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All About Flower Color
All About Flower Color

Flower, a part of a plant with the main purpose is to produce pollen. The most noticeable characteristic that separates flowers from other parts of plants is their petals. Each plant has a certain shape of a flower, and each flower has its unique traits of petals. Petals of flowers also have characteristics that help us to differentiate one from another. Such as shape, texture, and colors. Flower color have a lot meanings for every flower.

As an example, the petals of thistle flowers look nothing like petals of roses. The two flowers also come in a variety of colors. Roses alone can be found in red, white, yellow, pink, and orange. These colors also happen to be symbolizing certain messages, and of course, not one is like the others.

Flower Color Meaning

Flower Color Meaning
Flower Color Meaning

Many flowers get their colors from either anthocyanins or carotenoids. However, some can get their colors from a combination of both. Through centuries colors of flowers have been attached and associated with many things. People use flowers as a tool to convey specific messages on their behalf. Do you know what meanings of flowers according to their colors?

Meanings of Pink Flowers

Pink Color Flower
Pink Color Flower

The pink flower color itself is a representation of happiness, youth, and affection. After gaining popularity in the 1700s, the color once was identified as pale red received its name after a flower with the exact shade of color. There are a lot of flowers with pink petals, the most famous ones are probably roses, azalea, cherry blossoms, tulips, lotus, and dahlia.

Pink flowers symbolize grace, happiness, and affection. The color pink is also associated with femininity and creativity. That explains why pink flowers are usually gifts as a sign of supports between friends and family members. As decorative items, you might want to pair pink flowers with darker colors of petals such as red flowers.

Meanings of Red Flowers

Red Flower Color are usually attached with messages regarding romantic love, passion, and desire. For centuries, people have been using red flowers as a substance of love letters. With floral scents and attractive red petals, no wonder why people would assume giving red flowers would leave deep impressions on others. Some red flowers you might already feel familiar with are roses, carnations, peony, poppy, orchids, and carnations.

The symbolization of red flowers most likely started in the 17th century when people began giving red flowers on Valentine’s Day. As you might already realize, that habit continues today. Even though the color red alone is associated with danger when it comes to flowers, this color only speaks about romance. As decorative items, the vivid red flowers are the perfect pair for calm and subtle colored flowers. Such as pink flowers and white flowers.

Meaning of White Flowers

White Flower Color are the symbol of purity, good wishes, and innocence. Giving flowers to others is also seen as a sign of sympathy and respect. For example, people are giving white carnations to celebrate Mother’s Day. Other white flowers you might know are daisies, daffodils, snowdrops, baby’s breath, and camelia. 

White flowers are also a symbol of new beginnings. That’s why you might easily spot white flowers as decorations for weddings receptions, farewell parties, or any other celebratory events. White flowers have been associated with happy moments for decades. As decorative items, white flowers would be the best pair for any color. You could pair them with rich and vivid-colored petals like red flowers or purple flowers. Pairing them with bright-colored petals also will not be a problem, for example, yellow flowers would make a good option.

Meanings of Yellow Flowers

Yellow Color Flower
Yellow Color Flower

The color yellow itself is a representation of positivity, creativity, and optimism. However, please refrain from giving yellow flowers with romantic intention. Because for centuries, yellow flowers are often used to symbolize rejection. These days, it could also translate as an invitation to the friend zone. Don’t worry, because outside romance, yellow flowers are the perfect flowers to celebrate National Friendship Day. Few popular yellow flowers are sunflowers, roses, daffodils, water lilies, gerbera daisies, and hibiscus.

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Flower with yellow-colored petals are the symbol of bonds of friendships and the taste of success. So besides celebrating National Friendship Day, you could give yellow flowers to a friend as a sign of support and appreciation for their achievements. If expressing through words seems too awkward for you, don’t confuse yourself and just hand them a bouquet of yellow flowers. 

Meanings of Blue Flowers

The color blue is rare to find naturally in flowers. That’s why blue flowers are associated with something magical as if it were part of a fantasy. You might ever hear about blue roses. Sadly, you can’t find blue roses in nature. Blue roses that you might have seen are white roses with blue colorings. Because even if it’s hard to obtain, people still desire to catch a glance of blue flowers. Therefore, blue flowers are the symbol of deep admiration and desire. Some flowers with naturally blue-colored petals are delphiniums, gentians, and Himalayan poppies.

The color blue itself is the symbol of imagination and honesty. That’s why it’s common to hand someone a bouquet of blue flowers as a sign of confession. 

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Meanings of Purple Flowers

For centuries, the color purple itself has been the symbol of wealth, luxury, and nobility. The color purple is also a rare occurring color to be spotted in nature. For example, purple sunset is not a sight you can enjoy every day. The same thing also applies to flowers. Due to previously mentioned reasons, purple flowers are seen as sacred and precious. Purple flowers you might already feel familiar with are lavenders, allium, bellflowers, cosmos, heliotrope, thistle, and lilac.

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Some of the previously mentioned purple flowers also carry deep romantic symbolizations, such as lavenders. You can express your devoted heart and feelings for a person through lavenders. Purple flowers are also suitable flowers for any occasion and often translate as the highest words of praise. Because the color purple itself symbolizes power, royalty, and pride.

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