bit of a sense of humor and know how to make jokes. They can make everyone laugh, and know-how and when to joke. So this is a good reason for them to have a witty sense of humor. They are not even afraid to turn themselves into a joke. Although they are not easily offended. They would even laugh when they heard the mockery about him. He is known as an easy-going person and does not get hurt easily. However, you will be amazed if you see him angry because it is a relaxed nature that makes them rarely angry.

5. Promise breaker: Myth

As we know, they have a love for going out, hanging out with their friends. It causes them to over-plan at certain times. It keeps their schedule full. However, this can be a little tricky. They will often run from place to place, trying to fit in as many activities as possible. Because of this, they frequently cancel a plan or two. They love to make other people happy. So, people judge them as breakers of promises.

6. Two-faced: Myth


They have the symbol of twins. It is the reason why people are judged them to have two-faced faces or personalities. This assessment is just a misunderstanding. This symbol of twins represents the Gemini multiple personalities that can fit in anywhere. They are someone who knows how to be friendly, submissive, serious, or careless. It depends on where they are and their mood. What is important, the meaning of these multiple personalities doesn’t mean that they have evil intentions. They are value ​​friendship more than anything else. So, they will never do anything to hurt someone behind them.

7. The manipulative: Myth

Multiple Personalities
Multiple Personalities

Geminis have multiple personalities and willpower. They are known to be able to adapt their character in a variety of situations. It makes them labeled as manipulative and creepy. Everyone sees them as those who do whatever it takes to get what they want. Their strong determination doesn’t mean that they are willing to hurt others in the process of getting what they want. But, if they want something from you, they’ll say it right away. It is because they don’t have the time or patience to plan how to manipulate any situation.

8. Fatigue disease: Myth

As previously discussed, they are known as multitasking figures. They can do several jobs well at the same time. But this habit makes them have problems with the lungs and respiratory system. As a result, they often catch illnesses such as flu and coughs. This disease will usually attack someone whose immunity is decreasing or tired. It is not only for those with the Gemini zodiac, but anyone with low immunity can catch the disease. It doesn’t mean that all Geminis are more susceptible to the disease. Many of them are maintaining their health by exercising or getting enough rest.

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