Get To Know The Types of Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers
Funeral Flowers

There are thousands of varieties of flowers that grow with different characters and physical characteristics. Uniquely, for hundreds of years, people have linked the nature of flowers to something specific. They use it at wedding ceremonies, birthdays, the inauguration of a place, expressions of condolences, etc. At that moment, they act as an expression to be conveyed through the language of flowers.

They are also synonymous with showing sympathy or condolences for the calamity that befell or the death of someone. They at funerals usually aim to share the spirit in passing life for the family participants and the mourners who attend. Of course, in this modern era, ordering them is not difficult. Many online florists allow you to order and make payments online quickly. You need to determine the size, the type of bouquet you want to order, meaning, or writing, and the complete address to transfer the funeral flowers. You also don’t need to be confused about choosing the right type of bloom to convey your condolences, because florists are more experienced about what type of bloom is right.

However, you can use their favorite if you find a favorite one of the deceased or recognize a family member’s favorite left behind. Sending them is a meaningful gesture that can bring comfort to those who are grieving. Many people do not recognize that there are various meanings associated with the variety and color them. Try to send them in soft colors and not flashy colors. White is the dominant color to combine with your condolence arrangements. The following flowers you can choose as a form of mourning for someone who has passed away:

1. Rose

Who would have thought if the first order was in a rose? Usually rose to express love and affection. But it turns out that there are roses that can also express sadness. For a condolence arrangement using roses, you can use a white rose and a red rose. You must combine the two because they have deep meaning for the bereaved family.

White roses symbolize sincere respect from someone who knows them closely. And red roses have the meaning of love and passion. White roses as a symbol to show sorrow for the departure of the deceased. And the significance of the passion of the red rose is to encourage those who are left behind. It aims to stay strong and ready to face life in the future without a loved one.

White Roses
White Roses

2. Carnation

Carnations are a type of flower that is quite popular. And you can give it as a symbol of mourning. These have various types, but the color of the carnation chosen for the dead is white carnation. They symbolize purity and sincerity. You can use it to express sadness over the death of that person. In some areas, they use carnations for condolences. Generally, they arrange carnations with a standing spray. For the Catholic community and some Christians, the Pink Carnation means a blessing from the Virgin Mary. It was because the Pink Carnation came from her tears.

3. Gladiolus

For some people, this one is a little foreign. Its name is not so famous compared to flowers in general. But did you know that this gladiolus is one of the oldest types of carnations? Usually, the ancient Romans used it as a flower for the deceased to express their respect and sincerity. Gladiolus has tall stems consisting of several flowers that can reach a height of four feet. You can use this to convey respect to those who have passed away. There are several colors of gladiolus such as white, pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, and green.

White Lily

4. Lily

Just like roses, lilies are a beautiful bloom to express love. However, if someone is dying, this will be used as a death flower or a flower to show empathy for someone’s death. The lily used is usually white. They have the meaning of purity, purity, and sympathy for what has been experienced by someone.

There are many other kinds of lilies that you need to know because each color has a different symbolic meaning. Lilies are a symbol of serenity and the purity of the soul. They believe that the soul of the deceased will easily attain peace. This flower in Europe and America is a symbol of burial. Christians regard this flower as a symbol of purity, virginity, and radiance of the soul. It is because they believe that it covers the tomb of the Virgin Mary.

5. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a flower that can be used as an ornamental plant or arrangement to symbolize mourning at a funeral. Unlike others, the meaning behind chrysanthemums varies greatly. In America and Europe, chrysanthemums have the signification of sympathy and honor. Each color also has its symbol. Red symbolizes love, while white symbolizes innocence. In China, Japan, and Korea, chrysanthemum is a symbol of lament and sorrow.

Funeral Flowers
Funeral Flowers

The first flower-giving etiquette is to note a difference between sent as a form of mourning and for a funeral. It symbolizes commemorating the life of the deceased. In addition, sending them after the funeral is the right choice, especially if he is a close friend of yours.

You should also pay attention to the type of bouquet that you will give to the bereaved family. They will place yours in priority places near the coffin and around the grave if you are close to families such as parents, brothers and sisters, and children. For distant families and relatives, they will place yours around funeral homes. It is possible when they know that you sent them. They know that you care about the grief they are going through. Don’t forget to send a condolence card. However, try to keep the notes on the greeting card not too long. Don’t forget to include an individual, organization, community, or company name when sending them.

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