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Flowers That Mean Friendship
Flowers That Mean Friendship

People celebrate various things in life as a sign of gratitude, including friendships. You can’t help but be grateful for the support and warmth that came from friendship. It’s usual to express words of appreciation through gifts, whether it’s practical or symbolizes a specific meaning. There are several flowers you may want to consider as friendship gifts. Flowers that mean friendship also With beautiful colors, fragrant scents, and meaningful messages, nobody could resist their charm. Even though flowers earned admiration for their beauty, flowers carry heavier importance and significance ever since they gained popularity in the Victorian era

Flowers That Mean Symbolize Friendship

People use flowers as symbols, mostly romantic related. However, some flowers that you might already feel familiar with do symbolize friendship. So, are you ready to get to know those flowers that mean friendship?

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1. Alstroemeria 

As the native flower of South America, alstroemeria is known as the symbol of strong bonds, support, devotion, and of course, friendship. Giving alstroemeria to a friend could translate to a willingness in overcoming difficulties together. This flowers that mean friendship a lot suitable to celebrate mutual bonds between friends with alstroemeria. Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian Lily, exists in a variety of colors. Such as pink, white, purple, red, orange, and yellow. But don’t mistake them for lilies because alstroemeria does not belong to the lily family, Liliaceae. Instead, this flower with striking petals belongs to the Alstromeriaceae family.

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2. Tulips

Tulip Flowers That Mean Friendship
Tulip Flowers That Mean Friendship

Tulips are the famous all-spring flower. In Turkey and Netherlands, tulips are acknowledged as the symbol of everlasting love. To be specific, tulips with red petals. However, the love they represent extends beyond romance. It could also translate to unconditional love, such as parental love and friendship. Tulips come in various colors, and each of them has a particular message to represent. The ones with friendship symbolization are pink tulips and yellow tulips. A bouquet of colorful tulips will also do you a favor in expressing your gratitude towards a friend.

3. Gerbera Daisy

Bright colors and delicate textured petals are the characteristics of gerbera daisy. This variant of daisy’s symbolic meaning is associated with positivity. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to show support to a friend, these beautiful and vivid blooms will do it for you. Gerbera daisies come in a variety of colors or even bi-colored petals. You can find gerbera daisies in any color other than blue. But, the ones with friendship as their symbolic meaning are yellow and orange gerbera daisies. Gerbera daisies are also popular as the birth month flower for April.

4. Sunflowers 

Sunflowers | Flowers That Mean Friendship
Sunflowers | Flowers That Mean Friendship

As a part of the Asteraceae family, sunflower is widely known for its bright yellow colors and the shape of its symmetrical petals. The reason why sunflowers are on the list along with these friendship flowers is that they are known as the representative of loyalty. It is also popularly known that sunflowers spark joy to whoever receives them. That makes this native United States flower the perfect everlasting friendship symbol. However, sunflowers also exist in other colors besides yellow, such as red and dark red with a purple tone.

5. Pear Blossoms 

The next flowers that mean friendship is pear blossoms. This Flower are often used to decorate wedding receptions. Pear blossoms also represent lasting friendship. Lasting friendship comes from mutual trust and supports shaped through moments and struggles, a very worth celebrating relationship. It is also famous as the spring indicator as they start to fully bloom during spring. With white, soft, and velvet-textured petals, pear blossoms also have greatly calming and fresh scents and are often used in perfumes. Giving pear blossoms to a friend could be deciphered as a sign of genuine supports.

6. Violets

Violet , The Blossom Flower
Violet , The Blossom Flower

Violets are the native flower of North America. With asymmetrical petals and heart-shaped leaves as their famous characteristics, violets are also known for the messages they symbolize. One of the words violets conveys is faithful friendship. You can send violets to appreciate your close ones’ faithfulness. You can find violets with various of colors in nature. Such as blue, yellow, and cream petals violets. For a fun fact, this beautiful flower is edible. So, if you consider baking a cake for your friend, you can add violets’ petals into a cake as a decoration or additional syrup.  So violets are flowers that mean friendship very deep

7. Roses

Roses are the widely recognized beauty and the source inspiration of countless love stories and poems. It very suited for flowers that mean friendship. With layered petals and thorny stems as their characteristics, roses are adored by many. Even though roses are famous for their passionate romantic symbolization, care between friends is also something this flower expresses. So, it is very suitable if you want to show your gratitude towards a friend with a bouquet of roses. The best variant of colors to choose for that intention is yellow and orange roses. Just like people said, nothing could go wrong with roses. Even their scent is pleasant, sweet, and elegant. 

Occasions to Celebrate Friendship with Flowers

Celebrate Friendship with Flowers
Celebrate Friendship with Flowers

Even though you can show your appreciation and thankfulness at any moment, some people might think it is necessary to find the right occasions for it to avoid any sense of awkwardness. So, here’s a list as a reference for you. 

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1. National Friendship Day

When celebrating national friendship day you can freely express your sincere and genuine appreciation to your friends. You could also send flowers to your old friends as a step to get in touch with them and catch up with their recent activities. 

2. Birthday 

Flowers are also common to give out as birthday gifts. You can solely give flowers as the main gift or as a complementary for other gifts to make it feels more personalized. A reminder for you, don’t confuse yourself too much about the gifts since the intention and thoughts you put into the gift matter the most.

3. When they reach their milestones

You can celebrate both your friendship and your friend’s achievement at once. You can show your support, wishes, and also appreciation at their happiest moments. Adding a congratulatory card to the gift might be necessary since positive words have the power to paint a smile on one’s face.

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