First Wedding Anniversary

wedding anniversaryHi there! Now that you’re looking at this, it means that you’ve reached your first anniversary. Congratulations! Every marriage begins with a big celebration; the challenge is maintaining a marriage worth celebrating for years to come. Every couple is usually full of hopes and dreams for a better and more productive marriage life. We all know what leads to marriage- commitment, love and trust. But to make your first anniversary super extra and memorable, there are a few things you can do for your other half.

Writing a long letter might be hard for some people, but writing one during special days can be a way to show your love, care and appreciation to your loved one. They will feel that they are so loved and this will improve your marriage life and your bond.
For wives, you can write about the little things he does for you, words of thankful and appreciation would do. Here are the examples for you:

Thanks for wiping my tears
Calming my fears
And filling our marriage with encouraging cheers
You’re the best husband I could ever have
Happy 1st Anniversary dear!

Or you can also write it in a playful manner:

Hug me, hunky husband!
It’s been an awesome year
Love you!
And you’ve been invited to a party for two
Let’s celebrate all night

And husbands can write this to your wife,

Dear Wifey
You’ve made me the happiest man in the world
You’ve spoiled me, loved me
So I will show my appreciation to the woman I love so much
Appreciating your passion and patience
Your goodness and graces
May we be together forever and ever
Love you lots and lots

Or the cool way:

Happy 1st anniversary babe
Marrying you was the most fortunate thing in my life
Will be waiting for you at the rooftop
Love you tons darling
Just write anything you really want to tell them. They will definitely love it!

How to improve our marriage?

Every couple wanted to be respected, appreciated and having their own space. But sometimes we just unconsciously disregard those things. Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind:

1. Never take your other half for granted

Always appreciate what your partner has done for you. Taking one for granted may lead to arguments and unhappy marriage life.

2. Do your part of the housework

Never tell one to do all the housework, especially men who always say women need to be at home and raise children. Please! This is 21st century! Women are smart and hardworking. They have their own life and goals too. Do assign yourselves housework that you can do to keep your house clean or take turns if both of you are working.

3. Discuss every little things that involves both

Always discuss anything before doing. Married couples are counted as one, so please remember to ask for advice or permission from one another to avoid conflicts, misunderstandings that would ruin your happy marriage life.

4. Be respectful to each other

Always respect each other’s decision. A married couple must be each other’s advisor, listening wall and comfort zone.

5. Say “I Love You” everyday

Saying “I Love You” to each other every day is proved to be one of the factors of happy marriage life.

6. Learn to calm down during an intense argument

One needs to learn to take step back when one is a few steps further. Being in an intense argument for more than a day will lead to an unhappy marriage life. Always make up within 24 hours to avoid deeper misunderstandings, conflict and problems. Say sorry when you’re in the wrong or not. Your ego is not important, your other half is!

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