Flower Bouquet Arrangements That Don’t Wilt Easily For Wedding

Flower Bouquet Arrangements That Dont Wilt Easily For WeddingA wedding can’t be separated from flower bouquet arrangements. Although all the flowers are pleasing, in fact, the flowers for a wedding can’t be chosen randomly. Many factors must be considered carefully, especially about durability. Much more necessary if it’s an outdoor event.

The level of endurance depends on the type of flowers. But there are also external factors that influence such as weather conditions and the placement of its position. Not all flowers have good durability, so some people choose to use artificial flowers.

Even so, you still have several choices of flowers that are not easy to wilt and are very suitable as a wedding decoration. With this long-lasting flower decorated, surely your wedding will remain lively until the end of the event, even a few days after.

Flower Bouquet Arrangements Most Suitable for Outdoor Wedding Events

It’s durable and cheap. That is the virtue of carnations. Easy to get, cheap and durable, that’s the advantage you can get if you choose carnations as wedding decorations. Besides that, dude, it also looks very pretty and elegant.

Plus, these flowers include sturdy flowers to be used as decorative ornaments and flower bouquets. If placed in a flower vase filled with water, these flowers can last for three weeks. Unfortunately, the color variation is not too much.

The next flower is orchids. Orchids actually will grow well in hot temperatures. The fact is that orchids will die if they are at low temperatures. This is certainly good news for those of you who choose orchids as wedding decorations.

Aside from being a sweetener appearance, orchids are also suitable for flower bouquet arrangements. In a vase, the orchid can last for 14 to 21 days. But unfortunately, this flower is quite expensive. You need more funds to decorate your wedding with these beautiful flowers.

Dahlia is one of the flowers that blossom in summer. Of course, this is a plus, considering the wedding reception (especially outdoor) is usually carried out in the dry season. Aside from being flower bouquet arrangements, dahlias can be used to beautify the guest table.

As the name implies, sunflowers are proven to be durable in hot weather. Also, sunflower decorations make your wedding look festive and cheerful. If usually a wedding party dominated by soft colors, there’s no harm in trying the bright yellow color of sunflowers.

The Most Beautiful Flower Bouquet Arrangements for Your Wedding Decoration

The flower most often used as a wedding decoration is a rose. Rose can be likened to a symbol of love. Besides being beautiful and charming, the rose turns out to be one of the flowers, that is proven to be durable and resistant to hot weather.

Added value, roses have several colors that can be adjusted to the theme of your wedding decoration. Roses will last for 7 to 10 days in a vase filled with cold water. That way you can prepare these decorations one to two days before the wedding day begins.

Beautiful and elegant lilies are known as flowers that thrive in tropical and humid regions. Therefore, it is very fitting to be used as a decoration, especially for an outdoor wedding. Besides, using lilies add to the impression of exotic, beautiful, and elegant, under a sacred marriage.

But you need to know, not all lilies have a strong fragrance. Choose the Star Gazer lilies. This type of lily can spread its fragrance up to a radius of 1.5 meters. That way the fragrance of your wedding party can already be smelled from a distance.

Flowers That Will Give a Deep Impression in Your Wedding Day

As the name implies, a wedding party is suitable to use the forget me not flower. This flower means it is not easy to forget or intended for a lasting relationship. As flower bouquet arrangements, this flower adds the impression of not forgetting the special day.

Finally, there are gladiola flowers that give a different impression from many marriages in general. Gladiola flower arrangements can last for 14 days with proper care. For different wedding decorations, the right choice falls on this flower.

Especially if you want to provide a more colorful atmosphere because gladiola has a very wide variety of colors. The presence of these flowers will make your wedding decorations more fabulous. But don’t forget to keep adjusting the color to your wedding theme.

Flowers are only one small aspect of decoration. However, there are no flowers; wedding decorations will not be perfect. Therefore, do not choose the wrong flower bouquet arrangements following the theme of your wedding.

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