8 Bouquets That Will Make Your Best Friend Melt


We rarely talk about a gift for a best friend. Sometimes, we know what they want as a gift so we don’t get puzzled to find it. But not every one of us got that coincidental to know what they pretty crave. That situation will give us a chance to give everything they don’t want. However, it does not mean a carelessness gift. Therefore, we would like to recommend a gift for your best friends.

To plan the gift, we have to ensure the compatibility between the present and the purpose. Because this article’s subject is a best friend, we should know things about friendship. In every site on the internet, the color that would be listed to symbolize the friendship is yellow and orange.

We have a list of flowers that can be a nice idea for a friendship flower bouquet. Some parts of it symbolize the eternal friendship that is generally yellow and orange flowers, but alternatively, it could be another color.

The sincerity for friends

group of friends
group of friends

1. White Lily

Lily bouquet would be suitable as a flower bouquet for a best friend. It is perhaps an expensive bouquet. Regardless of the price, white lily has a deep meaning about sincerity. You can give it to your best friend as an eternal friendship bouquet. The bouquet would represent gratitude to your best friend for loving you sincerely.

2. White Rose

White rose probably has closer meaning with the white lily above. Because the lily is expensive, you can choose the white rose instead. You could find the bouquet of white rose in a flower bouquet easier. White rose also has more variable to match in the bouquet. Therefore you do not have to go through the hassle because you know that the white rose is the answer.

Both white lilies and white roses could be magnificent when put inside the same bouquet. If you are confused about the most sincere between them, the answer is to put it together inside the bouquet. If you are still confused about the gift, go with a bouquet of lilies and roses as it is a high level of sincerity for your best friend.

Yellow and orange as friendship bouquet

couple of friends
couple of friends

1. Iris

From the pharaoh until the French monarchy, both use the lovely Iris as the décor. It means the Iris really has the quality of beauty that causes the empire to use it in their kingdom. That is only the beginning about the beautiful Iris.

Iris is one of few flowers that is listed as a friendship bouquet. They have the yellow variant of flowers. If you have a friendship for many years, then the yellow iris bouquet is the answer. The yellow iris bouquet for your friend could be the best appreciation for having them in your ups and downs. You can show how meaningful they are for you and through many things along with the friendship.

2. Sunflower

Every site would recommend sunflowers as a flower bouquet for a friend. Unlike here, we tell you the unique idea. It is not about how meaningful they when you give the sunflower bouquet, but the uplifting them.

Usually, you give the bouquet to your friends or best friend when you want to congratulate them on the success they get. Let’s make it different. How about you give the sunflower bouquet to your friend when they get sick or when they fail.

Some people probably see it as an offensive act, but it is not. The yellow and orange on sunflower are believed could uplifting someone — this is why we recommend it. As a good friend, you need to remind them that the sun will still rise tomorrow how hard the failure is. To clear up the purpose, write them the greeting card, tell them that you love them.


Flower bouquet of friendship


1. Blue Tulip

The blue tulip is a favorite flower from the Netherlands. The flower sends the message about the impression of the deep peace inside. So the blue tulip pretty suits as a best friend flower bouquet. When you give it to your friend, it seems like gratitude for their guarded trust.

The whole bouquet full of blue tulips is a good idea because of friendship bouquet that we found mostly in the yellow. The blue flower is rarely found, but the blue tulip breaks it all.

2. Ivy

We rarely see an Ivy, but the flower is an excellent idea for bouquet friendship. It is hard to find the ivy bouquet, so just pick the flower. Give it to your best friend, it would be very special. The ivy might tell your friend that your friendship will be eternal.


Food Bouquet

favorite food
favorite food

1. Chocolates Bouquet

Who does not love chocolate? You can also give your best friend a food bouquet consisting of chocolate. Of course, chocolate has many kinds, what kind do we have for the bouquet? Every kind. It contains the chocolate bar, chocolate drink, powder of chocolate, snack chocolate, and many more. They should be inside the one bouquet as a friendship bouquet. Your best friend would love it cause it was pretty sweet for the friendship. A chocolate bouquet would be appropriate for a gift when they have a terrible day or PMS day.

2. Your Favourites

You and your best friend definitely have a favorite food. Bring to them the box which contains your favorites food. The bouquet was probably complicated. If the food is wrapped in paper or fabric, you can use a box instead. You should give it when you plan to have some quality time with them like movies marathon, gaming, or karaoke.

Those are several recommendation bouquets for best friends. The important is you give it accompanied the sincerity from your deep heart. Do or buy a bouquet that makes your friends feel impressed about the friendship. The good friend will understand the message behind because they are actually brother from another blood. Moreover, we could say that they are the siblings that we chose.

Sometimes people put their friend first over the sibling. People are more open to their friends than family, and it is preferable to ask for help from friends than a group of people with the same blood as us.

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