Full Guide to Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year
Full Guide to Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Each married couple wants their marriage to be long-lasting. Years have passed, and your marriage is stepping to its 5th, 10th, or 20th anniversaries. They just like that! Time flies so fast, right? Whether celebrating the first year of marriage or mentioned above, the most important thing to do, ensure to spice up the celebration with a special gift that comes sincerely from the heart to your loved ones!

Do you find it challenging to get a gift that fits the occasion? Relax, you’re not alone! Sometimes you need gift suggestions from the web, and we are here to help you! Maybe you have never heard beforehand that each year of marriage is associated with a modern gift. The modern gift choices often reflect items that may be more useful than the traditional gift. Nowadays, it’s not strange to choose modern gifts for a wedding anniversary because they’re more relatable to today’s day and age. Are you interested in learning more about modern wedding anniversary gifts by year? Check out the full guide to modern gifts for anniversaries below!

Modern Wedding Gifts from 1st Anniversary to 20th Anniversary

Learning about traditional or modern wedding gifts for the anniversary by year may take time since the suggestions are various. Take your time to unveil each year before getting the fit one for your marriage! 

1st Anniversary: Clock

The clock is a common item when it comes to fashion. Time is precious for many people, and clocks always represent it. Not only make a suitable gifts for men but sending a clock is pretty appropriate for the first anniversary. Take notes in mind that time will remain on how long both of you have spent time together.

2nd Anniversary: China

China is delicate and strong. China portrays the strengths and weaknesses of any relationship. It draws your marriage at this early stage. China, just like a marriage, needs to be checked out after and handled rightfully, likely a marriage that could break anytime. 

3rd Anniversary: Crystal or Glass

Any item that uses crystal or glass as the material will make it looks more sophisticated. As a gift for the 3rd anniversary, crystal and glass signify light and beauty. While crystal and glass may be luxurious, they secretly have a hidden meaning that reflects a marriage. Both represent clarity and transparency, as seen by their physical form. 

4th Anniversary: Appliances

To start a new life in the new home after getting married, providing appliances is a must thing do. Home appliances also make a gift becomes more practical. Gift-giving your loved one electrical appliances shows how to settle your feeling after spending those four years with your partner.

5th Anniversary: Silver Houseware

Home goods usually consist of silverware, for example, the meal set. All the good time you have shared is represented with beautiful silver houseware. The good thing about gift-giving silver houseware is that you can use it daily.

6th Anniversary: Woods

Congratulation on making it halfway to a decade! An item made out of woods is good to be wrapped as a special 6th-anniversary gift as it symbolizes the resilience of the marriage you’ve been living. Further, woods also reflect the durability and strength of your marriage. 

7th Anniversary: Desk Sets

A way different from previous modern anniversary wedding gifts we mentioned above, this one may sound far from romantic, but trust us, a desk set will make the best gift for your 7th anniversary as it brings a productive touch to your home.

8th Anniversary: Lace and Lines

If you’re asking about objects of beauty, the answer refers to lace and lines. Both of them are named delicate and refined. Surprise you loved ones with lace and lines to bring smile during this precious wedding birthday celebration!

9th Anniversary: Leather

Leather has been widely using for many products, including fashion items. Leather is the material that can stay for years, likely your marriage which just hit the 9th anniversary. You have a big hope for your married life to be long-lasted when sending leather.

10th Anniversary: Jewelry with Diamond

Passing marriage for ten years is pretty cool! Capture the one decade of your married life by sending a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry to your wife! Diamonds take pretty long time to form before being revealed, just like a strong relationship you’re hooking in at the moment.

11th Anniversary: Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry as modern anniversary gifts never gets old. You can deliver it to your dearest one once the marriage passes its 11th. There are numerous options of fashion jewelry on the market you can consider buying. You don’t always have to choose the sophisticated one. Just come with something sincerely from the heart.

12th Anniversary: Pearl

If “diamond is girls best friend”, Marilyn Monroe’s said, so is the pearl! With the meaning of finding a hidden treasure, sending a pearl represents how it felt when you finally found her. Celebrating a wedding anniversary with a piece of pearl jewelry will bring both of you to the old days. It’s sweet and nostalgic!

13th Anniversary: Textiles

Being married for thirteen years means you have already comfortable with each other. Despite seeming ordinary for some people, there’s no way not include textiles on your gift-giving checklist if you find jewelry is not into your thing at the moment.

14th Anniversary: Gold Jewelry

Gold is the symbol of perfection, eternity, and unification that will make the best your partner ever receives on the 14th wedding anniversary. Gold jewelry belongs to classic gifts that commonly appear as jewelry or fashion essentials, for example, gold watches.

15th Anniversary: Watches

Eternal love is timeless. Watches signify the passage of time and all the years both of you have shared. Plus, watches are wearable! You can go with different types of watches, either the analog ones or the digital ones.

16th Anniversary: Silver Holloware

When you sit down to dine together for celebrating the 16th of your marriage anniversary, silver hollowware will make a heart-touching gift.

