How Roses could Stay Fresh in a Vase

Rose bouquet is one of the most popular items in a florist. You know that roses are beautiful flowers. Besides, it also has various colors with a fragrance smell. That is why; a bouquet of this flower is always looked attractive.

Rose bouquet
Rose bouquet

Roses have long existed as a symbol of love and affection. It is mostly among the young people in this universe. Like other fresh flowers, roses can only last a short time. It means that you must do something to make them stay fresh in a vase.

However, you don’t need to worry. These live flowers can last up to several days if you can take care of them. There are several recommended guides that you can try. Below are some best ways to take care of the roses in a vase.


Cut the Stem

From the beginning, you can start by opening the plastic cover and aluminum foil (flower bars). Sometimes, a florist may also use the cardboard (flower bouquet) that covers the roses. Then, cut off the end of the stem about one centimeter at a slight angle.

Try cutting the stems in the water to keep the flowers fresh. It will work by preventing air from entering through the bottom of the stems. Don’t forget to do this step. It is maybe a simple one, but it can make the roses fresher.

A sharp knife or scissors are the best tools to use for cutting rose stems. Use standard scissors that press well against the stems of the rose. It is done to keep them from absorbing water effectively, so they don’t die/wilt faster.

After each use, you should wash the shears with hot, soapy water or a mild bleach solution. Otherwise, the bacteria will stay and affect the next flower you cut. It needs more effort and time. However, the result will be amazing, and worth it.

Rose Stem
Rose Stem


Pick the Leaves

It is crucial to pick any leaves at the bottom of the roses stem. It is done to avoid rotting the leaves in the vase water. You can leave a few leaves on top of the stalk; it will not disturb the flower.

However, be sure to remove anything that will submerge in the water in the vase. How about the thorns? Don’t remove the thorns from the rose stem. Removing the thorns will cause the roses to live shorter. It will not be fresh for a long time.

Put the roses in a vase that has been filled with clean water. Keep in mind; don’t use tap water because it contains a lot of chlorine, making the flowers wilt quickly. Try to use mineral water that is cooked before.


Fill the Vase with Water

After cutting, roses tend to absorb a lot of water. Fill the vase with fresh water about 3/4. Then, arrange the roses into a vase so that the stalks are about an inch from the bottom. There is an aim of this concept.

This arrangement will make it is easier for the rose stalks to absorb the water. It is needed to stay fresh. Every two days or so, change the water in the vase to ensure bacterial growth won’t damage your beautiful rose flowers.

Fill the vase with fresh water and add a little bleach. Cut off the bottom of the rose stem and then arrange it back into the vase. You can do it for various kinds of roses. Besides, this guide is also suitable for other different types of flowers.

Fresh Rose in a Vase
Fresh Rose in a Vase


Keep the Flowers in a Cool Place

The roses will stay fresh for a few days if you keep them indoors in a cool area. Avoid placing roses near windows that are exposed to heat or direct sunshine. Don’t put the roses in rooms that tend to be warm.

If it is cared for properly, live flowers usually last a maximum of 3-5 days. If you want a longer-lasting (up to 7 days) freshness, you can add sugar, salt, or clothes bleach. It is even vinegar to the water in your favorite rose vase.

As soon as the roses begin to wilt, you can grind them for compost as a nutrient additive to the soil instead of throwing them away. It is a good idea if you love gardening. It will make the roses still beneficial till the end.

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