17th Anniversary: Furniture

Any furniture belongs to traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts that represent the comfort of spending those 17 years in an established marriage.

18th Anniversary: Porcelain

Now that your marriage just hit its 18th, it’s time to gift something that marks every hard work to keep the relationship stay strong for those years. Porcelain happens for this as it’s a reminder for you and your partner to take care of each other in the future.

19th Anniversary: Bronze

19 years is not a short period for anyone’s marriage. Thank God for keeping it this long! Well, you can go with bronze which signifies the stronger and well-established relationship for the 19th wedding anniversary celebration.

20th Anniversary: Platinum

Congratulations on passing the 20th year of marriage! As two decades have passed, mark this special achievement with something in platinum to pamper and delight your dearest ones! For you who are still unfamiliar, platinum symbolizes the delicate and fragile nature of a marriage. This material is good in durability metal that stands for years, likely your marriage that just hit its 20 years.

Modern Wedding Gifts from 25st Anniversary to 60th Anniversary

A long-lasting marriage is perhaps many people’s big dream. It’s like an achievement that needs to be celebrated by sharing laughter, smile, and tears over these past 20 years. Here are modern gifts recommendations to anyone who is about to hit their 25th to 60th wedding anniversary. In addition, feel free to add anniversary flower bouquets besides these gorgeous gifts below!

25th Anniversary: Silver

Now that you’ve passed 20 years of marriage, or we can say, two decades of spending time with your loved one, the marriage continues until both of you celebrate the 25th anniversary. Do you know that the 25th year of marriage is known as the “Silver Anniversary”? This material is associated with a gift for traditional or modern wedding celebrations. Silver is named radiance and brilliance as many people see it as a valuable item to capture a long-lasting marriage. Gift-giving your long-time partner, silver jewelry symbolizes the vision for the future as you are ready to ahead to the future of your relationship. 

30th Anniversary: Diamond

Something that looks beautiful and elegant is what you’re probably looking for to celebrate three exceptional decades spent together with your dearest. A piece of jewelry must be gorgeous while this time, you can get diamond jewelry. Diamonds never fail to captivate many hearts, neither for your wife! Diamonds take a significant amount of time until it finally is developed. They are such a philosophy of a strong relationship. Spending time for more than 30 years with your partner is considered a strong relationship. Therefore, sending any piece of jewelry with a diamond is pretty acceptable.

35th Anniversary: Jade

These previous modern gifts for wedding anniversaries have the same pattern where they consist of stones that are widely used for jewelry. This time, jade takes the spot as your perfect wedding gift to celebrate 35 years of marriage. Jade represents passion, luck, and wealth – which are everything you need for a long and healthy marriage in the future. As it’s difficult for many couples out there to keep their marriage for over three decades, expressing your love with jade is pretty meaningful. It can strengthen your relationship.

40th Anniversary: Ruby

The traditional and modern anniversary present for the 40th year of marriage is the same: rubies. Likely these stones we mentioned above, rubies are beautiful, make them great for many occasions, including to pamper your long-time partner. The ruby is named the stone that rich in love and passion. Furthermore, it symbolizes a love that never burns out. In other words, rubies are perfect to deliver what people might think when seeing a married couple who have been together for 40 years: a love that never died.

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

We believe no one would refuse sapphire jewelry as their gift because it’s really extravagant yet sophisticated! Not only look glamorous in the eyes, there are also a few meanings in a sapphire stone that you might never hear before. Sapphire jewelry signifies truth, consistency, and sincerity to make a long-lasting marriage happens. The 45th wedding anniversary is the most suitable time to delight your beloved with a piece of sapphire jewelry.

50th Anniversary: Gold

Nothing can beat gold as the 50th wedding anniversary gift. Gold is known as both traditional and modern wedding anniversary present to level up this golden age of your marriage. Sharing time with your partner for 50 years is such a huge achievement. It’s proof that both of you had passed many life difficulties, including what challenged your marriage the most. To celebrate this wholesome achievement, you can go with gold jewelry that portrays the prosperity, wisdom, and strength to always be on each other’s side.

55th Anniversary: Emerald

A true love is being portrayed in many ways and forms, including a piece of jewelry with different stones. If a metal, like gold, is perfect on capturing any wedded couples’ 50th wedding celebration, so is with emerald – which this time is suitable for the 55 years old marriage. An emerald commonly comes in a deep green that fascinates many eyes. It’s a symbol of true love, devotion, and adoration. With that in mind, there’s no way to exclude it from wedding anniversary gifts by year suggestions.

60th Anniversary: Diamond

A fun fact about diamonds, they appear multiple times as wedding anniversary gifts! Named the classic gift for various occasions, including love purposes, diamonds never fail to impress your loved ones. After spending 60 years together, you have reached the ultimate milestone of your marriage. Congratulations! Now, as the celebration is getting closer, get your diamond jewelry! There’s no other way to commemorate this ultimate yet monumental wedding anniversary except by expressing it through shiny diamond jewelry. It’s a genuine act to thank your partner for always being beside you this entire time.


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